New Comics for 11.07.2012 can’t decide and won’t be made to! (Okay, both)

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Molly, Ryan, Ali, Chris, Jeff and Matt.

This week Josh Flanagan has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Time to vote! (With your wallet.) Will you be seeing Skyfall or Lincoln this weekend? Or both?


  1. Harvest, Stumptown, Manhattan Projects, and Sweet Tooth are what I’m most looking forward to.
    BQ: I live in a cave. I haven’t heard of either movie. Will go watch trailers now.

  2. Lincoln. Although finding out Spielberg was involved dimmed my enthusiasm a bit. And since I live in Saudi Arabia where movie theaters are illegal its really an academic argument anyway.

  3. Batwing, Detective Comics, Legends of the Dark Knight and Scarlet Spider.

    I will be seeing Skyfall but not on opening weekend.

  4. Deadpool 1
    Scarlet Spider 11
    Swamp Thing 14

  5. IRON MAN #1
    EARTH 2 #6

    I’m going to see Bond for sure! I already know how Lincoln ends. And hey, how about that kick ass performance by Andrew Lincoln last episode! Wow!

    And Saturday night I lost the “which movie do we get on demand vote” and had to watch Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter instead of Promethus. So I’m Lincoln’ed out, ha!

  6. WOW!!! What an incredibly small week just The Manhattan Projects nothing else, I might try Storm Dogs?!

    BQ- Lincoln any-day!!!!!

  7. Small week for me. Always good to see Manhattan Projects and I think I’m gonna give Deadpool a shot. I mean, Brian Posehn and Tony Moore. I kind of have to at least give it a shot.

    BQ – Bought my Skyfall ticket a month ago, so I think that answers that question.

  8. Lincoln. Bond is… terrible. Never enjoyed it.

    • That’s interesting.
      I’ve never been a Bond fan myself but being from the UK I always felt like an outcast because of that, everyone else seems to love it. It’s interesting seeing so many people here as uninterested as I was.
      And I say “was” because I actually, enjoyed Casino Royale, I wasn’t looking forward to watching it but my family had it on DVD so I thought I might as well try it and it was just a really good film, whether you like the franchise or not.
      Of course Quantum of Solace was awful but Skyfall was the first Bond film I saw on the big screen (on sort of a whim) and I really enjoyed it.
      It’s more of a personal story and actually has character development (imagine that in the Bond film), I might just prefer Casino Royale but I’m glad I saw it on this one big screen.

    • I cannot claim to have seen them all, but I have seen 6 or 7 and disliked them all. They all came from different eras, such as the Connery and Dalton and Brosnan and even Casino Royale.

  9. Swamp Thing
    Animal Man
    Earth 2
    Daredevil End of Days
    Planet of the Apes Cataclysm
    Detective Comics

  10. SWAMP THING #14
    ANIMAL MAN #14

    BQ: I’m not sure about getting to the theater this weekend, though I’ll be seeing Lincoln at some point.

  11. Expensive week.
    Swamp Thing #14
    Animal Man #14
    The Manhattan Projects #7
    Earth 2 #6
    Green Lantern #14
    Deadpool #1… £2.00 offer at my LCS.
    Daredevil: End Of Days #2
    Colder #1
    Harvest #4
    Nine books… Gonna be a good, but expensive week.

  12. Swamp Thing
    Animal Man
    Action Comics
    Iron Man

    BQ: Seeing Skyfall and Lincoln. Hopefully Cloud Atlas as well.

  13. Stumptown #3
    Battlefields #1 (this surprised me, I always enjoy a good war comic by Garth Ennis)
    Iron Man #1 (why not?)
    Storm Dogs #1 (sounds intriguing)

    BQ: Both Lincoln and Skyfall

  14. 47 Ronin #1
    Earth 2 #6
    Green Lantern #14
    The Manhattan Projects #7
    Worlds’ Finest #6

    (I think Frankenstein #14 drops next week?)

    Am really looking forward to each of my pulls this week & am particularly curious as to how 47 Ronin will read.

    BQ: Saw Skyfall last week, being in London. An excellent film.
    Undecided re : Lincoln.

  15. I am curious to see how Spielberg will work the vampires into this version.

  16. Most excited for Manhattan Projects and Uncanny X-Force. Never been a huge Deadpool fan but I’ll give anything by Tony Moore a shot.

    BQ: I’m excited for both, but I’ll probably see Lincoln first.

  17. Wasn’t All New X-Men due out this week?

    Anyway, lookin forward to Manhattan Projects and saving some dough because its a light week for me.

    BQ: Both! More excited for Skyfall though. Big Bond fan. I’ve been looking forward to it for months.

  18. This week: Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Manhattan Projects, and Daredevil: End of Days (can’t wait for next month’s variant cover)!!

    BQ: Gonna be traveling next week and will probably see Skyfall with some friends while I’m out and about. Lincoln looks good too but maybe a little too sentimental.

  19. Avenging Spider-man
    Deadpool…Love me some Brian Posehn goodness!

    BQ: Never been a Bond fan, not really my cup of tea

  20. It seems like I’ve had short pull lists lately. Here’s another one:
    Green Lantern
    Detective Comics
    Action Comics
    and Scarlet Spider

    I might see Lincoln when it’s out on DVD . We have a 6 and soon to be 5 year old so when we have time to go out its to a bar not the movies.

    • 47 Ronin is the only book I’ll be getting this week. I’ve been trying to cut down to save some money.

      BQ: I’ll be seeing both. I’m more excited to see Skyfall since it has some much going for it (Javier Bardem as the villian, a storyline about the personal life of M, Daniel Craig, Sam Mendes directing? Hell Yeah) I think I might even see at midnight.

      Lincoln looks and sounds good, but I’m a little worried if the film will be too sentimental judging the tone of the trailer.

  21. Marvel shows that ASM 697, Hawkeye 4, Ultimate Spider-Man 17, and Uncanny Avengers 2 are coming out this week too. I’m getting those as well as Storm Dogs 1 and Iron Man 1.

    BQ: I’m going to see both. Skyfall looks awesome. I hadn’t heard of Lincoln but I just watched the trailer and it looks pretty good.

    • I don’t know about the others but I thought I read that uncanny avengers got held back a couple of weeks (I have no clue how true this is)

    • None of those books are coming out this week.

    • I just checked and those books come out:
      ASM 697 – November 14
      Hawkeye 4 – November 21
      Ultimate Spider-Man 17 – November 21
      Uncanny Avengers 2 – November 28

      Marvel’s release calendar is really messed up. Did they get pushed back or has the calendar always been wrong?

    • @ChazRoss: Their calender is unreliable and doesn’t change to reflect changes in release dates. Our list is straight from Diamond of what they have actually shipped out to stores.

  22. Looking forward to uncanny x-force and earth 2! Dropping worlds’ finest, I really liked the 0 issue after not loving issues 2-4 and was giving it one more chance with issue 5. I really want to like this book but it just isn’t happening

  23. Action Comics 14, Fairest 9, Stumptown vol2 3, Sweet Tooth 39, and Manhattan Projects7.
    Dropping Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Earth 2 this week. All books that I want to love as much as I did when they started but can’t. I’m just bored to death by the Rot.
    BQ: Argo! (I still haven’t seen that damned thing) but after that it’s Skyfall.

    • World’s Finest is a series that I struggled with from the beginning. I gave it four issues, but couldn’t stand the art. It could have easily been a better book.

      BQ: Neither

  24. Iron Man
    Animal man
    Action comics
    Detective comics
    Manhattan Projects

    Really excited to see what is in store for Iron Man. It’s consistently been one of my favorite books for years, and Iron Man has been my favorite ser hero for thirty years, so super psyched for that one.

    Also very ugh looking forward to this issue of X-Factor. This issue, judging by he synopsis, is the type of story that Peter David does better than anyone.

  25. BQ: neither. Haven’t seen a Bond movie in about twenty years. I loved Team of Rivals, but the trailer for Lincoln didn’t do anything for me.

  26. BQ: I’d love to see a Lincoln film that wasn’t by Spielberg, but this one obviously is.

  27. Action Comics 14
    Detective Comics 14
    Green Lantern 14
    Manhattan Projects 7

    BQ: I run a history website so seeing Lincoln is a priority and I’m pretty excited for it. Skyfall will be next weekend but looking forward to that too.

  28. Deadpool
    Detective Comics
    Dial H
    Manhattan Projects
    Storm Dogs
    Sweet Tooth


    Aquaman/Happy (my LCS couldn’t get last week’s issues till this week)

    BQ: I guess Skyfall first since Lincoln doesn’t come out till next week. But I’m really forward to watching Lincoln because of Daniel Day Lewis. God that man is an amazing actor, probably one of the greatest of all time.

  29. Skyfall. If you follow my posts at all you’ll know I’m a sucker for spy stories. BTW, if you haven’t seen ARGO you’re missing out.

    Detective Comics
    Scarlet Spider
    Earth two
    Daredevil: End Of Days

  30. Making major cuts and changes to my pull list soon. This week I have:

    –Scarlet Spider (on the fence about cutting)
    –Avenging Spider-Man (going to cut)

    BQ: Both! However, Skyfall first and then Lincoln.

  31. DEADPOOL #1

    BQ: Working way to much to go to the movies right now. 🙁

  32. Decent week this week…

    EARTH 2 #6

    Isn’t Godzilla: Half Century War coming out this week as well?

    BQ: Neither, I got a three year old at home, so my nights out are few and far between. Josh knows what’s up!!

  33. Action, Moloch, DD:End of Days, Deadpool, Earth 2, GL, and mAYBEEEE…Iron Man…might wait to see the initial reaction. liked most of JIM, so it might be worth a shot. we’ll see.

    BQ: like Bond, will wait for DVD. more likely to see Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis. loved him in Gangs of New York. and Obama.

  34. Really interesting that the Marvel NOW! books are so low on pulls

  35. Biig week this week. 9 books.

    BQ: Haven’t seen a single Bond film ever so I doubt ill see Skyfall and im not really interested in knowing Lincoln’s life and stuff.

  36. Getting:

    Action Comics
    Animal Man
    GI Combat (haunted tank!)
    Swamp Thing

    Mars Attacks

    Manhattan Projects

    Uncanny X-Force

    BQ: neither, i’d rather see a real film…THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS:)

  37. Another small week for me. Two GI Joe books from IDW.
    BQ: I vote for her majesty’s secret service with Skyfall. Really excited for next installment of the bond franchise.

  38. aurgail (@aurelgaillard) says:

    Big week for me:
    I’m getting Buffy the Vampire Slayer Willow Wonderland, Dial H 6, Earth 2 6, Stumptown 3, The Hypernaturals 5, The Manhattan Projects 7 and the AvX hardcover.
    And I’ll watch neither movie. I’m not a Bond fan and the trailer for Lincoln looked atrocious, overly dramatic and sentimental. I might see it at some point if it gets good reviews but I’m not excited. I’ll play catch up instead, watch Looper and Argo.

    ANIMAL MAN #14

    BQ: Saw Skyfall last night; bloody marvellous. Not sure about Lincoln, probably wait to watch that at home.

  40. Uncanny X-Force
    Daredevil-End of Days
    Avenging Spider-man
    Action Comics

    BQ: SKYFALL!!!! Going to the midnight showing, I’m a huge Bond fan so I’m super excited for it. I will definetly see Lincoln at some point though.

  41. DEADPOOL #1
    EARTH 2 #6
    HARVEST #4
    IRON MAN #1
    X-FACTOR #246
    X-MEN #38

    BQ: While both look like good movies, I think I’ll be seeing Bond in the theatres and waiting for Lincoln to hit Netflix. Wreck-it Ralph has already taken some of my money.

  42. I have 2 kids under 3 so I never see any movies.

  43. MOLOCH #1

    I am seeing Skyfall for free.

  44. Will be getting Spaceman Deluxe HC and Flash vol. 1 HC.

    BQ: Not this weekend, but will see Skyfall in cinema eventually. Lincoln I’ll wait till it’s on tv.

  45. FREELANCERS #1 and EARTH 2 #6 have me the most excited. Though Bendis is finishing his AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS on high notes, yay for him.

    BQ: Skyfall!!! Lincoln’s been dead for thousands of years, he can wait another week. Plus I’m guessing they’ll send me a screener DVD of that, so I won’t have to pay to see one of our 50 greatest presidents shot and killed 🙁 Now if they had a movie where Bond goes after John Wilkes Booth, that I would pay to see – THRICE!

  46. Three titles I really intended to drop but never got around to are out this week – Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Green Lantern. I guess I’ll give them one last shot.

  47. Looking forward to Iron Man and Deadpool. Never thought I’d type those words. Also Smallville, Earth 2 and Legends of the Dark Knight (LODK was great last month). This is probably my last Animal Man issue.

    Animal Man
    Earth 2
    Iron Man
    Legends of the Dark Knight
    World’s FInest

    BQ: Lincoln looks unintentionally hilarious. The period biopics are always tough to swallow, for me. Louis CK’s SNL Lincoln sketch didn’t help matters. Also, James Bond is not an action hero.

  48. Manhattan Projects
    Detective Comics

    BQ – Neither, I’ll wait till next Tuesday when its cheap night ($4) so I can save all my money to buy these fantastic comics I’ve listed.

  49. Detective Comics
    Swamp Thing
    Earth 2
    Green Lantern
    Uncanny X-Force
    and maybe Iron Man depending on reviews.

    BQ: I’ll eventually watch Skyfall. Heard it was pretty good so I’ll check it out.

  50. I am always fascinated when people say that its a light week when I have 15 books on my list.

    most excited about Manhattan projects, Harvest, and the girl with the dragon tattoo hc.

    BQ: wife and I are going to skyfall, but I wish we were going to Lincoln.

  51. Wow…busy week…just gettin’ round to checkin’ this out

    Daredevil:End of Days #2
    Shadowman#1…looking forward to this one
    The Shadow #7…boo! no more Garth Ennis

    BQ: Please…Skyfall