Matthew Vaughn to Return for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel

Sure you can go out and raise your own money, and make an independent film, and hope to cash in big.

OR, you can roll your success on a known property into a larger contract to do a sequel, and if it’s a lot of fun, why not?

These are the fictional things that I assume went through Matthew Vaughn’s head as he contemplated returning to the sexy mutant sixties featured in X-Men: First Class.

When talking about the upcoming year for the 20th Century Fox film studio on, they dropped the news that Vaughn will return to the rebooted franchise, and that thankfully, Vaughn is the future, not Ratner, Charles. Simon Kinberg will write the script, and Bryan Singer will produce again.

So fans of comic book movies have that going for them at least, which is cool. Unless you wanted a Kick-Ass sequel, in which case, I guess it isn’t.

If you need a refresher, here’s our Special Edition podcast on X-Men: First Class.


  1. So the guy who wrote X-MEN:…..THE LAST STAND, is going to try his hand again at doing another X-Men movie? I think I’ll pass on that.

    Also, if any editors could fix Fassbender doing an Irish accent on the last, key scenes of a big movie that would be great.

    • What do ye have against the Irish?!?!?!

    • I am Irish so I got nothing against my brethren. But when you got several key scenes at the end and his accent pops up that is a MAJOR problem.

    • He was also a producer on the last one, and if you think he didn’t help in the script writing, you’re fooling yourself.

    • @Jurassicalien: Maybe he did have a hand in the script but also you got to notice that there was:

      6 writers
      7 producers (Singer credited for both actually)

      So even if he did have a hand in First Class his voice was mixed with literally a dozen others while making the movie.

    • And I can pretty much promise you his voice will be mixed in again with Singer, Vaghn, Goldman and the others involved in the first.

      Also the accent? Whatever. I don’t care about consistent if it’s great work being done.

  2. I’ll watch it, of course, but I don’t want to. Especially after the disappointment of First Class.

  3. First Class is the best X-Men movie to date.

    very good news.

    here’s hoping they ditch the continuity of the first 3 films altogether and we can get a classic team in the 60s or 70s.

    • Agreed, they might as well just let this be the reboot that it is and forget trying to tie in those other movies. I’d love it if this one was set in the 70s with Cyclops on the team, etc.

    • I thought so, too. Really loved it and it was the comic movie I was least looking forward to in the beginning.

  4. Groovy news, daddio.

  5. Im just thanking god that he isn’t making an adaptation of Kick Ass 2…

  6. Sweet news!

  7. AWESOME!!!

  8. First Class wasn’t a perfect movie but Vaughn’s stylistic directing made up for a lot of the faults. good news

  9. First Class is in the top echelon of comic book movies. Easily. The contrast between films like it and Iron Man and the occasional chuckle mediocrity that was Thor couldn’t have been starker.

  10. Vaughn on superhero movies, in 2010: “It’s been mined to death and in some cases the quality control is not what it’s supposed to be,” Vaughn said. “People are just going to get bored of it.”

  11. If they really want to use the entire movie continuity, the fun thing to do would be Age of Apocalypse. Check it:

    Opening of the movie is the original films’ timeline (‘present’). We are reintroduced to several characters. Legion (briefly teased at the end of Last Stand) is a kid with alpha-level powers. Last Stand left it that Magneto was probably depowered and that Xavier was in Legion’s mind, so this could be developed into some catharsis for Legion where he regains his own mind but sees everything that Magneto has done and decides he’d be better off dead. X-Men have to fight him, but he reaches a frail and weak Magneto, who convinces him that he won’t solve any of the problems of the world by killing him. Legion thinks about it, and decides that he’ll have to kill Magneto when he became a crazy terrorist back in the 60s. He travels back in time to…

    First Class timeline. Use this opportunity to put together a good conflict here, as Xavier and his team are trying to stop Magneto’s militant anti-human ways. Legion appears and immediately stops Magneto from doing some terrorism (assassinating Kennedy? That’s something I heard Vaughn was talking about). Magneto gets away and Xavier confronts Legion about the wrongness of it – that Erik has the potential for good. There is another confrontation where Legion tries to kill Magneto, but he accidentally kills Charles instead. Nooooo! he is shocked back to the ‘present’, but…

    It is the Age of Apocalypse timeline, where we are thrown right into the action – a vastly different group of mutants are formed as freedom fighters against Apocalypse (maybe aided by Cyclops and an old Dark Beast?). The group is composed of characters (and actors) from the original 3 movies, but in different costumes & roles. You know, Wolverine has one hand, Nightcrawler is a little nastier, maybe Sabretooth and Wild Child are there. And they’re led by Magneto, played by Ian McKellen in the most badass role he’ll ever hope to have. Rogue would be a little young for him, but whatever. They all storm Apocolypse’s fortress and there’s some trick when they miraculously and dramatically defeat him that Legion, who has seen the error in his ways, is transported back to the 60s.

    The resolution is that the film ends back in the 60s, Legion doesn’t kill anyone, and actually now sympathizes with Magneto. Thus, seeds are kept for a next film set in this continuity but not beholden to the first 3 films.

    You’d have to explain early in the film that the X-Men had stopped Apocolypse when he was a small fry in the original continuity, and you’d have to get a LOT of actors together, but what a fun romp that would be! Not the small budget of First Class, but it could be awesome.

    • It does seem interesting, but only if the viewer is a comic fan. Otherwise it’s too complicated to put so many money on it.
      Everything with “x-men” on it sells, but take it easy.
      After all, for most people x-men is wolverine and a dude on the wheelchair…

    • It would be too much for just one movie, but it would be damn awesome.

  12. Didn’t Vaughn say he wanted to do a different decade for each movie? Like the first movie was the 60’s, the second would be the 70’s, and the third would be the 80’s?

  13. just relistened to the first-class review, and i have a request for the eventual special edition podcast that go with this sequel:

    can it feature manic ron AND super-drunk conor from the 250 potw podcast? i think that’d make for some auditory gold.

  14. This is excellent news! First Class was my favourite movie last year. Only note of caution though is Simon ‘Last Stand’ Kinberg doing the script – I guess Jane Goldman is too busy on Kick Ass 2 to return.