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iFanboy #215 – X-Men: First Class

Show Notes

All eyes fall on the X-Men this week as the next big comic book movie release is X-Men: First Class, directed by Matthew Vaughn (KICK-ASS). To get psyched up for the movie, the guys at iFanboy are diving deep into the X-Men lore. First touching upon the great series of the same name as the movie, X-Men: First Class by Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz, even though it really has nothing to do with the movie.

The movie itself is a prequel of sorts, going back to 1963 and telling the story of the birth of the X-Men. So in honor of that, we take a look at the X-Men in the 1960s, when the titles was pretty much a failure, despite the work of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas and Neal Adams, only to be revitalized in the 1970s after years of reprints.

We also discuss the movie and what you should look out for and the numerous things the movie that they got right (looks like there’s many) and what they got wrong (not so much). Even Josh is excited for the movie’s release mainly due to the historical significance and the retro feel.

So sit back, put on your Sebastian Shaw ascot and get ready to enjoy some good, retro X-Men fun!


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  1. I’m going to see this movie tommorow. 

  2. @ragcage me tooooo! 

  3. The 60s X-Men weren’t so bad, especially when Neal Adams come on. I completely agree with Ron about that run being underrated. Also, the first issue of X-Men was creepy. I thought they were going to gang r*** Marvel Girl. To this day whenever I hear someone talk about Stan Lee I think of the creepy first issue of X-Men.

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    just saw it an hour ago. enjoyed ever second of it. superb film! tempted to pick up First Class after your recomendation

  5. Yeah, even Prof. X was leering after Marvel Girl in one of those early issues.  I read an old paperback of those as a kid, and even then, I knew that was weird.

    I just got the second Omnibus of X-Men, which collects the rest of the 1960s run, including the Adams issues.  Looking forward to it.

    The movie looks cool; hope I don’t have a Ron-X3-style breakdown.  That was a dark day….

  6. X3 got me back into comics, I don’t pretend it was a good film, but after I watched it I thought “hey comics were cool when I was a nipper” and I drove 30 miles to the nearest comic shop the very next day to see what was what…left with a couple of Ultimate Spider-Man trades and have been reading again since.

    You can really feel Ron’s anguish! “Cyclops died off screen! Whyyyeee?” 

  7. My favorite X-Men titles have & probably always will be (unless Kieron Gillen’s run keeps getting better) Grant Morrison’s New X-Men & Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. I have been re-reading both runs in preparation & excitement for this movie. I honestly haven’t been this excited for a movie coming out since The Dark Knight & God-willing I hope this proves to be just as amazing!

  8. X-Men Continuity Overly Obsessed Ron > Arthur from Maine.  However one is a character, the other is not.  I will let you decide which is which. Some where in an early video show Ron is explaining X-men to Gordon.  Priceless.

  9. I love it when Ron is allowed to take point and unleash his X-fandom. Great stuff. Quite enjoyed the telling of the early day history of the book. I wasn’t aware that it was that unpopular for that long. You guys are totally right in wondering where Marvel and comics would be today had they not stuck it out so long with an unsuccessful book.

    The movie is getting great reviews so far (currently at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes after 52 reviews). So I can’t complain too much about it, as it’s apparently great. And in the end, that’s all that should matter. But this is a comic book nerd out site. So I will say that I still wish that they ditched the movie continuity and made this the actual first class. How much more awesome would this be? We can only dream. Still, even with that said. I can’t wait.

  10. After having seen the first movie and being disappointed, and X3, and having plopped down and had mini breakdown in the theater lobby wondering exactly what decisions I made in life for things to just have gone so wrong….so, so horribly wrong…I am completely mindboggled this is getting such great reviews.

    I’d love to see/hear Ron’s breakdown if it was on a podcast.

  11. Film was fantastic just got back from seeing it. I’ve been looking forward to green lantern all this time and now i’m sweating because its gonna be hard to live up to first class. So much better than Thor also!

  12. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    “Kennedy’s in this?  That’s a good get.”

    That had me laughing for a while.  Well played, Josh.

  13. ‘There was lots of ass slapping in the office back then’. Conor comes out with the funniest lines. Love how Ron already has his list, don’t worry, we will all be analysing it too as we watch it to see how close to the comics it is. If you liked Layer Cake, check out The Football Factory, top drawer film!

  14. I just want to know why not tell the story the way it was created?

    Period piece- awesome.  Let’s see some mutants we don’t know about who could have been around then

    explore that-  Explore the relationship between charles and erik.

    But why try SO hard to tie in current continuity references  if you’re going to pick and choose characters??

    Either go all out and tell an elseworlds tale or don’t

    But please somoeone tell me why alter stuff that works really well already.

  15. Swell show boys!  Another great episode.  

    Kinda sad there isn’t a disappointed commentor getting their posts deleted in this-… wait… or was there !? DUN DUN DUUUUNNN

  16. who did ron say he’d rather play xavior?

  17. @Josh: NICE Seaquest DSV reference

    small movie continuity nitpick: Emma Frost being in the movie doesn’t quite line up with the movie continuity. she was in Wolverine as a child.

    this does look to be good movie. like all comic movies, I’m going in without any expectations for similarity to the comics and I imagine I’ll be quite entertained.

  18. @boosebaster  I *think* Firevine is talking about X-Men: First Class.

  19. I’ve just watched the clip on the beach here on the link below and Magneto’s Oirish accent is really bothering me. It’s not a slight subtle hint creeping in at the edges, it’s proper full-on “Tap of the marning to ye, stay away from me locky cherms” Irish.


  20. First Class is sooooo good. Best Marvel film yet.

  21. Saw the film yesterday, not what I wanted or even expected, but very good none the less. Saved by a mesmeric final third, in the first hour or so I found myself thinking this was really odd film.

    Fassbender stole the show for me, maybe because he was the only one that held in line with the tone the trailer presented to me. He could of easily had his own young Magneto film in my book.

    Watch for a very funny cameo – my lips are sealed 🙂

  22. I’m going to wait for ya’ll’s review, but I’ll probably watch it

  23. @ABirdseysView  I’ve never seen a moment of Seaquest DSV in my life.

  24. @oscarsouth  Please don’t post movie spoilers in this thread.

  25. Hmmm, is the link to the HD version borked?

  26. sorry, forgot its not out yet in america!

  27. @bpepple Same here. Can’t download the HD version.

  28. Seen it, hope we get the Special Edition Podcast soon as I’m itching to see what everyone thought. 

  29. @Josh- my mistake, I assumed at 16:32, that was you making a reference to the talking dolphin. after rewatching, I’m not even sure it was you.

  30. @ABirdseysView  Oh! Here’s the thing about that. We had a friend who did a voice, and he used to do that. I forgot where he got it from. Basically I was trying to make Conor laugh, ignoring the fact that thousands of viewers will how no idea what I’m talking about.

    Fair play.

  31. @josh  DARWIN!

  32. Ron made a mistake…The earlier X-Men used to be published bi-mothly, so it took them more than 3 years to be published.

  33. I think what Neil Adams did with X-men could be compared with what Geoff Jones & Ivan Reis are doing with Aquaman today. Low selling characters – big names.

  34. the faces in this poster look like they were photo shopped on- and badly at that.


  35. Ha ha, does Josh even care about the X-men?  He just sat there impassive and blank for 20 minutes and let Ron do what he always does on this subject, give out the full history of every character from cradle to grave in one long impassioned breath, so funny!

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