Sequels Assemble! Disney Announces New ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’; Universal in Talks For More ‘Kick-Ass’

Sequels! Sequels! Sequels!

In news that surprises no one, including members of secret tribes deep in the Amazon rainforest (they all have subscriptions to The Hollywood Reporter), today Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that they have put a sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers into active development.

A $207,438,708 weekend in North America and a worldwide total to date of $702,137,707 will get that fast track moving.

More surprising would be the news that Universal is in talks to bring a Kick-Ass sequel to the big screen. While the original certainly didn’t blow the doors off the box-office it did gross $103 million worldwide against a reported $28 million production budget. Jeff Wadlow has written the script and is set to direct. Original director Matthew Vaughn is too busy with the sequel (!) to X-Men: First Class to handle the reins of this one, though he will act as producer.


  1. Hurray for Sequels! I mean, hurray for the ones that’ aren’t terrible… which is usually a very small number of them…

    OH SHI!

  2. Good thing Mike Romo got his article out today. 😉

    And never underestimate the power of Mark Millar projects in Hollywood.

  3. Other Disney announcements:
    Fire is hot
    Water is wet
    The sky is up.

  4. And for today’s lesson, students: Be careful what you wish for…

  5. Fast-tracking an Avengers sequel is the smartest thing they could do. Financially and creatively. As long as they don’t rush the actual production, I’m all about it.

    Literally couldn’t care less about Kickass. That “franchise” got stale after two issues and halfway through the first movie. We get it Mark Millar, you like money. Thanks for Authority, Ultimate X, and Ultimates. Now please politely fade away already.

    • Also Superman Red Son and American Jesus. I’m with you about kick ass and just about everything he’s done since

    • This is where I get bothered, Millar has done so many original and influential books, we’re gonna hate on him cause he like s money? Who doesn’t ? Buddahs and well me because it causes problems but thats the world we live in and can’t blame anyone for wanting to be well off as well as having fun being a part of getting films made, can be fun, I’ve worked on a few but nothing close to something like being the creator of a series then helping it come to life on the big screen. Cival War, Enemy of the State and all those mentioned above are great Millar….I liked Nemesis too. Kick-Ass was a fun fucking movie and so was the 1st series, haven’t read the 2nd and hope the 2nd movie is fun too, its not a box office smash and barely broke 100mil but get a life if your so worried about what he’s doing, don’t like it, don’t watch it or read it, in fact you don’t even have to comment on it. Your not making a difference so whats the point?

    • @JSAkid: It doesn’t bother me that he likes money. I like money. It bothers me that he never shuts up about it. It also bothers me that he hasn’t stepped out of his creative safe zone in years.

      I’m not compelled to comment on creators I think are and have always been hacks. Millar is not one of those. When someone starts off as strongly as he did, and then churns out the same tired nonsense year after year, it’s disappointing. So I comment on it. Which is well within my rights. Just as it’s within your rights to comment on stuff that annoys you. Like me for instance.

      To say “You’re not making a difference so what’s the point?” is a reductive response. By that logic, what’s the point of commenting on anything? The fact that an opinion runs contrary to your own does not render it pointless.

      Also,”Get a life”?? Really? It’s suddenly clear why you don’t call yourself JSAgrown-up.

    • Couldn’t agree more, with most of you.

      I started out reading comics as a big fan of Millar, The Ultimates and Red Son especially.

      But these past few years he is just redoing, movie style action sequences with characters, so often, drawn to look like actors.

      Kick-Ass got really repetitive, and irritating. Wanted was just trying too hard to be violent and aggressive.

      I think that Millar is much like the Tarantino of comics. I don’t have a problem with insane violence and horrific images, but when the creator is clearly trying so hard, and is merely including these things, just to try and be shocking, that really bugs me. I’ve no patience for it.

  6. The first “Kick-Ass” was great. However, it’s hard for me to get excited about a sequel from the director of “Cry Wolf” and “Never Back Down.”

    As for “Avengers,” well, duh.

    • Agreed. A Kick-Ass sequel with no Matthew Vaughn and no Jane Goldman? No thanks.

    • No shit, right, wish em luck but think Vaughn was definitely the glue that made everything stick and work so well, him executive producing can help but lowers everyones expectations……The Avengers breaking worldwide records means sequel equals no surprise…..lets keep Whedon and let him run wild with the cosmic infinite possibilities.

  7. Two things about this news.

    1. While I’m not paranoid, I hope Disney treats Marvel like Pixar, as in letting them do what they want to do and not forcing them to do projects they don’t have a great interest in.

    2. While I loved Kick-Ass the movie, Kick-Ass 2 is an extremely difficult comic to adapt because the comic is such a dark comic. The last movie was an action-comedy, which was mostly a good reflection of the book, but Kick-Ass 2 is a serious exploration of supervillains in the real world. There’s rape and killing kids in the book, it’s a great book, but such a drastic shift from the action-comedy feel of Kick-Ass. Plus Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character is downright sinister in the book, I’m not sure he can pull it off.

  8. I Actually Liked the Kick-Ass movie better than the comics. Kick-Ass 2 was pretty awesome tho.

  9. WHat’s the general consensus on Kick-Ass 2? Looking towards getting the collection, big fan of the first but completely missed it in issues.

    • If you liked the comic (not the movie) then it’s probably great. It’s much darker and more violent than the previous one, but if you only know the movie, it’s such a stark difference in tone and feel.

  10. Kick-Ass was a fun movie and as far as a sequel for that movie I say, NAY! I just do not see it improving on the first one and by the time it hits the screen I think a lot of people are going to need some sort of refresher on what happened last movie and on the characters as well. Normal readers and people that know the characters and their history fine and that would be a smaller amount at this time. Then there is the average joe who would go to see this movie because they liked the first one or heard that it was fun and so on, they would be lost and may hurt this movie.
    The Avengers Assemble would be a perfect title for the sequel and what a sequel it could be! I think they need to add some of the other Avengers into this so that maybe they can get a third out of this in case Robert Downey and some of the other older characters start to look their age and can be left off. Vision, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Ant Man and maybe even Woner Man?? Thats just a crazy thought I know, looking to far ahead now; right? Anyway, I think a second Avengers movie needs to be done and as soon as possible before age sets in and all of that. The normal average ordinary movie go’er would not need a extensive recap because everyone knows who these characters are even if you were hiding under a large boulder. And of course us comic book peeps would have no issues.
    (sounding like the voice of Joe from family guy) – LETS DO IT!!


  11. Anybody else read the article title too quickly and think Marvel announced that Avengers 2 was called Avengers: Universal?

  12. Haven’t seen Avengers yet. Is it any good?