TRAILER: ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Gets a Red Band

Kick-Ass, the 2010 film adaptation of the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. comic book directed by Matthew Vaughn, was fantastic. And while it didn’t set the box office world on fire it was, for all intents and purposes, and independent film and it apparently made enough money to warrant a sequel. Here’s your first look:

(Warning, it’s a red band trailer so it’s not safe for work.)

I’m really excited about it Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes. One of the best things about the original film was Nick Cage’s portrayal of Big Daddy. It was the kind of interesting and smart and deceptively subtle performance that we hadn’t seen from Cage in years. It looks like we might get the same kind of thing from Carrey’s demented vigilante.

Kick-Ass 2 hits theaters on August 16, 2013.


  1. Hell’s Bells! I can’t find a version that plays in Canada yet!


  2. This is probably gonna be not that good, but I’ll see it anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jim Carrey as an action hero, but I’d like to see what that looks like.

  3. I’m pretty sure this was a gigantic hit when you compare the money spent on the movie to the money brought in. It’s not an Avengers level movie but it’s one of the most successful investments in comicbook movies. Millar has stated repeatedly that the first movie’s success was so big that it practically mandated a sequel.

    Also, Carrey looks great. Really hopeful for this now.

    • Hmmm, I don’t know about that. Millar has a penchant for overstatement and I think this is one of those cases. Kick-Ass cost $28 million (just for production which doesn’t include promotion which was extensive for this film) and made $96 million. That’s certainly a profit worthy of a sequel but hardly one of the highest netting comic films ever. It is way behind all of Nolan’s Batman films, all four of the Spider-Man films, and all of the Marvel studios films including The Incredible Hulk. If fact even non-superhero comic films like 30 Days of Night, Road to Perdition, and 300 all made more than Kick-Ass.

  4. This movie is looking just like the comic. WOw… Hope it can stand up the the craziness and fun of the first movie. Great Trailer.

  5. It looks like it has a lot of moments from the comic, but it also seems like it might keep things lighter than the book, which will be a welcome change. The second volume of the comic was way more brutal than the first, almost to its detriment.

    • I stopped reading Kick-Ass because of the second volume. Ridiculously violent. I too will welcome a toned-down movie version. Either way I’ll be watching it.

  6. This looks pretty good, still haven’t gotten around to reading Kick Ass 2, I’ll have to make sure to do that before the movie comes out.

  7. Was cringing at Carrey’s casting, but am now ultra excited for his performance. He really seems to know how to play it.

  8. Man that looks good. They need to do a better marketing job this time around to catch non comic fans. Red band are great for us but non comic people didnt see a lot of those. On the other hand Kick Ass was second only to Avatar the year it came out in Illegal downloads so maybe more people know about it now. It also sold over a million dvd/blue rays super quick so im thinking the second movie will do more business. Too bad Cage is dead.. i loved that Adam West camp 60’s Batman impersonation .. that was the highlight of the first movie for me. I never expected that.

  9. Honestly, other than Jim Carrey (who seems to actually be bringing his A-game here), this looks rather unremarkable. The first “Kick-Ass” wasn’t just funny and violent, but it was directed within an inch of its life by Matthew Vaughn. Also, one of the main highlights from this trailer is the end of the first “Kick-Ass.” I’m sorry, what? It’s a red-band trailer, it’s not like there’s stuff they can’t show.

  10. One positive note: I am happy that cuts from the “Dredd” soundtrack is showing up in trailers now (it was also featured in the “Pain and Gain” trailer). Now there’s a movie that deserves a proper sequel.

  11. This is AWESOME !!! Can’t wait to watch this !!

  12. “This one’s not for the kids.” And not for me either. I really did not like the first film (or the first mini-series except for the amazing John Romita Jr artwork, which was truly fantastic and made me wish he had done it with a writer who was not Millar) and this just seems like everything I disliked amped up even more. I don’t mind violence, but the first film was just so long and pointless and unsatisfying on every level. But I am sure if someone liked part one then this looks like a great trailer to them.

    • How could Romita Jr have done Kick Ass without Mark Millar? Where you surprised that you didnt like the movie when you didnt like the original plot/story/dialogue ? I tend to not go so things that i dont like and i tend to not comment on them either but maybe thats just me.

    • not go so = not go see.

    • Kick-Ass was Millar`s idea so there was no way Romita could have done this without him in the first place. The movie was just like the comic book except for a few minor details that really didn`t matter that much such as Big Daddy`s secret identity and when Kick-Ass goes on his first mission he`s helping so other girl instead of Katie. Honestly if you didn`t like the book, don`t see the movie.

  13. These movies, Ike the comics are pure indie fun with a cult following feel that suits it and the material feels like it knows who it’s aiming to please, the hell with the box office, these movies and comics are loved by those they’re intended for and sure the money put into both aspects are well worth the return and BluRay/DVD sales probably bring in a nice chunk, now I’m curious and gonna check the gross profits of all 3 (comix, box office & home video).

    • Its 96 million world wide box office and something like 1 million dvd’s sold/ 500 thousand blue rays sold. Im not sure what the comics numbers were but i would imagine fifty thousand per issue on average (im probably wrong on that). The budget was 35 or 36 million plus a few million on promo stuff on the film so it made a lot of money. On top of that the studio bet on KA2 so they probably know something we dont.

      Anyway looking forward to this..

  14. THIS LOOKS AWESOME! I liked the second book ok, but it looks like the movie will take the story and refine it like the first movie did with the first book. I might go see this in thearters it looks so good. Chloe Grace Mortinez should totally be in the female “Expendables” (which I could care less about, but show me another female star who kicks that much ass).

    “ha ha, yea, theres a dog on your balls!”

  15. Does anybody have a link for one that works in Canada? Or it`s not available in Canada yet?

  16. Is it just me, or does everything fresh & funny about the original seem just amped-up and forced here? It’s like they looked at the first film (which was that rare case of the movie being better than the book) and didn’t think it had enough Mark Millar-ism… Well, at least we’ll get an ifanboy Special Edition out of it…

    • Hollywood ego’s always wants to put their own stamp on whatever they are doing (Frankly if i was working on one thing for a year i probably would as well). I dont mind that as long as the change is for the better. If it can be improved then go for it. Ang Lee’s Hulk movie with mutant squid DNA instead of straight up Gamma bomb accident (not necessary). Whatever Nolan did with Batman (thumbs way up).

    • I guess we will find out how it turns out. Fingers crossed.

  17. I’m pretty indifferent as I couldn’t even drum up the interest to read the comic this time around. I just thought it seemed like the original Kick-Ass movie through the lense of humor that I feel there’s just way too much of these days.

    Judd Apatow & Kevin Smith may have done a few good films (even funny, in their time) but I feel like their influence has bred a generation of comedy that relies on lazy, crass for crass’s sake jokes that make most big studio comedys pretty much unwatchable for me these days. I saw a lot of that here, but hey, if people like that kind of comedy today’s a feast of laughs…