Tuesday Showdown: Doctor Fate vs. Doctor Strange

Doctor Fate vs. Doctor Strange


"Fate, where you at?"

"In my house. Meditating and whatnot. Where you, Steve?"

"Outside your stupid chess piece house. Where's the door at?"

"I'll buzz you. Hang back."

"Thanks. You should really get a door."

"Your house was a Red Lobster once and then some other time it was a boot."

"Picked that up from Harry Potter 4." 

"Nice cape. Pick that up at Marshalls?" 

"I'm rubber. You're glue."

"Whatevs. Heard you lost Supreme status to Voodoo."


"Yeah. So what you want?"

"You want to set up a practice?"

"Like Grey's Anatomy?"

"The spinoff, tin head." 

"I'm not a medical doctor. Hell, you even still licensed?"

"We could do magic together."

"Why would I want to do magic with you?"

"We could be like a team or whatever."

"I'm not joining the Defenders, Steve. That's a downgrade from JSA."

"What if we just hang out?"

"Hang out?"

"I'm lonely."

"Don't you got Wong?"

"Wong's alright."

"Always liked Wong."

"I may have fired Wong."

"What you doin' firing Wong? You two were good together. It was a little Pink Panther, but it was alright."

"He's with Voodoo now."

"That's a little funny."

"What do you even need a helmet for?"

"I dunno. It's how my powers work."

"I have like a medallion."

"What's the hoary hosts of Hagar all about?"



"It's something my mom said once." 


Doctor Fate vs. Doctor Strange

Who wins?

Show your work!



  1. Fate kicks Strange out after he knocks over the bong yet again

  2. The banter between them is hilarious! I would say its a draw for now. any other time before I would definitely say Doctor Strange would win but ever since he lost his rank as Sorcerer Supreme he lost a good amount of his powers & strength so I guess that would give Doctor Fate a good advantage to Strang so a draw for now.

  3. Fate. He’s way more powerful plus he’s been a chimp

  4. I would say Strange but since his down grade of his powers I would have to Doc Fate

  5. Also I think should write a short comic srory of Dr. Strnge vs Dr. Fate maybe some thing like Wedday comics with Amanda Conor doing the art.

  6. yeah but Dr. Fate has a pretty awesome helmet and can channel some old skool Egyptian skills. 

  7. Doc Strange would take his woman and his soul would break.

    Freewill always beats fate.

    Except in death . . .

  8. Even after losing his "Supreme" Gig Strange would win. They have yet to settle on what to do with Fate. Everytime I see him lately he’s been retconed.

  9. @wallythegreenmonster…most definitely! Helmet beats fruity cape

  10. I’m going to have to agree with @siratomofbones that with Doc Stranges downgraded powers Fate wins.

    @Jesse1125: Agreed Helmet always beats cape.

  11. When Fate delivers a speech explaining Strange’s hallusciantions, it’s over.

  12. "How DARE you! The Defenders are a downgrade from the JSA? The Hulk would wipe the floor with all of you by himself. As could the Silver Surfer. Hell, even Namor would make you his prison bitch!"

    Dr. Strange, the most egotistical mage in any universe, levitates himself, unzips his pants and drops his *MASSIVE* testicles on Dr. Fate’s head.

    Unable to draw any breath through Strange’s scrotum, Dr. Fate suffocates.


  13. Oh, but I love Strange so much more than Fate.  I mean come on, he really is Dr. Strange. I mean he has that whole older guy sexy vibe going on (I won’t make fun of your childhood fictional character crushes if you won’t make fun of mine).  But…the whole depowering and De-Sorcerer Supreming kind of gets in the way.  Oh, hell…Fate it is.  

  14. Quite enjoyed this.

  15. Strange is powerful, but come ON! DR. Fate wears a Lord of Order as a hat.

  16. How about Docotor Strangefate.

  17. They would team up and become the next Siegfried and Roy.

  18. This fight couldn’t NOT happen!

  19. @REM: Didn’t it already happen in DC vs. Marvel? Then that bought us the uber weird Dr. Strangefate.

  20. @JesTr: I don’t think they fought though.

    Side note: I’m sure I’ve said this somewhere before, but I really wish they’d bring back the Amalgam Universe. It had great potential and was wasted in the 90s.

  21. @JesTR: Dr. Strangefate was actually Xavier wearing both Fate’s and Strange’s artifacts. Weird stuff.

  22. Um wouldn’t these two going at it, (assuming in peak form) basically rip reality apart and end existence or would they have the common sense to paper, rock, scissors it, best 2 out of 3?