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Video: Thank Heavens for Trask Industries

Here’s to another 50 years.

‘Man of Steel’: I Want To Believe, Sort Of

Are reservations about the Man of Steel and his movie played out? Should the nervous and the naysayers take it outside for the next few days?


Hollywood is going to the mattresses!… over who?

Quicksilver to Appear in BOTH ‘Marvel’s The Avengers 2’ AND ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’?

“Appearing in two different movie universes (and counting) one after another isn’t going to help Quicksilver’s reputation as ‘fast.'” – Paul Montgomery

Matthew Vaughn Drops Out of Directing ‘X-Men: First Class – Days of Future Past’

It’s the old Hollywood mutant movie switcheroo!

Bryan Singer Confirms: ‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel is Called ‘Days of Future Past’

From the swinging’ 60s to the not-so-distant future.