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‘Kick-Ass 2’

The sequel to one of the surprisingly great modern age comic book movies is here!

iFlashback! August 11, 2004

It was a big week in comics nine years ago! Check out the books you were reading back in 2004.

Your Four Dollars Hate

If you want people to stop asking about how degrading comics are to women, maybe you should try giving a different answer. Just once.

Review: JUPITER’S LEGACY #1 by Mark Millar & Frank Quitely

It’s a family thing.

iFlashback! April 14th, 2004

There were quite a few new number ones released this week in 2004. Come on in and let us know if you read any of them.


That’s a fine mustache.

TRAILER: ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Gets a Red Band

This one’s not for the kids.

iFlashback! January 28th, 2004

It’s weird to think that it was a simpler time in comics nine years ago but it totally was! Check out which comics were on the stands back in 2004.

iFlashback! January 21, 2004

What a grand week this week in comics was! Adventure comics! Offensive Comics! Scary Comics! Funny Comics! All of them were released on this date nine years ago.

iFlashback! January 7th, 2004

2003 may have ended but iFlashback keeps on rolling on! Join us as we travel through the Ghosts of Comic Books Past.