Courtesy of Image Comics, here’s your first look at the Phil Noto alternate cover for Jupiter’s Legacy #1, the new series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

Jupiters Legacy_1_Noto

Jupiter’s Legacy #1 hits stores on April 24 and will feature covers by Quitely, Noto, Bryan Hitch, and Dave Johnson. Here’s how the first issue is described:

The comic-book event of 2013 finally arrives as superstar creators MARK MILLER and FRANK QUIETLY give us the superhero epic that all future comics will be measured by.

The world’s greatest heroes have grown old and their legacy is a poisonous one to the children who will never live up to their remarkable parents.


We’ll see if Jupiter’s Legacy lives up to Millar’s trademark Stan Lee-esque carnival barker promotion, and with Frank Quitely at his side I’m excited to find out.


  1. Whoa! Every preview image I’ve seen of this since last year has billed it as an Icon book… I guess they’re now down to only Bendis & Fraction utilizing that imprint…

    • I don’t recall ever hearing anything other than it being from Image.

      He promotes it in his Icon series’ but I assume he is allowed to seen as he has had adverts for America’s Got Powers in there before.

  2. Oh gee not again… Millar ‘sigh’

  3. I may be alone in this, but I prefer Noto to Quitely.

  4. I swear to God I am not trolling here – I quite like Noto, generally – but that is THE DULLEST cover image I have seen in years. Hey everybody check out this brand new #1 – IT’S SOME WHOLLY UNREMARKABLE PEOPLE AT A TABLE.

    It could be anyone, doing anything from having dinner to plotting a global nuclear holocaust to playing pinochle. What is happening? Who are these people? Why do I care? Who is ‘Jupiter’? What is their ‘Legacy’? I have no clue. There isn’t even anything about their clothes or appearance of interest – they’re all of indeterminate age, white-looking…oh hey one guy has a MOUSTACHE call the Event Police

    • LOL

    • I totally agree. This is a boring cover and not at all worth an article.

    • I think they might have assumed all comic readers keep up with the PR and announcements and just know what this book is all about already. I don’t pay always get to pay attention to that stuff, and this is the first i’m hearing about this title. Would have liked to see cover images for a #1 show me a bit more about what i can expect from this series.

    • Good post Cormac.

      I have the Phil Noto cover for Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #1 and think it’s gorgeous. I far prefer it to the Alex Ross cover even. But this is one of the most uninspired and dull covers I’ve seen for a recent #1 issue of a new series.

      I’m pulling Jupiter’s Legacy but sure hope my LCS doesn’t save this cover for me.

  5. I’m with Cormac, I love Noto almost always and that isn’t a good variant, I can’t say I like Noto better than Quietly cause I like many O’ both they’re works but Quietlys standard cover is solid, this could’ve waited til we had all standard and variant covers to preview at once, then the comparison in contrast would give more food for thought.

    • It’s actually not a variant. Image does a lot of alternate covers but they aren’t considered “variants”. They’re not rare or incentive-based, retailers can order as many as they want.

      (Image also does variant covers in addition to alternate covers, but this isn’t one of them.)

  6. hmmm I wonder how they plan to quietly give us the superhero epic that all future comics will be measured by. Is proofreading too much to ask? At least this typo didn’t happen in a comic…