‘Kick-Ass’ Director Matthew Vaughn Signs on for a ‘Superior’ Adaptation

Matthew Vaughn, dreamer

Spinoff Online reports that Matthew Vaughn will bring Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu’s Superior to the big screen. The news comes one year after the initial release of Superior #1 through Marvel’s Icon imprint. This marks Vaughn’s second collaboration with Mark Millar, following last year’s Kick-Ass. It’s also his third superhero flick overall. He directed X-Men: First Class earlier this year.

The 6-issue limited series (#5 is out now) centers on Simon, a boy afflicted with multiple sclerosis. When a a strange alien appears to Simon and grants him a single wish, the boy looks to his lifelong hero, a fictional avenger known as Superior. Imbued not only with regained mobility but with impossible new powers. It’s a significant departure from the visceral, nihilistic Kick-Ass, though it’s not quote the Fawcett City Follies. Speaking of, it’s interesting to see this make it to the screen before the conceptually similar Captain Marvel, a property left ¬†floating through the straits of development heck for years.


  1. What’s this about a Big 2: The Superhero Version?

  2. One more for,millar

  3. But…what about a sequel to X-Men First Class? Wasn’t that his most successful project? God knows everyone loved it.

  4. Isn’t Superior gonna be a 7-issue series?

  5. Mark Millar said he’s producing not directing

  6. The question is; will it be terrible like Kick-Ass, or a weird mixture of Brilliant and Mediocre like First Class.