Matthew Vaughn Drops Out of Directing ‘X-Men: First Class – Days of Future Past’

Deadline is reporting that Matthew Vaughn, who directed the super excellent X-Men: First Class–as well as other fantastic films like Layer Cake and Stardust–has dropped out of directing the sequel, X-Men: First Class – Days of Future Past.

And yes, that does seem to be the official convoluted title of the film.

Who does Deadline say is on the top of the list to replace him? X-Men and X2: X-Men United director Bryan Singer. It’s the old Hollywood mutant movie switcheroo!

Vaughn will still be involved in producing X-Men: First Class – Days of Future Past and he did write the treatment. I’ve talked to someone who has read the script and they said it was excellent and confirmed that it’s another period piece: this time set in the 1980s.

Whoever Fox taps to direct the film, they need to hurry up. The cast is already in place and there’s a previous announced release date of July 18th, 2014 to hit, though that could change.

This isn’t the first time that Matthew Vaughn has dropped out of directing an X-Men movie. He was originally supposed to helm the third X-Men movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, but dropped out and was eventually replaced by Brett Ratner and we all know how that turned out… He also had, at one point, dropped out of directing X-Men: First Class. In addition to that, Vaughn also declined to take on the Kick-Ass sequel. This pattern of fickle filmmaking has caused someone in the iFanboy offices to comment that “he’s like the JMS of filmmakers.”

No matter who ends up replacing him, losing a filmmaker as uniquely gifted as Vaughn is going to be a blow for this franchise. How tough that blow is remains to be seen.


  1. i just had a heart attack

  2. Wasn’t Bryan Singer also producing this? I guess if he takes over as director while Vaughn focuses on producing, it’s more like a job swap, which I’d imagine wouldn’t slow things down too much. Here’s hoping!

  3. Mark Millar smoothing things over at Fox then.

  4. Damn, that really sucks, but if Singer takes over I’m still excited, since he’s been involved anyway and we know he can make good X-Men movies. Here’s hoping Rattner doesn’t pop up, shoo Rattner, shoo!

  5. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Damnit. This was on track. Hope they don’t lose too much momentum.

  6. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Wait. Maybe he’s dropping out and coming back on again for good luck. Like as a tradition or ritual.

  7. man this sucks i didn’t enjoy singer xmen. but,loved vaugns first class

  8. (sobs) Matthew Vaughn is a jerk!

  9. I’ve been really looking forward to this movie and while I would personally rather have Vaughn over Singer I think that Singer would still make a good film but if they start look at B and C list directors I think then it’ll be ruined.

  10. I hope the 2nd one is as good as the first. That was awesome. Loved Magneto.

  11. My level of excitement for this has dropped a lot,,,SUCKS BALLS

  12. Vaughn’s not directing? Drag!
    Singer might direct? Huzzah!

  13. This is good news in my eyes. Vaughn’s ability to handle the serious moments, the action and tone in general is a major weakness across all of this work.

  14. If Singer directs it then the sequel could be improved 100 fold. Cause, and I’m sorry to say it, but I did not like the first movie.

    Also….Just call it ‘X-Men: Days of Future’s Past’. Drop the ‘First Class’ because it sounds stupid.

  15. Ugh, this is not good news. I can not get excited about Singer returning as a director.

  16. “The JMS of filmmakers.”


  17. This is bad. This is very, very bad.

  18. Boooooo!!!

  19. Guys, I think Brett Ratner’s available again! Great news!

  20. at first I was like noo, then I was like yay Bryan singer.

  21. Video of Vaughn breaking the news was uncovered:

  22. I Want to hear Ron Richards Reaction to this news

  23. ‘yay bryan singer’?

    What pill did you people take to forget Superman Returns? I want one.
    And to ignore the fact that the original Xmen film trilogy has been left hanging with no resolution, how much alcohol should one ingest on top of that pill?
    Of all the hero films franchises that needed to be rebooted, Xmen is prime candidate #1. First Class ain’t it.
    It occured to me that I only actually enjoy about 2 Byran Singer films, and 2 out of those 3 do not involve super heroes.

    I do enjoy Matt Vaugh films, but I still insist that First Class is only so well loved because everyone’s expectation was set so low to begin with. When you see a piece of crap flying your way you expect the worse. When it missed you and hits the wall next to you and smells like bubblegum, you’d be smiling and laughing at that point too.

  24. That suck. At least the person who directed the second best X-men film is taking over. I’m still annoyed though, I love Matthew Vaughn he seemed to nail the tone perfectly. Such a shame the guy who directed two of my top 5 super hero films of ll time won’t be directing either of the sequels.