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Your Four Dollars Hate

If you want people to stop asking about how degrading comics are to women, maybe you should try giving a different answer. Just once.

TRAILER: ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Gets a Red Band

This one’s not for the kids.

Matthew Vaughn Drops Out of Directing ‘X-Men: First Class – Days of Future Past’

It’s the old Hollywood mutant movie switcheroo!

Millar to Consult On X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR Film Franchises

Make Millar’s Marvel… movies, that is.

Sequels Assemble! Disney Announces New ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’; Universal in Talks For More ‘Kick-Ass’

Remember that thing you liked? You’re gonna get more of it!

Mark Millar Says He Makes Comic Books First and Foremost

Millar’s had enough of people saying he’s just in it for the movie money.

‘Kick-Ass’ Director Matthew Vaughn Signs on for a ‘Superior’ Adaptation

Vaughn’s gunning for ya, Zack Snyder!