Dr. Strange Screenwriters Hired

Over and over, throughout the years, we've heard creators answer the question, "Who would you like to write?" with the answer, "Dr. Strange." Yet regardless of that, the character hasn't been able to maintain his own series for many, many years. 

So they're gonna make a movie out of him of course.  In what could be the first Marvel movie produced under the new Disney regime, Conan writers Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer were hired to take a swing at the Sorcerer Supreme, who's been swirling around in a development hell worse than Dormammu's most nether regions.  Does Dormammu have nether regions?

3 Things I Can Guarantee You About This Movie:

1. Wong will be the best part.

2. Steve Ditko will not be doing interviews.

3. Dr. Strange will still be unable to sustain a regular series.

And before you ask, I think the best Dr. Strange story I ever read was The Oath, by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin. It might be the only Dr. Strange story I've ever read though.


  1. You should check out the Marvel Knights mini where JMS rebooted him.  It was pretty good.

  2. The Oath is quite amazing, psyched for this

  3. Oh, I don’t read JMS.

  4. @Josh Your missing out, anyways….

    They should just do “The Oath” for the film. It has the origin in it so they can expand it and somehow get Dormammu in there.

  5. hahahaha

    There are some cool Dr. Strange stories in the Essentials. I actually think his series holds up better than the majority of the stuff being produced around the same time.

    That one shot black and white Dr. Strange book from a few months ago was awesome too.

    I agree though. Dr. Strange seems a strange choice for the first outing.

  6. The original run with stan lee and steve ditko is a must-read. I hope the movie is better than that old tv-movie type movie that was made ages ago. That was pretty funny.

  7. Not to sound like a downer but when/if this movie is made it will flop worst than Catwoman!

  8. I dunno, maybe it was my mood at the time, but the animated Dr. Strange movie bored me. I don’t have high hopes for this, but maybe it could surprise me with lowed expectations.

  9. If Disney could get the Hulk and Silver Surfer back soon, we could have a great Defenders movie made later.

  10. On the other hand, a $100 million movie won’t affect comic sales, either, so what’s the diff?

  11. @Josh said: Oh, I don’t read JMS.

    Oh but you chose his comic as POW recently?  Funny how things change.  Or that quality floats to the top.

    My prediction: Superman Earth One by JMS is iFanboy’s Book of the Month when it comes out this year.  If it does not, I will consider it a complete failure seeing as it is a very ambitious product by DC.  I don’t think it will have any better competition in that category, and if another book is picked over it, than it will have failed on the basis that DC will be pushing this prestigious product bigtime.  Of course the more they push it, the more comic snobs will dislike it.  I’m almost sure Conor will like it.

    I don’t read most DC, but I will buy that from Amazon the week it is out.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Break out the tinfoil hats! 

  13. 1) it was a joke.
    2) your post has nothing to do with the topic. Please take your weird and unfounded conspiracy theories elsewhere.

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Some characters aren’t suited for an ongoing series, but a film story is more comparable to a mini in terms of scope anyway. It’s certainly not a sure bet either way, but I think Doctor Strange at least has potential as a movie. Play him like House. 

  15. Well, I didn’t start the thread derailing…

  16. If we can make this film surreal like the Silver Age comics then I’m on board.

  17. Disney’s made Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and from the trailers it looks to be somewhat along the same lines as any given Dr. Strange story, only not as entertaining and starring Nic Cage’s hairpiece. I don’t see that big a descrepency there. And if the Harry Potter/Twilight movies have proven anything, the kids love the magics.

  18. I really think Dr. Strange might be better fit for 10 min Marvel movies. But we’ll see whst happens.

  19. I like JMS but that Strange miniseries was terrible.

  20. I thought the animated film was pretty good so, I’m kind of looking forward to this.

  21. Special Effects are finally at the point where a great, visually arresting, Dr. Strange movie could be made. This could be quite good deending on the script.

    As far as as sucess with The Public…well, you can never guess where they’re gonna jump. Why’d they embrace Iron Man but ignore The Incredible Hulk? Why did a movie with as much buzz as Watchmen perform so weak at the box office?Why the hell are people going to see The Karate Kid but not The A-Team? You never know… 

  22. Well it’s a Marvel/Disney movie so they will want to de’age him so he’ll be relevant to the "kids"

    perhaps send him to some sort of school…

  23. I can’t wait. Love me some Dr.Strange. The Tony Harris series was great (Even though he didn’t finish it).

    Also the animated movie was good as well. 

  24. Take this with a big grain of salt, but I think Bleeding Cool did a rumor piece that Patrick Dempsey was vying for the role of Dr. Strange. There’s even a comic art piece with him as Strange supposedly whipped together for this.

    Again, it’s Rich Johnston, so it’s not exactly "news" — but I’d be curious to see how THAT factor shapes your interest in the film. 😉 

  25. Ok I’m looking forward to it. But then again I own the pilot from the 70’s so I may be biased.

  26. Nathan Fillion would be a perfect Dr. Strange.

  27. I’m thinking that John Waters as Dr. Strange works on so many levels!

    All kidding aside, I know next to nothing about Dr. Strange though I do remember watching that made for TV movie back in the 70s (1978, according to IMDB) and thinking "WTF?".  I also thought Jessica Walters was pretty damn hot…

  28. @PaulMontgomery, I was thinking play Strange more like Dr. Who than Dr. House, and cast David Tennant in the role as well.  After all, till he took over the role there was still some debate whether anyone could revive the Doctor (both character and franchise).  

  29. this may mean we get some more doctor strange comics

    thats something I guess :/

  30. Blade and Ghostrider can’t sustain an ongoing series either, but they were made for pretty good movies.  I enjoyed the live action TV Dr. Strange movie when I saw it as a kid.  I did not like the recent animated home video film.  In the animated film, Dr. Strange is materializing swords out of thin air, and the story becomes a swashbuckler.  Dr. Strange should be hurling bolts of magic energy at his enemies and blocking their attacks with glowing energy sheilds.

  31. any relation to the dady of the a-bomb.