Video: Thank Heavens for Trask Industries

Mutants are a part of everyday life. Thankfully, so is Trask Industries.


Thanks, Trask Industries. For solving Bolivar problems.

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens May 23rd, 2014.


  1. Excellent. It does seem like Avengers is getting Fox to step up their game on Days of Future Past.

  2. Honestly thought that guy with the grey hair was gonna turn around and be John Slattery.

  3. Solving tomorrow’s problems today, where have you been for the last 50 years? Mutants attacked the president for pete’s sake!

    Seriously though, maybe the X-crew is bring ing the Sentinals out because it’s been shown the level of sci-fi we can take as an audience? I mean if you look at the first couple of X-movies theyre fairly grounded (before Ultimate X-Men even came along). So maybe now they’re trying to step up?

    • Literally the reason the Sentinels weren’t in previous movies is that an executive at FOX was dead set on not having giant robots in any of his movies. He was canned around the time First Class came out. Forget his name though.

    • Well I’m glad that clown is gone, all the wasted years!!! Now hopefully we can see some ambitionous adaptation of X-men tropes, cooler powers, new villains (seriously, Magneto is the bad guy 3/5 times), just more innovation.

  4. That felt so much like a real commercial that it creeped me out a little.

  5. Got me pumped for this. Great viral

  6. @Paul: Given your support of strict anti-mutant policies, is there a possibility you’ll be applying for a position at Trask Industries sometime in the near future?

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I’ve applied a few times, but obviously there’s a lot of demand to help out at Trask. I do cc them on my citizen soldier digital mailing list updates. I own some stock. I’ve also left everything to them in my will, including my body and consciousness should they want to do anything with them.

    • Ron Richards, you are allowed two minutes for a rebuttal.

    • I fully support anti-mutant policies, such as the “Don’t tell- and- we-won’t- frack-your-faces-off with-lasers”. They’re working on a new name…

    • Are you guys kidding me? Mutants are people too, and didn’t ASK to be born the way they were! We have to give them our support, not hate!

      And we’re trying to avoid derogatory terms, like “muties” or “freaks”. The correct term is Homo-Superior!

    • Hey man, mutants are dangerous. One tried to kill the president, and another tried to turn Senator Kelly ga- I mean mutant! So now we have giant killer robots that fire death beams.

      And I don’t recognize the term “homo superior”. If anybody’s superior an offshoot of Homo Sapiens its the Inhumans.

    • We can’t hold a WHOLE group accountable for the actions of ONE member.

      And I didn’t make up the term, look at Wikipedia! 😉


  7. That was absolutely brilliant.

    Between this and The Wolverine it is clear that they are going for broke with DoFP.

    Don’t let me down FOX!

  8. Damn-that got me excited.

  9. No easier way to put it, that teaser is badass!

  10. Good parody of those sappy infomercials you see (usually involving some kind of drug). Although I’m not gonna jump up and say this makes the movie brilliant. But this video and the various fake images on the website showcase someone is trying with advertising this.