Weekly Sketch Up – 12.14.2012

Batman by Francesco Francavilla

Wolverine by Michael Walsh

Walking Dead Zombie by Steve Lieber

Ursula by Ryan Stegman

Lilo and Stitch by Riley Rossmo

Luther Strode by James Harren

C is for Carnage by Kennon

Daredevil by Reilly Brown


  1. That Daredevil cracks me up. I know he would never let that happen unless it was intentional, but it still is a great gag.

    And I’d love to see more of the Sesame St. charcters in that or other inappropriate worlds.

  2. Who knew Matt had a drinking problem?

  3. To echo the above comment – the Daredevil sketch is hysterical. Looks great as well!

  4. James Harren’s Luther Strode is excellent!!!

  5. And carnage is for me.

  6. Blind jokes with Daredevil always crack me up.

  7. Cookie Monster, no!!

  8. Luther Strode in the middle of Lilo and Stitch and the Cookie Monster was fantastically fucked up. I love the sketch up.