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iFanboy #158 – Kick-Ass

Show Notes

Kick-Ass isn’t just a movie, but a comic book series that does just what the title says. Ron, Josh, and Conor talk about the series, and the spectacular art. Then, Ron spends some time with the cast and crew of the new Kick-Ass movie, like Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Chloe Moretz (Hit-Girl), Christopher Mintz-Plass (Red Mist), and more!

Kick-Ass: The Comic Book Series

The Kick-Ass comic book series is… well, it’s f’ed up. You’ve never seen something quite as violent as this, and with plenty of little kids in the story, it’s something you might not want to give your grandmother. On the other hand, it’s a damn fine piece of comic booking, and it comes as no surprise that Hollywood snatched it up as quick as they did. We delve deep into what makes the comic so great, and do our best to make Mark Millar feel good about himself.

John Romita’s Kick-Ass Art

Comics are story and art, and on Kick-Ass, Marvel master John Romita Jr. delivered the the goods in every way. A child of Marvel legacy, Romita Jr. did the work of his career on Kick-Ass.

Kick-Ass: The Movie Cast and Crew

On the eve of the movie’s impending release, iFanboy talks to Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Jane Goldman, the co-screenwriter, Chloe Moretz (Hit-Girl), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist), Clark Duke (Marty), and John Romita Jr., the artist and co-creator.


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  1. I can’t wait to see this movie.

    Great interviews

  2. You guys weren’t kidding, awkward interviews. But to be fair the kid that played kick-ass was terrible on Friday Night w/ jonathan ross too.

  3. For me at least, the story sorta peaked with the sixth issue……..

  4. Great show, guys. I’ll definitely catch the movie this weekend.

  5. Whoa, was this the first show with the graphic.ly stamp?  

  6. Ahh, spoilers in the interview with Goldman. Damn you Ron.

  7. That guy who played Dave Lizewski’s friend is pretty cool, both in the film and this interview. Was surprised by how much screen time him and the other friend character got, but they were both great in it.

  8. The movie has been out in the UK for a few weeks, just read the trade a couple of days before seeing it and I have to say I thought the movie was even better. I liked the comic a lot but the movie just fleshed out a lot of the characters and made you like/care about them more (much as I like Millar he’s not exactly Mr Characterisation). There are a few deviations from the comic but all in all it’s got to be one of the best and most faithful comic adaptations I’ve seen.

  9. It looks like JRJR is a Rolex man!  He’s wearing a two-tone 16613 Submariner (black dial) which is clearly visable during the interview with him. 

  10. Josh? Jaybles? Nice.

  11. Damn spoilers galore in this thing. Could do with a spoiler warning. Good episode though.

    Daytona has to be joking right, no one is that into watches.

  12. Aaron Johnson makes me want to skip the movie.  Could he be any less likable?

  13. @Monibolis: didn’t you used to be on Fanpop? I created some spots there (as Pateekes), one of Tim Drake, and I remember you were quite involved in it. It’s funny to see you here, I’m not checking my fanpop either anymore, iFanboy has much more information concerning all things comics

  14. Chloe Moretz is funny; she was riffing on Ron with skills 10 years her senior

  15. Oh man, Aaron Johnson’s interview was hard to watch. Funny, but oh so uncomfortable.

    Glad that Clark Duke is a fellow comic geek. It was funny to see Ron test him to see if he was actually one of us. "What are you reading? Who are your favorite writers?" Good stuff.

    Overall, I’m now more excited to watch the movie. Not expecting to be blown away, but certainly hoping for it to be funny and at least enjoyable.

  16. Clark Duke was solid in Hot Tub Time Machine.  If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a shot.

  17. Great video guys!  Loved the interview part.  Aaron seemed a bit unprepared, maybe?  

    Loved seeing JRJR.  He’s funny, and a frickin’ class act.  

    Conner should end every show with, "And now I’m hungry." 

  18. @anyone who can answer: I read the comic the other day and is the guy at the end the Red Mist or some new character? I asked my girlfriend and she wasn’t sure either.

  19. I’ll say this, don’t let Aaron put you off. He does a really good job in the film. Actors are supposed to be odd sometimes.

  20. I second Josh’s point; he’s great in the film and also as John Lennon in Nowhere Boy.

  21. And I third Josh’s point! Aaron Johnson comes across as a bit of a douchebag but he is really great in the movie. One of the best comics-to-movies adaptations I’ve ever seen.

  22. I really really want to discuss this movie.

  23. @winThe Wonderboy-I’m thinking that was a spoiler reveal when Mintz-plasse made that statement-to me (from the book) I think it was just a copycat internet fanboy that wants to start his own name in the criminal realm. His red costume does differ from the red mist one tho

    sidenote….Jane Goldman …the new Jean Grey (lovin the red hair)

  24. Point taken!  I’ll give it a shot and assume Mr. Johnson’s behavior was just actorness.

  25. Aaron Johnson is outta control. That is pretty awesome! He has the accent down in the movie and is actually a great actor.

  26. I wanted to like the comic. I really did. But the delays soured me so badly. That being said, I recently gave the entire series a read straight through to see if my opinion had changed. Maybe I am getting older cause I did not like it. It started off strong, but somewhere along the way the story just fell flat. It’s like Millar’s focus was more on the movie than the story.

    I’ll try to give the movie a chance, because I’ve gone this far with the comic, so why not. I might like it. But my overall opinion of Kick-Ass was that it was more style than substance.

    I did enjoy the art. I haven’t been exposed to a lot of Romita’s art, but it really made buying the comic worth it. 

  27. I love that Clark Duke got the most camera time since he had some geek cred; I second stuclach’s comment! Also, check out his and Michael Cera’s webTV show, ‘Clark and Michael’, which has one of the best opening credit rolls in… history! All of history!

  28. Nice review guys! And good interviews. 🙂

  29. I’ve never been the biggest Millar fan but I loved the film so I’ll probably check out the comics soon.

    I’m with Josh that even though he was really awkward in the interview, Aaron Johnson was great in the film. Chloe Moretz, on the other hand, is even more awesome in the film than she was in this interview and totally steels every single shot she’s in. It is funny though that she’s too young to have read the comic when you consider what her character does in the movie.

    Great show, guys!

  30. Great show guys!

    Aaron Johnson is really good in the film, I wouldn’t let this put anyone off.

    The film in general is pretty excellent, which is high praise coming from a guy who a) isn’t keen on big action ‘blockbuster’ type movies and b) was pretty lukewarm on the comic.

    Although I suppose I will discuss the film itself more in depth when the inevitable film discussion podcast comes out…! 

  31. MCLOVIN!!!!

  32. … I dind’t know there was a new episode… it didn’t show up until just now. … wierd ass computer.

  33. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This very website also lists new content like the video show. 😀 

  34. @captbastrd – Thanks for that link.  Looks like a fun show.

  35. Man that Aaron Johnson was taking the piss!

    Like the comic, I want to hate the movie. I ended up liking the comic.

  36. The best actors out there are not good with interviews.


  37. three thumbs up!

  38. Jetpack?!?!?!?!?! Jetpack?!?!

    I guess there is a jetpack.


  39. Hmm, I wonder if Josh liked this. It seems as if Ron and Connor do most of the talking this episode and their taste do not usually align with mine. Is Josh a big fan of the movie/gn? Because his taste usually fit mine to the letter.

  40. I’m not a big Millar fan. I’ve said that a lot. For him, I think it’s pretty good, but it’s not my favorite. But i do think it’s JRJR’s best work, and I loved that part of it.

    And there’s a podcast about the movie, on the site, right now. But i liked the movie a lot more than the comic.

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