Lost Dr. Strange Story FOUND!

It seems that with the Marvel offices moving (did you know they moved? Because they did), they've uncovered a few bits of Marvel history that were produced, but never actually printed.  Enter the From the Marvel Vault series, starting with Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault #1 in February. 

Originally commissioned for printing in the late '90's, this story written by Roger Stern and Neil Vokes, the issue tells the story of Strange's first night in his Greenwich Village apartment (122A Bleecker St.)  So if you've been hankering for some old school Strange, maybe this will be just your thing. It will sell for a palatable $2.99, and is just the first in what should be a bunch of unearthed stories presumably dug out from under Tom Brevoort's desk during the move.  What other treasures do the vaults hold?


  1. I can not wait for this! AWESOME

  2. Love that cover image.  That’s an awesome Dr. Strange piece.

  3. Good thing it’s in February so I have a chance to order it from DCBS. If it were coming out this month, I would have kicked myself for missing.

     I thought, for whatever reason, that it was going to be a lost Steve Ditko Dr. Strange, but this works too!

  4. Well DC has done great so far with ‘resurrecting’ lost Vertigo titles. I’d love to see what Marvel has to offer with their ‘lost’ work.

    There seriously has to be hundreds of stories from both companies (and others as well) that never saw the light of day. 

  5. On the surface, this sounds terrific. Than I thought: If this story is that good, how did it get misplaced? I’m assuming it didn’t blow anyone away in the office or it would have been printed back then. Still, that’s a cool pic and I like Dr. Strange. I may pick it up. 

  6. If they are as good value as the DC ones then I’ll pick up every one

  7. I miss Dr. Strange as Sorcerer Supreme so I’ll give it a shot.

     BTW, I loved that video show featuring all the comic book locations in NYC!  Here’s to more "on the road" shows that are NOT comic conventions!


  8. didn’t they try this  "oooo found old story/character" bit before???  

    as long as the story is good, all is well 

  9. Maybe they will find a lost Sentry story! One that is good.

  10. FINALLY.


    I’ve seen this story (arwork only) floating around for a few years.

    Actually, I have the whole thing in art-scan form, and it’s pretty sweet.

    Basically, this was back when UNTILD TALES of Spider-Man was around and squeezing in "little known" retcons and missing moments was a popular trend.


    Oh… one other thing…

    Strange’s SANCTUM (not his apartment) was at 177A Bleecker, not 122A.


    Now, if they will only unearth the missing "Quarterly" issues that JM DeMatteis wrote after Strange’s 1990’s series ended, and/or the "Kyle Hotz drawn mini-series that had Doc teaming up with a different character in  each issue (Black Knight and others).

    I have the cover scans for those, and the solicitation text, but the issues never saw print.



    "Tamam Shud!"

    Sanctum Sanctorum Comix



  11. ugh… darn typos.

     I’ve seen the ARTWORK for several years, since UNTOLD TALES was popular.


    Silly typy fingers.


    "Tamam Shud!"

    Sanctum Sanctorum Comix