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Remake & Reboot: Marvel’s TOMB OF DRACULA Series

Once upon a time in Transylvania.

Remake & Reboot: Marvel’s KA-ZAR Comic Series

Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Bah. Crichton’s Jurassic Park? Bunk. Welcome to the Savage Land.


Unearthing the strange, surreal and shadowy side of DC Comics.

Remake & Reboot: Marvel 2099

We’ve got to go back…. to the future.

Remake & Reboot: The DOCTOR FATE Series

Fate has not been kind to DC’s helmet-headed Doctor, but we have a prescription to fix him right up.

Remake & Reboot: The GEN13 Comic Series

Heroes for the MTV Generation? Been there, done that. Let’s do something different.

Remake & Reboot: Matt Wagner’s GRENDEL

One of comics best heroes is also one of its best villains.

Remake & Reboot: DC’s STANLEY & HIS MONSTER

Seriously, don’t look in the closet.

Remake & Reboot: DC’s The Question

Vic Sage? Renee Montoya? All that and more could be the purview of the Question.

Remake & Reboot: Marvel’s NEW WARRIORS Series

…. or should I say New New Warriors?