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First Look: Disney’s First Animated Marvel Movie….’Big Hero 6′?


‘Iron Man 3’: What to Expect

We haven’t seen it, but why wait? It’s always fun to speculate.

Disney’s Secret Plan To Destroy Comics And This Article

What is the Mouse hiding? What isn’t it hiding? If you read only one gift shop-related article this year, this one should be in the running!

Weekly Sketch Up – 12.14.2012

By Crom, me want cookie.

A Brief Preview of Star Wars Episode VII by Paul Allor and Gannon Beck


Episode VII, and the Comic Booking of America

The day George Lucas sold Star Wars marked the day when “comic book culture” went mainstream.

Save the Date: Edgar Wright’s ‘ANT-MAN’ Hits Theaters on 11.06.2015, Plus the Official Plot of ‘THOR: THE DARK WORLD’

Do as the Ant-Man and not as the Grasshopper-Man. Start preparations today.

TRAILER: ‘The Lone Ranger’

Hi ho the one guy who was a twin and the pirate!

Joss Whedon to Co-Write and Maybe Direct ABC’s ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ TV Pilot

Galaga Guy, get ready for your closeup!

BREAKING: Joss Whedon Will Return to Write and Direct ‘Marvel’s The Avengers 2’

It’s not up on Fandango yet.