‘Marvel’s The Avengers’

To dream … the impossible dream …
To fight … the unbeatable foe …
To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
To run … where the brave dare not go …
To right … the unrightable wrong …
To love … pure and chaste from afar …
To try … when your arms are too weary …
To reach … the unreachable star …


Ahem. I’m sorry, where were we?

Ah, yes. It’s finally here. It’s not a dream. Not a fantasy. Nor is it a hallucination.

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and The Hulk. Individually? Pretty awesome. Together?

They’re Marvel’s The Avengers.

For years it was but a dream. “How awesome would it be to see all your favorite heroes up there brought to life on the big screen?” It would never happen, scoffed, well, everyone! But Marvel Studios had a plan. It might have been a crazy plan four years ago, but they had one. And that plan has culminated in the The Avengers assembling to stop Loki and his minions at your local cinema.

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Are you going to see Marvel’s The Avengers? Of course you are! So let’s talk about it!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet be forewarned โ€“ there be SPOILERS ahoy! So don’t scroll down any further if you are sensitive to that kind of thing.


  1. ” ENOUGH! You are, all of you, beneath me. I am a God you dull creature, and I will not be bullied byโ€ฆ” LMFAO!!!!

    “Puny God…”

  2. Dost thy mother know thou wearest her drapes?

  3. That man is playing GALAGA!

    • Thought we wouldn’t notice. We did.

      Best visual gag payoff ever.

    • Funniest line of the whole movie

    • The line was fine. But the cut to the guy actually playing Galaga was a little too much Zucker Bros. for my taste. Like the scene in Airplane where the guys are playing Atari in the control towere. A little too slapstick for this movie.

    • The cut to was awesome, especially of we find out that it was the iredeemable Eric O’Grady “ant bro” chillin on the hellicarrier

    • … and I was then looking for the guy playing Galaga in every scene thereafter.

    • Looks like I’m out there alone in the weeds on this one. I’m surprised. I thought the cut to the guy actually playing Galaga was one step away from rubber chicken territory. But comedy is subjective.

  4. He’s adopted….

  5. I don’t think Coulson is dead. I think Fury just told everyone he had died to pull the team together. Maybe wishful thinking but I hope I’m right.

    • I was thinking the same thing. He might be hurt really bad. But Fury needed it to pull the team together. He can’t be dead. I have seen in in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Vision show up with Clark Gregg’s voice. There’s you’re entrance for Pym and Wasp.

    • Definitely hope he’s alive somehow. I think Fury stealing the Cap cards from Coulson’s locker and bloodying them up helps that belief somehow.

    • Was that not Coulson that walked into the last shot right after Maria Hill walked out? I figured right off that the “dead” Coulson was a life model decoy.

    • I really hope Coulson comes back.

    • The rumor going around this morning is that he’ll come back as the Vision.

    • coulson will always live in our hearts…

    • Seeing how he is going to appear in Iron Man 3 and that Joss Whedon assured Clark Gregg that Agent Coulson would survive the Avengers am guessing Coulson is alive

    • I’m sure Coulson is alive. I mean, Joss wouldn’t kill a fan favorite, would he?!

      I’m a leaf on the wind…

    • Could he come back as some Whedon version of Vision?

    • I felt that with the dialogue exchange between Fury and Hill that the cards were found in his locker, not his jacket, meant that Fury bloodied them up on purpose, showing that they didn’t have the real Coulson’s DEAD body to show to the team as motivation. I took that as Coulson being alive…and I’m really hoping that’s the case. I wish that one thread was tied up, but since it’s been mentioned Coulson would/could be in Iron Man 3, I’m hoping that it gets resolved in that film, and turns out to be a welcome surprise.

      “I’m a leaf on the wind…’THWACK!’ “…Whedon still may have killed him in the end…who knows, until we see definitive proof

    • I thought i read that he signed a 9 movie deal. So at least he’ll be in a few more some how

  6. Iron Man shooting his beam at Cap’s shield when they are fighting against the Chitauri on the street. I thought that was just beautiful.

  7. “You’ve reached the Life-Model-Decoy of Tony Stark”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The Hulk made a great side character. I hope they don’t F up and make a whole movie around him though.

    • I hope they don’t make a whole movie around him AGAIN I mean.

    • Ruffalo signed a 6-film deal. So we’ll probably get at least one standalone.

    • Back when I heard Norton wasn’t in for the Avengers I was bummed (but not surprised). Then they cast Ruffalo and I thoug… Hrm. Interesting.

      Now I don’t want to see anybody doing Banner/The Big Guy except Ruffalo.

    • After having seen the film for the third time (Sneak preview, Midnight release with friends, FCBD with my nephew) I don’t want to see anyone else in the Hulk Role. Ruffalo was outstanding playing a conflicted and haunted Banner.

    • i preferred norton. ruffalo was good too, though.

  9. “Let’s go, Legolas!”

  10. One word: HULK!!!!!!!!!

  11. So did they hint that Agent Coulson was gay? The cellist comment?

    If so its a brilliant piece of writing. It instant gives the character more dimension.

    • I *think* at one point they refer to the cellist as a she (they mention them three times I believe). I could be wrong though.

    • Ok, cool. It’s ok either way obviously. I just thought it was a bold choice and kind of suited the character

  12. That mid-credit scene was the best one since Ironman 1….can’t belive it.

    • I don’t even care about that character, but it made me catch my breath and lurch forward in my seat.

    • Half our theater was shocked into silence. The other half turned and said, “Who the hell was THAT?”

    • My brother thought that it was “red face baddie from Captain America”

      Having to say on the phone, “No, that’s Thanos, a mad Titan. He’s a galactic emperor and warlord who has a romantic infatuation with Death, and wants to die.” was a bit of an odd experience.

    • I never liked Thanos. He always seemed like a Darkseid knock-off to me.

    • But if you remember at the end of Captain America the Red Skull was transported by the cosmic cube not killed. So maybe he transformed into Thanos. That would be awesome.

    • Nah, they are probably saving Red Skull for the next Cap movie.

    • fucking love the mad titan. couldn’t be more excited for the next one.

  13. Let’s not forget about about Hulk’s little punch to Thor after taking down that Chitauri ship together.

  14. My thoughts while watching the movie:
    I would have preferred the mansion to the tower, but hey.
    For a movie with this much SHIELD, it really could have used a flying car or two.
    I dress like Tony Stark, I wore a Black Sabbath t-shirt just the other day.
    So I guess the movie needed more than one connection to How I Met Your Mother.
    Should’ve, but I didn’t expect a tie that strong to Ultimates.
    Hawkeye NEVER misses.
    Blonde waitress supposed to be Agent 13!?!
    Hulk gets all the funny parts. Huh.
    I can’t even get one “Assemble!” or “And there came a day…”?
    Nobody not into comics is going to get that reveal in the end.
    Stay all the way through the credits, people! Best acting in the whole film! (Schawarma)

    • So what happened at the very end of the credits? We only got the mid-credit reveal in the UK.

    • They’re all sitting in the schawarma shop Tony mentions during the fight. Completely silent, exhausted from the battle of their lives, all six of them just sitting and eating in this tiny Middle Eastern eatery. It was hilarious.

    • serious?! damn! i didn’t see it! i saw the thanos reveal, which officially made me excrement bricks.

    • The shwarma scene is every post-con meal EVER. The costumes only reinforce the fact.

    • That scene courtesy of Bendis.

    • I love Cap going into a food coma from being so stuffed. Isn’t it the anti-Bendis scene? No pizza. no one engaging in witty bantering.

    • I just love how Ruffalo could not hold his shit together during the shot. He clearly didn’t think it was going to be filmed for that long and he just loses it. Also, Thor takes a mighty bite!

  15. Is Phil Coulson week going to end with the absolutely necessary obituary to the great man?

  16. nothing was bad about this movie for me

  17. Best superhero movie of all time. Period. Hulk SHINES.

    • My new #1.. for now. Got 2 more coming out this summer.

    • I’ll have to see again, but I think I agree. While I love Dark Knight and overall I think it’s the better film, I had waaaaaay more fun watching this and it had the best action I’ve ever seen on the screen.

    • I feel the same way. Dark Knight is my #2 now. But this was what a comic/action movie should feel like. You know M. Bay is looking at this like. How the hell did Whedon pull this off? Without making it 3 hours long and adding a bunch of sh*t that didn’t need to be in the movie. (like 2 little heroes that say cheese lines to get to the younger gen.) Like you said it was just fun and I felt sad when I knew it was about to end. That’s when you know its a great movie.

      GO MARVEL!!!

    • Love that! Had to steal for my Facebook page ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • ^Same here!

    • My #1 is still “Superman: The Movie.” Still the most magical, inspiring, and romantic superhero film ever made.

    • I think the Batman films are are a beast all their own. Different animal, entirely. Avengers was pure, high octane fun. A lot was said that Thor was a comic book come to life. No, Avengers was. Glorious life. Whedon knocked it out the park! Cut that man a check and get to work on part 2!

  18. “Hulk… smash.”


  19. “That’s the secret Cap, I’m always angry.”


    • Absolutely one of my favourite moments. Totally a shocker but completely makes sense for the character.

    • I could have leaped up and kissed someone at that moment. Taking my wife to see it Saturday so I’ll be able to then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • That was when I felt like Ron when he saw X-Men First Class as I almost felt tears flowing down my face in the disbelief that Joss Whedon & Marvel had finally done Bruce Banner & The Hulk justice. This movie was just big waves of happiness all over the screen! : )

    • I think that was my favourite line.

    • If it’s true that he’s always angry, doesn’t that mean that he has full control over when the Hulk gets unleashed? It seemed like he had trouble containing the Hulk when they were on the carrier, though.

  20. “Put on the suit!”

  21. If you saw the Epilogue, who do you think should be in the next flick?

    • it’s tough because marvel will probably never get the rights to spider-man back. also, it seems like wolverine, beast, quicksilver and scarlet witch are tied up with the x-men that they’ll never get back. i still want antman and the wasp to show up because they actually do have an interesting story. it’s also time for luke cage to make it to the movies. and, of course, vision.

    • Did anyone notice that smile was very Herman Cane like?

    • I’m thinking Thanos against Avengers plus Spider Woman, the new Captain Marvel, and Luke Cage


    • @thered

      Per some deal with Fox, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch can be in a Marvel Studios movie, as long as they’re not referred to as mutants or the children of Magneto. Likewise, Fox can use the characters, but can’t make mention of their Avengers history.

    • that’s an interesting deal….i still think that fox would have an easier time using them without mentioning that they’re avengers than marvel would have using them without mentioning they’re mutants.

    • I want Pym, Wasp & Black Panther. The way I’d like to see it done is [1] Introduce Zemo in the Cap sequel [ or use Red Skull ] [2] Give Black Panther his own film. { the still un-announced Marvel project for 2014 } & introduce Klaw. [3] Part 2 is Avengers vs. Masters of Evil

    • i was just thinking, it might be funny if thanos kills off all of the marvel characters that are owned by fox by snapping his fingers

  22. I fucking love shawarmas. Sooooooo garlic-y mmmmmm

  23. Absolutely loved it, might be my favorite comic book movie ever….going to see it again tomorrow, we will see how I feel after a second viewing. I can’t wait to see it again!

  24. i don’t know how deep into spoilers we want to get here….but is everyone ready for an infinity gauntlet?

  25. I loved this film from top to bottom. it was fantastic!!!

  26. One question, what are shawarmas? (never heard of them in the UK )

    • Shawarmas are a Arabian dish which is a roll filled meat, sauces and veggies, and encased in pitabread (usually).
      Speaking as someone who has it once atleast every other weak, I highly recommend it. Although I may be biased due to where I am.
      RDJ pronunciation of it was hilarious! We were all kinda laughing at his line AND at him butchering the word.
      Still, he is awesome.

    • Ah, they are Doner Kebabs!
      Usually the food of a late night walk from the pub to home. Not something I would associate with a Genius Playboy Billionaire Philanthropist.

    • Heh. I’m from the UK too, and I actually looked it up after the film and was like “Oh. Don’t you have to be drunk to eat that?”

    • God, now I really want a scene of the Avengers sauntering home drunk after a night out, eating doner kebabs.


    • Here in Ottawa Canada we have an enormous Lebanese community and there’s a shawarma shop on almost every block. They’re so delicious, and yes, the perfect late night snack

  27. A serious question: how did captain America help at the end?

    • He lead the team. He told them all what to do and he help save people on the street. The team up with Cap and Iron Man fighting on the street together was one of my favorite parts in the movie. He also gave Black Widow a boost. Did you even watch the movie? lol…

    • Do you mean besides taking charge and creating a plan of attack and fighting the Chitauri Army? Or do you mean after he got knocked out of the building? I hope these questions do not come across smart ass-y, I am just not exactly sure what you mean.

    • I’m sorry to say but there was no plan of attack. Hulk, Iron Man and Hulk just hit those big things until they fell over

    • From what I’m getting you really dislike Captain America. You always sh*ting on him… lol. It’s all good tho. He’s not my favorite hero of the group as well. But I thought he was cool in this movie and he did kick some Chitauri butt on the streets. Also everyone knows you can’t control the Hulk. You just let him loose. Plus “Hulk Smash.” Great line.

    • No, no, I would say he is my favourite of the team. I kind of felt that he was under-utilised

    • It’s hard to say. Cuz they cut out stuff about him learning to live in this new world/time. I hope they put it in a uncut Blu-ray. But I’m sure it’s because he is still dealing with being thrown back into a world he is still learning about. Anyway Took the day off and now going to pass out.

      Thank you Marvel for a amazing movie and I look foreword for more to come. Dark Knight Rise… Hope your are good too. Night…

    • Well, in terms of the movie as a whole, Cap’s role really involved that relationship with Agent Coulson which was perhaps the most important part of the film

      This is what discussion forums are about, I only realised that after this little exchange

    • I think it’s very evident that Cap’s greatest role in the movie was to rally up the troops and boost the morale of not only the avengers but also the people around the world watching. Whedon made sure that colson’s arc mattered to Cap and Cap mattered to the world with that video montage of the news. Props too for whedon on hitting 2 birds with one stone on showing nick with colson’s cap cards. That connected the motivations between nick and cap through colson.

    • Yeah, I totally see that. I didn’t believe it though

    • his role was to lead at the end. he does tell local law enforcement what to do and he tells the rest of the team which positions they need to defend. the only one that doesn’t get much direction is the hulk because, you know, HE’S THE HULK! he also told black widow when to close the portal. his character arc was about being accepted as a leader, so the payoff during that final battle is that he IS accepted as a leader. also he looks pretty BA doing it.

    • Did you notice how the battle stayed within a 4 block radius around Stark tower? You have Cap to thank for that. Thor kept the portal guarded, Hawkeye kept them from spreading too far, Black Widow, Hulk, and Iron Man provided crowd control.

    • Captain America was bad-ass in this movie. He broke up the fight between Iron Man and Thor, he withstood the full fury of Thor’s hammer with his shield, he showed how bad-ass he is right in front of those cops by taking out a bunch of aliens all by himself, need we say more?

  28. Well I think this lays to rest any doubts about Joss Whedon being able to direct it. The flow from one character to another during the fight sequences near the end where was beyond awesome.

  29. “There’s only one God, Ma’mm. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”
    “Flying monkeys”, “I got that reference.”
    Funny stuff. Makes me want to see the Cap out of time scenes that were apparently left on the cutting room floor.
    This movie was a lot of fun.

  30. spoilers…………………………………………….

    Thanos FTW!!!!!

  31. Wow, amazing. This was so much better than anything that I could have imagined! They nailed Cap! The line about needing something old fashioned sealed the movie for me!!!!!

  32. Hey, guys, let’s get serious. Did anyone tear up during this movie?

    A few times my eyes were dusty

    And how about when Captain America said “There’s only one God, ma’am and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.” great characterisation, awesome moment. And seriously bold for a popcorn flick

    • This is the most enthusiastic and emotional I’ve seen you about, well, anything. The movie definitely had it’s emotional moments for sure.

    • I totally believe this movie meet the marketing and internet build up. It’s a great piece of film making

      It’s fantastic to see something deliver what it promised and more. I’m excited and happy about this movie

      It’s just GOOD

    • It was quality from beginning to end.

    • I thought it was pretty moving when the German citizen refused to kneel before Loki, and Cap saves him right before he’s about to get obliterated…

    • Yeah. That was pretty awesome.

    • @edward When so many things these days seem to be all hype with no real substance, it’s so awesome when something this hyped and this anticipated actually delivers

  33. Think I’m going to have re-read some Jim Starlin ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I don’t know about you duders but when the helicarrier rose from the water I had the stupidest grin on my face. It was just too much to handle and that seems silly with a movie full of some of my favorite Heros but this one scene in particular just gives me chills.

    • Right there with you man, as soon as the Widow (I think it was her, maybe it was Hill) says the line about it becoming hard to breathe and Cap and Banner think it’s a submarine. I was so excited.

    • Same here. And that is coming from a guy who saw the trailers and got spoiled by this. I wish i hadn’t seen the trailer for it, i would have jumped off of my seat, no doubt. So yeah, heed the warnings kiddos.

    • Oh yeah! I fist-pumped.

    • Right there with you. I’m sure a lot of comic fan felt the same way.

    • I knew it was the Helicarrier and my jaw still dropped and I got goosebumps. Amazing scene.

    • This is where I lost it – “that’s where we’re spending all that money!” “No wonder we need an unlimited energy source!”

      It was even better with all of the Quinkets (I’m assuming those were Quinjets) Thor, Hulk, and finally Nick Fury plow throughout the movie. All that money, down the drain…

  35. Saw this at the end of the Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon, so I went in very well-prepared, a bit tired, and lacking anything resembling objectivity (and also still a little full of Wednesday’s Beef Shawarma dinner, coincidentally).

    Without hyperbole, this may have been the most fun I’ve EVER had at the movies.

    I need to see it again because more than a few reaction lines and double punchlines were missed because the crowd was so into it (with the laughing and hollering and applause).

    But this entirely exceeded my expectations. And if you only saw it in 2D, I think you owe it to yourself to splurge for 3D on your second viewing. The Manhattan battle sequences in 3D are well worth the cost.

    • I saw this in “Real 3D”, and I have to say, I was very impressed. The best use of 3D I’ve ever experienced. WAY better than Avatar. And there was a seat rumble thing going on in my theatre that made the experience VERY immersive. I was blown away by the technical achievements in this one.

    • I am a huge proponent of 3D but I have to disagree here.

      I saw it in 3D and I thought it added nothing. I would actually advise seeing it in 2D.

      I never would have thought I would ever type those words.


    Joss Whedon gave me my first tv obsession in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now he’s given us a true gem and serioiusly the best super-hero movie I could imagine. He hits every note. He gets the characters. The dialogue, the action, the humor, the intensity, its all there… He found a way to do it nearly perfectly.

    I can’t wait to see it again this weekend!

    “HULK… SMASH!!!”

  37. Most unexepected moment but completely hilarious?

    So many to pick from, but i’m going to say the Hulk punch to knock Thor out! LMAO

  38. I simply cannot wait to see this again – too much fun! So many cool moments, but Hulk punching Thor out of frame & the Thanos glimpse in the credits are right up there.

  39. here’s a quote from connor’s review about the mid credits scene – “And itโ€™s awesome, though not entirely surprising if youโ€™ve been paying attention. ”

    was there anything earlier in the film to suggest thanos was going to appear? there were aliens and thanos is an alien but was there more hints than that?

    • Maybe he meant the glimpse of the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor?

    • I’d think it’s more that it’s a pretty obvious choice – I certainly predicted he’d show up in the post-credits scene before I even went in. Not that it wasn’t still great to see!

    • Thanos was the first thing I thought of when Loki was talking to that chitauri guy in the beginning because they were talking about some type of leader and Thanos just felt right. I wondered about it and then thought I hope that he somewhow was not included in the FF rights, then promptly forgot as the movie went on. I was pretty pleased to see him pop up.

    • @nick Marvel Studios had already revealed the infinity gauntlet at san diego two years ago I think… It was supposedly going to be in the war room in Thor but the scene ended up getting cut. So if you’ve seen those pictures of the gauntlet, the Thanos reveal isn’t all that surprising.. Nah… Who am I kidding? It still blew my socks off ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. Girl behind me on a date right after the movie finished …”Woah. That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life”. I couldn’t agree more, lady. Amazing.

  41. This was the most comic-booky comic book movie I’ve ever seen. It was like an event comic made into a film. That long tracking shot through the New York battle is the cinematic equivalent of a double-page spread.

    Aside from the awesome action, Whedon always writes great dialogue and character. All superhero movies have “chuckle, chuckle, how amusing” moments, but here I was laughing like a madman. There was also some pretty heavy dramatic moments too. Everybody also had a noticeably arc.

    Captain America — Got to be the master tactician and natural born leader we didn’t get to see in his own movie.

    Iron Man — A bit more restrained here, probably ’cause this movie had an actual script, unlike his last two. He still grows up a little by the end though. And he’s is, as always, the annoying but funny guy.

    Thor — The least developed. He feels somewhat underused, especially considering his brother’s the bad guy. He mostly just gives everyone more info on Loki and his plot. His scenes with Loki, however, are still the stuff of classics.

    Bruce Banner/Hulk — Ruffalo smashed my concerns about him. Perfect as both. I’d love to see him reprise the role in his own movie.

    Black Widow — Whedon writes great female characters. She got lots more to do here than in IM2. Might have been my second favourite, behind Hulk.

    Hawkeye — I can see some fans (especially a certain iFanboy) being pissed that he’s mind-controlled for half the film, but Hawkeye’s really just supporting cast to me, so I didn’t mind. Plus, he’s still awesome as a henhcman, and really pulls it out in the last half.

    Nick Fury — Badass and manipulative. Inspirational when he needs to be too.

    Loki — Sadly, more of a cliched villain this time around, but still a great presence in all his scenes. He was also a bit undermined by the involvement of you-know-who.

    My only bad point would be that the plot is very simply, but that’s not the draw here. This is an origin story, albeit the origin of a team instead of a single hero, and as Christopher Nolan showed us with Batman Begins, you gotta go simple with the first one and flesh out the main character.

    Minor fanboy quibbles: The helicarrier didn’t crash and explode into Loki, but the save is awesome enough to forgive. I cannot forgive the fact that nobody says “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” however. There was a third thing, but I’ve forgotten it now, which just shows how amazing this film is overall.

    The music was great too, currently listening to the soundtrack as I type.

    I’m sure to remember more things after I post this. Again, there was a lot of awesome here.

    • I think calling this movie an “event comic” is a disservice. This movie was a thousand times better than any event comic I’ve ever read. More consistent too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • The tie-ins were much better too.

      I also remembered what my third quibble was: What happened to Loki possessing Selvig? I thought we’d get a shot of Loki whispering instructions on how to open the Cube, especially since Whedon directed that post-credits scene from Thor, but nope!

      Like I said though, very minor point.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

      I bet my wife that Cap would say, “Avengers assemble!” I think I owe her $10 now.

    • @JDC I was upset too because Cap didn’t yell Avengers Assemble, but I think you hit on the point of why he didn’t. I think they will save that for the sequel now that they are truly established as The Avengers. I hope Captain America has his shield and picks up Thor’s hammer in the sequel to kick all kinds of ass.

    • It made sense to me that Hawkeye was initially working for the villain, although mind controlled and not truly villainous, as in the comics he was a villain before he joined the Avengers.

  42. did anyone else notice that cap wasn’t eating schwarma at the end of the movie with the other guys? he was there but he was just sitting. is cap a vegetarian or something?

  43. Great movie. For some reason during the scene in Brazil, when Banner yells at Black Widow and she pulls the gun from under the table, that yell scared the hell out of me.

    • I thought he was in India?

    • I thought this movie did a great job of showing the actual fear that many characters have of the Hulk. Black Widow is a badass, but you could tell that the Hulk scared the hell out of her. How great was that slow motion shot of Thor doing an uppercut hammer swing to the Hulk?
      When Banner yelled at BW in Calcutta (?) and she drew the gun, it almost looked like she nearly pissed herself. I personally thought the acting of Scarlett Johanson was pretty good there.

    • Yeah, Banner was in India; Calcutta, to be exact.

    • It’s not called Calcutta anymore. Now it is called Kolkata.

    • @Merc: Totally, I had forgotten that. And Bombay is now Mumbai.

      In the movie, Banner mentions that he was in “Calcutta,” so I was going off that.

  44. I’ve been a comic book fan for 30yrs…..and I would have to say “Amazing Movie”! Marvel was very smart to put out the main characters in their on movies first then put them all together which I would have to say was great! My favorite part was when Thor and Hulk were standing next to each other after kicking some butt and without looking at Thor Knocks the hell out of him and goes flying out of frame……Priceless! So far this beats out the X-Men all Hands down (I’m a big Mutant Fan). Must see movie……………….and don’t leave until the credits are all done.

  45. Happy happy happy happy happy. This was such a great movie. I’m hard pressed to think of any comic book based film I’ve enjoyed more, save the Nolan Batman series. Certainly leaps and bounds above the marvel lead-ins to this film (and I enjoyed all of them. This was just a home-run.)

    -The Hulk was so wonderfully done. They managed to both establish his incredible power, but also make comedic gold. Stole the show, which is impressive for a movie with RDJ in it. Speaking of…

    -I *loved* seeing Banner and Stark together. Every time they had a scene the husband would whisper “SCIENCE!” and do a little fist pump. They were fantastic.

    -Coulson. GUT WRENCHING! I was pleased at what a large role he was getting only to realize it was to make sure we were substantially emotionally involved so Whedon could rip our hearts out (as he is want to do.) Notably: Phil Coulson is not just a thing within our fandom, I had a never read a comic in her life friend with me and she literally SCREECHED when he got stabbed. She was inconsolable.

    Sigh. LOVE!

    • Hah. Yah. As a Joss fanboy, I was ecstatic when I found out he was doing Avengers. Then, when the movie finally got here and Coulson faced off against Loki… It was, like… Oh yeah. Joss. Fuck. Don’t let you guard down. Heh.

      That said, Coulson. What a badass. The most human of all the hero-types in the marvel movies… And willing to go toe-to-toe with an evil god.

  46. Gotta track down my copy of Infinity Gauntlet. Must reread!

  47. So many one-liners, but without turning it corny. Action, action, action. My daughter loved it almost as much as I did -especially the Hulk stuff ( like cheap shot on Thor during the big battle! Hilarious!)

  48. 3 1/2 or 4 out of 5 stars. That imdb ranking is ridiculous; but it’s not my fault, I gave it a solid 7 on there.

    Heroes at odds stuff: on the Helicarrier, under the influence of Loki, which is maybe why the arguments just seems akward/off

    Loki’s plan: the subject of so much exposition it becomes a little eye glazing (steal an element, get captured and brought aboard helicarrier, cause discontent among the team members, virus/bomb/disable helicarrier, etc..) it just seems like a lot of hoops to jump through before the final act brawl- which I guess is also Loki’s plan too? (get the Avengers to form just so the Chitauri can defeat them publicly in NYC?)

    Shorted screen time for characters: Thor had some good, if abridged, moments with Loki, but Cap’s man out of time arc defintiely got compressed into Coulson’s fan adoration and stepping up to lead in the final brawlโ€ฆ I hear thereโ€™s a lot of deleted scenes?

    Closed set/limited scope look: until that final act in NYC, the film does play like itโ€™s on sound stages, lacking scope. Even the opening action at the SHIELD base with Nick Fury and Maria Hill… something about the dark corridors, dark costumes, muted lighting, hurt that sequence. Really, a lot of the movie seems dark and unclear (until that third act brawl, which I never thought Whedon had in him, coming from television and limited budgets).

    Character moments: some memorable one liners, interactions in the heat of battle

    Black Widow: more to work with compared to her thankless role in Iron Man 2, though Hawkeye’s role is basically to service her arc

    The third act: the interactions between Avengers in that third act are a pure joy to watch, and makes me forgive a lot of the criticisms I just outlined…

    Popcorn action spectacle of the best kind, but not a perfect film by any means. I still think IRON MAN and even CAPTAIN AMERICA are better films, though I wonโ€™t argue- AVENGERS might be the most fun, thanks to that last hour. Take that away and I think the love for the film would not be as high..

  49. Wow, until JDC mentioned it, I didn’t even notice. He’s right, there wasn’t a “Avengers, ASSEMBLE” line. That’s a head scratcher.

    • Cuz the team didn’t really come together till the end of the movie on the street. So I was not mad it didn’t happen. Would have felt forced. I’m sure in the next movie Tony, Cap or Fury will say it. Also we might see a Avengers Card in the next Iron Man movie.

    • I think it is cause they weren’t truly the Avengers until midway through the final battle. Now that the Avengers have been formed, and gone their separate ways, when they are called upon once again, we will hear “assemble”.

    • I know, right!? I didn’t realise it myself until 2 hours after I’d seen the movie.

      To be fair, I was joking above, and it’s completely understandable that they didn’t do it. If they had, they would have ruined it by putting it in every single trailer.

      Although, when Coulson asks Fury “What do we do?” at the beginning, I thought for sure Fury was gonna reply with something like “Assemble the team.”

    • Yet, Tony introduces themselves to Loki as the Avengers before the fight. He calls them the Avengers. I don’t see why it’s bad for Tony to call them the Avengers in one scene, but not have Captain America use their signature catchphrase. Not a big issue. Just means I have to wait 4 years to hear Cap say it in the sequel.

    • @thefig24

      To be fair, Tony was all, “The Avengers. It’s what we’re calling ourselves now. Kind of a team thing.”

    • The 360 degree scene on the street with all of them together was their “Assemble” moment. They just didn’t say assemble.

  50. Before going in, I mentioned to a friend of mine how much more interesting and entertaining “out of time” Cap is compared to “world war II” Cap, which I consider a pretty big statement seeing as how entertaining I find world war II Cap. When Steve “got the reference,” I turned to my friend and just said “see?” he agreed with me. Looking forward to the deleted scenes and more “out of time” stuff in Cap 2

  51. This movie was perfect! I knew it would be fantastic but I was still shocked at how good it was. Joss Whedon did a freakin’ fantastic job, but that’s not surprising. The fight scenes were awesome, and the dialogue, perfect. I also loved that when Banner hulked out he still looked like the actor. Very cool movie, and I’ve never felt such camaraderie in a movie theater before. Awesome.

  52. Thanos.

    That is all.

  53. Avengers made me so happy, then they topped it off with Thanos. I don’t know how I could be more giddy after it was over. My bro who has no real history with comics other than some toys and my Marvel Universe trading cards when we were young, said it was the best action movie he had ever seen. And now he wants to borrow my Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet trades.

  54. Mark Ruffalo stole the show for me. Not only was he great, but every character was at their best when interacting with either Banner or The Hulk.

    This is the best Marvel movie by far.

    • Tom Hiddleston stole it for me. That guy is super charming

    • I looooved Mark Ruffalo in this. I like him in general to be honest, but there was a lot of subtlety to his performance. And scenes with him and RDJ were pure joy. Love those characters together.

    • I just bought my first motorcycle and I love it. So Ruffalo showing up on a motorcycle to save the day in a destroyed NYC was incredible. I loved that so much, also Cap riding away on his Harley at the end haha too cool.

    • That’s exactly why Harley Davidson paid millions of dollars for 18 seconds

  55. This movie was so so so so good. I saw it over twelve hours ago and I still cant take this giant smile off my face. This is hands down the best superhero movie ever and is definitely one of the most fun movies ive ever seen. I have zero n itpicks . I had kind of hoped that there would be an ant man/upfront at the end of the credits but Thanos will be spectaculor. We’ll save ultron for avengers 3. This makes me want a Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie and a Black. Widow movie Scarlett was amazing in this.

    Question though: was “Phase 2” just the nuke? I thought it was gonna be something more intricate than that.

    • Phase 2 was using all those Nazi-Hydra-built weapons powered by the Cube’s energy and building more, like that tactical nuke. Though, was that nuke empowered with Cube energy or a regular nuke?

  56. I thought it was a really smart move to have Hawkeye be controlled by Loki for half the movie. It made him more badass, especially in the Hellcarieer sequence. He might have seemed out of place by sticking him the others in the beginning, so it’s cool to have him be established by the time they all fight together,

    After seeing Thanos, I hope they include Ms. Marvel in the next movie. Her and Black Panther is who I would like too see the most in the next Avengers movie.

  57. Just as Chris Samnee should draw all comics, Joss Whedon should direct all Marvel movies. I hope DC is taking notes.

  58. Overall, a very good movie. Not great, though.

    First I felt it could have done with more Mark Ruffalo (though he was in enough of it to shine) and less RDJ (though he didn’t eat up all the scenery, just hogged a wee bit more camera time than the other deserving actors). I think most would agree that the Banner/Hulk portions of the film were the most heart-felt and exciting.

    Second, Johansson was just lousy. A better Black Widow would have been Smuders; her physique is far more imposing, her facial expressions more genuine and appealing.

    Third, the dialogue was a bit too clunky (the overlapping monologues in the SHIELD conference room in the first hour simply felt too contrived and forced). Compare, for example, the lines delivered in first two Spider Man movies. Now that’s how you compose a tight screenplay.

    Forth, characters were a bit too petulant. For instance, I don’t believe Steve Rogers would ever be so childish as to challenge Stark to a fight (Thor, who is quite similar to the spoiled billionaire, was more than enough of a foil to high-light the understandable clash of egos). I’d expect him to be single-minded and mission-focused. He seemed anything but, though. Also: the revelation that Banner had tried at some point to off himself seemed to be way out of character with the man I’ve come to know in print. BB has been always tortured, true. But he’s never tried to take the easy way out either.

    Finally, I thought the second half paled in comparison to the first — which is to say, while I loved the character interactions, I thought the action scenes were too predictable and by-the-numbers. A great climax usually has a something unexpected and, at the same time, something satisfying. In this regard, X2 and the second Spider man were far better rendered than the Avengers movie.

    All that aside, though, I liked it a lot. Looking forward to see how the same team (though I would like to see one or two more additions — maybe Black Panther and Scarlet Witch? — added) deals with Thanos, a f___ing kick-ass choice if ever there was one.

    • Your uncle eats pickles.

    • You do realize that everyone that was in the room when Cap was trying to pick a fight with Stark was under the influence of Loki’s Tesseract staff?

    • I thought the first 15-20 mins were slow but my only real complaint is I hated Smulders. I thought she did a terrible job acting, very beautiful, but I do not at all want to see her in the sequel.

    • @Gigglesworth nailed it there. Also, I thought Johansson was pretty good. Her “fear” in the eyes and the physical shaking when she was frightened by the Hulk was pretty good. Sure she wasn’t “an amazing actress” but for HER and what we usually get from her she did great. I think Whedon got her to Emote a lot more than we’re used to getting from her.

    • @Gigglesworth. Point taken. I should pay closer attention.

      As for the rest, I still think Johansson sucked while Smulders rocked. The action was nicely choreographed, but the ending was not that satisfying; it offered no surprises or revelations. Finally, if I had to rank the movie among the other Marvel titles, I would place Avengers well below X2, Spider Man 2, First Class and Iron Man.

  59. Did anyone else giggle during the mid credits stinger when the guy was talking about courting Death with Thanos?

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      That was Alexis Denisof. Which is crazy. And yes, I laughed.

    • IMDB lists him as “The Other.” Is that what he was called in the credits?

    • @fuzzytypewriter Wait, Paul was Alexis Denisof the actor portraying Thanos, or only the voice? I’ve read on another site it was a different actor playing Thanos. I don’t even know Denisof, however I’m curious. Thanks.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      No, no. Alexis Denisof plays “The Other,” the cloaked alien who interacted with Loki. I noticed it in the closing credits. Damon Poitier plays Thanos. There’s no voice for the character yet.

      @halik Denisof is best known for playing Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on Buffy and Angel. He’s also married to Alyson Hannigan (Willow) in real life. More recently, he was the voice of Mirror Master in DC Animation’s Justice League: Doom and Dr. Quintum in All-Star Superman.

    • @fuzzytypewriter Paul, I guess I will have to watch Buffy and Angel now. Was Thanos CG? I saw it again today and it still looked like a mix of CG and make up to me.

    • Denisof had a downright epic arc across Buffy and Angel. It’s worth watching Angel just for him.

  60. My brain has a hard time reconciling Thanos and humanism of the original Iron Man. They seem universes apart. Also seeing all the Avengers together really underlined Cap Widow and especially Hawkeyes relative usefulness to the team. Widow or Hawkeye didn’t really do anything that another member could have easily accomplished, but the converse is certainly not true.

    Would have been nice to have shown Cap inspiring more (regular) people than a single cop also.

    • Although now that you mention it, Thanos did debut in an Iron Man story.

    • the invincible iron man #55.
      thanos(2nd greatest villain ever!) was created by one of the most under-rated comic creators of all time: jim starlin.

    • Oh, for sure, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow were pointless during the end battle.

      Cap’s advice was pointless. Sending people underground was good but his order to herd the aliens in one direction doesn’t work with 800 flying machines. He told Thor to stop letting the aliens through the space hole which was smart but Thor just stopped after 5 minutes

      Hawkeye’s bundle of 30 arrows would have run out in 2 minutes.

      Black Widow flew to the top of that tower then poked a cube with a stick and she took about 15 minutes longer than she should have to even do that

      But, hey, who cares?

    • If you guys start trying to enjoy your movies, you will. trust me.

    • @sitara119 You may have missed it in the credits, but in the list of people that they thanked Jim Starlin was one of them.

    • And Darkseif is from Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen, I was saying the worlds from the characters I didn’t think meshed very well in the film. I mean if you are going to have Thanos, why not just have The Wasp and Giant Man? What’s the difference really?

    • I’m curious if you felt the same way about Asgardians and Frost Giants.

    • Not really because the tone of Thor was completely different from the outset and it was its own film. It started as a fantasy film, then crashed to earth.

      Trying to reconcile Thor with the more X-Files: Fight The Future aspects of it was kind of problematic for that film as the shifts between worlds were often jarring, and most people seemed to enjoy see the fish-out-of-water parts more than the Asgardian stuff. Stuff that was firmly rooted in the Iron Man-ish self-mocking aspects of Thor. The film that got the Marvel Movieverse ball rolling and set the “realistic” ground rules for tone, style and tenor. Likewise the Cosmic Cube (err Tesseract) in Captain America.

      The fantasy elements kind of blow that vibe out of the water and just make it a generic “anything goes” universe with no rules, stakes or limitations to overcome.

      The overlayering of ALL the different tones (Jokey Iron Man / Practicality) + (Rocketeer) + (Neverending Story) just didn’t ever really sit well and hang together on screen for me. Plus they had virtually nothing unique or important for Captain America, Hawkeye, or Black Widow to do at the end that the others couldn’t easily accomplish.

      Despite being an enjoyable film, I personally think Thor kind of ruined the vibe of the Marvel Movieverse as a whole.

    • @edward at least Hawkeye did run out of arrows eventually. In a worse movie he would have unlimited ammo.

      And Black Widow was told to not close the portal yet by Iron Man, so that’s why it took her so long to poke a cube with a stick. She also knew Iron Man had gone through the portal and waited until the last possible second to close it in order to give him a chance to get back.

  61. This movie is F***ING magic.

  62. I’m going to see this tomorrow and go to Free ComicBook Day.

  63. There’s only one God ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.

  64. So Captain America’s Costume? Pretty horrible

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      It’s mostly the mask. He should just run around without it. Everyone knows who he is anyway.

    • i think the jacket’s great but the helmet is pretty terrible. i think the wwii era helmet he had is way better.

    • The WWII costume was overall better

    • It’s tough – removing the “A” from the mask would’ve been an improvement, but then again the “A” is also iconic. At least the script hung a lantern on the cheesiness of Cap’s suit, in that bit about saying people desperately needed something old fashioned to look up to…

    • Oddly enough, I liked it. Go figure.

    • I loved it. I thought it looked much better on film then in stills. Also it’s pretty faithful and they explained it’s importance. I’m sure it will continue to change in the rest of the films.

    • It does look better in the film itself, but it’s still not great. Even Loki’s slightly over-the-top costume translated better to the screen for me. I actually really loved the WWII costume and I wouldn’t mind if they went back to it.

    • WWII costume was better. way better. this costume looked a lil’ silly on the big screen. especially the mask. i hope they tone down the colors again and give him more of a militant look. or maybe a cap. steve rogers look.

  65. Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    Lotsa fun! I have one detail to point out. When Black Widow was interrogating / charming Loki out of his plan when he was still locked in the glass cell, there was a shot of her from behind, full length, where they used a body double. BW was a lot skinnier in that shot and her ass was very much smaller than Scarlett Johansson ‘s. I happen to be an admirer of her posterior and it’s a good bit wider than in that shot. I just thought it was weird that was done just for that shot since there were plenty of other scenes to compare her booty in. I liked her performance btw, ok she didn’t have the Russian accent, but I really didn’t think she’d be able to muster the gravitas and she did.

    • It looked the same to me as when she was in civi’s and was escorting Banner and Rogers into the Helicarrier’s deck. I even like how she looks back at “Rogers and Banner” very quickly even though the level of her eyes was on the audience.

  66. I walked out of this with the biggest shit-eating grin on my face I’ve ever had in my life. Thanks Joss, thanks Marvel – you made my day.

  67. I got to school the weekend after The Avengers opened and asked my students who had seen the movie. 90% had seen it. There were a few things that I picked up on.

    One, Captain Ametica did not go over well with the younger crowd. One kid said “why was he even there”

    They had no idea who Thanos is. One kid said he was a “space nazi” My response was close enough

    But, other than that they didn’t seem super-excited about the movie … so I made them all pick up rubbish at lunch time

  68. That was the greatest superhero movie I have ever seen. And I’ve seen ’em all. Dark Knight remains my personal favorite, but it’s pretty much apples and oranges. This was superpower comics brought to life. That trailing shot that showed them all paired up in action? I was in awe. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was genuinely giddy throughout acts two and three. What a ride.

    Here’s a question; Did anyone else notice all the mirror shots? There was one in the tent scene between Banner and Romanov, another from the side view of a downed motorcycle of Cap during the Manhattan battle, and I’m sure there were others. It could’ve been a stylistic choice of course, but it seemed like an odd one to me. Almost like they were doing it on purpose. I’m more well versed on DCU than Marvel. Is there any Marvel villain or character who observes through mirrors? Similar to Mirror Master? I was waiting for it to be relevant and was surprised when I realized it wasn’t after the film was over.

    • It’s a superhero movie, they always have those. Duality etc etc etc

    • @ResurrectionFlan: Not buyin it. There’s gotta be a better reason. It was too awkward to be unintentional or simple symbolism.

    • Have you seen the trailer for Ang Lee’s Hulk? That’s like the signature shot. Iron Man has it a bunch also I think when he’s in his lab. They always have it. It’s just kind of a hacky short hand to show there’s two sides to a person and that kind of thing.

    • You don’t need to explain the idea to me. I’m able to grasp the concept of duality in film being represented through the use of mirrors. It’s not an original method, nor is it exclusive to superhero films. I’m asking if there is anyone here who also thought it seemed out of place, and if someone who knows more about Marvel than I do can think of any significance beyond the obvious. It was intended to generate fun discussion and speculation.

    • Throughout Thor and this film Loki has been seen to use mirrors to travel and to see things. Just a thought…

    • I think that has more to do with Whedon than Marvel

    • I think @markish nailed it. I’m pretty sure it was meant to get the idea across that Loki was observing.

    • @markish & halik: Thanks. Good to know.

  69. Most disappointing Stan Lee cameo.

  70. my friend thought Thanos was hellboy i mean really!?! don’t worry i caught him up pretty quickly after that.

  71. Great movie. Funny too. I saw it with a friend who doesn’t like superheromovies, but he enjoyed this greatly.

    Funniest thing in the movie: Hulk punching Thor for no reason at all after a battle with the chitauri

  72. I loved this movie. Thank you marvel, thank you Joss Whedon and thank you everyone else for bringing a childhood (and manhood) fantasy to life.

    Top 5 best things in the movie IMO;
    1. Mark Ruffalo was the best Bruce Banner/Hulk ever and that is high praise!
    2. The humour. Whedon absolutely nailed the right tone of the movie with jokes peppered throughout
    3. IronMan’s character arc. Very well done.
    4. Loki, the Chitari and Thanos. Excellent use of these baddies.
    5. Hellicarrier. I saw the traditional-ish water based carrier and thought to myself, that it makes sense it was the practical movie choice. Then it flew and I giggled like a schoolgirl. That alone was worth the price of admission.

    Top 4 worst things in the movie IMO (things I wish they would have omitted;
    1. Hawkeye’s ” no-look shot during the New York fight
    2. Anytime I saw someone bring a handgun to a Meta-Human fight. Brutal
    3. Captain America’s costume. Got better with helmet/hood off but still was crappy
    4. The “council” and Fury’s bazooka were both cheesy. I get the plot necessity for IronMan vs the Nuke but it could have been better

    • @yyzKyle Everyone I know including myself loved the no look shot! So badass! To each his own though.

    • Downey Jr. played the emotion of that development perfectly. I don’t think there was an actor/actress in that film that didn’t bring their A game to that film.

      As for you worst list:
      1. Loved the no look shot
      2. Most former military I know are trained to go to their sidearm when they’re “out”. Sometimes it was dumb looking but what else were they supposed to do? Would it have been more natural to turn and run away… probably but not everyone has a bad ass Destroyer Gun like Coulson ๐Ÿ˜‰
      3. I liked the costume. I think the Batman costume could be better with some revisions to it similar to the one in The Avengers. The stupid plastic body armor just pains me deeply. Even though Cap’s costume wasn’t “the best” it was grounded in the “real world” a bit and the Kevlar material with places for steel plates underneath looked great. The helmet was also nice in that it was a “mask” version of a “compressed in for space” hockey helmet commonly favored by spec ops teams.
      4. It was certainly a plot necessity but I don’t know what direction they could have gone instead of the council firing a nuke. What would you suggest? (I’m seriously interested not starting a flame war… we’re comic fans what else could have worked for the “ending”?)

  73. Loved Loved Loved this movie. I didn’t want it to end. Everyone was great, but Ruffalo/Hulk, Hiddleston and RDJr really stood out. Perfect blend of humor, action and characterization. I went with a friend who hadn’t seen any previous Marvel movie ( I know, right?!?) and he had no problem following the story or knowing who was who and why they were there. The Thanos reveal at the end went right over his head, though most of the theater applauded loudly. Can’t wait for the special edition podcast on this and to see the movie again.

  74. Took some doing (like a 2,5-hour bus ride to the nearest screening and back), but I finally saw it. And it was totally worth it. I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun. Wish I could go see it again right now. Thanks Joss, I knew you had it in you and now the world knows it too.

    • @TomE sounds like you live in a very tranquil area. Where do you live that you must take a 2.5 hour bus ride, esp that there is even buses to take there? I’m thinking of Into The Wild haha.

  75. I have to go back tonight. I was sitting in front of the most ill-behaved child this side of the gates of a long term care facility, who was just incapable of shutting up. Not in an “I’m so excited” kind of way, which would have been endearing, but in a “look what I can do with my mouth: bababababababababa!!” kind of way. He didn’t know who any of the characters were, which suggests Daddy was one of us, dragging the poor Tasmanian Devil along for the ride. If you’re out there, Daddy, fuck you all the way to hell.

    I think it was awesome. It looked like it was being awesome. I just won’t feel like I really saw it until tonight.

    Do we really want to see a movie about Thanos, though? I read Infinity Gauntlet for the first time just this year, and… well, I’m happy for everyone who has fond memories of it.

    • I bought the trade today as I for some reason have never read it before, scared now Jimski

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      @Roi No worries. It’s quite good.

    • I also did not think Infinity Gauntlet was anything special, everyone else seems to like it though. I just read Secret War today which if I’m being honest was painful to read. i had to force myself through those 12 issues.

    • I think the idea of Thanos and some of the pieces of Infinity Gauntlet work in the movie universe, but I agree that Infinity Gauntlet itself wouldn’t work on the big screen.

    • i just re-read infinity gauntlet after i watched avengers and i think it still holds up, but it would need to be seriously re-written for the movie universe. all of the stuff with the celestial beings would be tough for a movie audience to swallow.

    • Anything else featuring Thanos besides Infinity Gauntlet that’s worth reading?

    • well, i personally enjoy pet avengers where they take on thanos, but not everyone does. that and infinity gauntlet (and the prelude to infinity gauntlet, which i think is called “infinity quest”) are the only thanos series that i’ve read, but i think he’s in every crossover that has the word “infinity” in it. he’s been in some guardians of the galaxy that i’ve been meaning to check out.

    • Well they anit certainly going to go for the FULL Infinity Gauntlet story cause that would mean they would have to introduce every single cosmic entity before the next movie. And if you want to lose your new fanbase in a hurry then I’d suggest introducing ‘ETERNITY’ and see how that works out….

      My initial thoughts are that Thanos is just going to go on a suicide mission trying to invade Asgard. Cause he’ll want the Gauntlet but it’ll be the macguffin for someone to get a good shot to kill him.

  76. Second biggest opening day of all time. I think it’s safe to say Whedon won’t be having any more problems getting his movies and TV shows made anymore.


  78. Can someone clarify Blck Widow’s “red ink”, and “I’ve been compromised”. Comments? I must have missed what that was all about…

    Was there some sort of subplot I missed? Honestly , I was laughing so hard sometimes I missed diolog!

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      She tells Loki that she was a merciless assassin as a youth and that she killed a number of people solely for the money. That was before Hawkeye was sent to kill her. Instead, he recruited her. The red ink she’s referencing are the lives she’s taken prior to her time in SHIELD. The ledger of her soul, basically. She’s wants to make amends for past sins. She plays up her reaction to Loki’s knowledge of her past to get him to talk, but it’s not entirely an act on her part. He really did strike a nerve. She was compromised emotionally.

  79. The more important question regarding the next movie is not Thanos, but… uh… which actor is going to be Starfox?

    He has to be smooth and charming… in a rapey kinda way.

  80. Tonight’s audience would have waited at the stage door for Hulk. As would I have.

  81. Was I the only one expecting Cap to not use a parachute when jumping out of the quinjet? Is it possible if his shield absorbs all vibrations and force to land on that without being hurt? Might be a stupid question but it’s a comic book so I need to know the answer.

    • I thought it was going to be those glider-wing things that SHIELD agents use in the comics. That would have awesome for folks like us. Hilarious for others.

    • I was kind of expecting it too, but here’s my guess – maybe Cap just doesn’t know he can do that yet? Because his war experience was pretty much just a montage in his solo movie, it’s not entirely clear how long Steve has been active as Captain America. And this is definitely his first mission since coming out of the ice, so I think it’s totally possible he’s still never tested the limits of his strength and durability.

    • @JDC Thanks for the reply! Glider wings would have been pretty cool. Hopefully we see them in Cap 2.

      @KenOchalek Thank you as well. I’m really hoping you’re right. Cap got his ass kicked to much in this film. The scene of one soldier pinning him down SF or not was really annoying imo. I hope the Cap sequel expands on both him as a leader as well as displaying his level of power as well.

    • @KenOchalek,

      I actually got the impression that Cap and Iron Man had worked together before. They clearly knew each other, and seemed familiar with each other in action. This came through in the Helicarrier sequence as well, I thought. I got the sense that, just like Hawkeye and Black Widow, these two characters have seen some action together.

    • @bub64882 – Cap does know Stark, his father that is! He was the one that turned puneee Steve into Cap!! Also I am sure that Tony had a lot of info on him thru Shield as well as his own intel.
      Cap did get his ass kicked a lot more than everyone else in this film and somehow that does not make much sense considering Black Widow and Hawkeye were in this film right??
      Still all in all a 9 for a rating on a movie and the title of best team superhero movie ever right now!!


  82. Also, I’m a former film major; I’ve seen thousands of movies. This was truly the best experience I’ve ever had at a movie theater. This is also the first movie I will ever pay to see three times in theaters.

    • Not a film major former or ever but I agree with everything you wrote. I’ve seen it 3 times (paid 2 times) and I’ll see it once more in a local theatre we have in SLC called Brewvies (Beer and Movies… in a theater – with Nachos).

    • @markavo that sounds incredible. I need to research and see if there’s a place like this in Philly. I’m thinking maybe the Rave. Would be cool to go to such a place for a Bond film or the obvious choice Expendables 2.

    • halik. You could try The Bridge at 40th and Walnut. They serve alcohol (including beer). At least they used to, its been awhile since I caught a movie there. Not sure about the nachos.
      This was a very fun film. I had the same feeling walking out of this film that I did with the Star Trek reboot. Just a lot of fun and a desire to see it again. Going to try and catch it again this week.

    • @Phillylawyer96 Can we become best friends? I have been speaking nonstop to my friend about the Star Trek reboot and The Avengers. He’s a huge Trek fan and we can’t decide which film we liked more. I never liked Trek before the reboot but I ended up seeing it twice in theaters, checking out the older tv shows, and it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. I’ll be seeing The Avengers for the third time this week. I cannot wait for the Star Trek sequel as well as The Avengers 2.

  83. Sorry I’m writing so many separate posts. The last thing I wanted to say is I felt Cap got his ass kicked too much. I loved that this got across the idea he doesn’t give up but they made him to underpowered. When he’s on the hellicarrier and one soldier is keeping him from the lever? Come on.

    I felt that a lot of people didn’t like Cap because he seemed useless. He needed to kick more ass. Still he is my favorite and regardless I LOVED him. Chris Evans is very underrated.

  84. Got to see it 2D tonight and while I enjoyed some aspects of the 3D print, the 2D really was cleaner, crisper, and brighter. I missed so, so many Easter eggs on opening night. For example, I totally missed that the facility where the Tesseract is being experimented on is a Project Pegasus facility.

  85. Am I the only one that noticed at the end with the Avengers ~A_ symbol on Stark Tower that the stylized A was hidden right in front of us the entire movie? The first shot is before we even see Stark Tower and Coulson asks Fury, “what do we do?” and the below pops up:

    The Avengers

    Well hidden Joss and what a great way of revealing it to the fans as the “Stark” sign get’s destroyed in the final battle.

    That’s one of the great parts about the movie that all the one liner’s were funny but that also some of them were small foreshadowing to future parts in the film (mostly jokes) but at other time’s great imagery and Marvel history.

    Also, ya’ll did stay for the 2nd “final scene” after the credits right? I had to implore the people around me to sit down again after they thought the Thanos grin was the “final scene”.

    And, In closing, Shawarma anyone?

    • I didn’t find it so subtle, quite annoyingly obvious actually. It will be Stark’s inspiration for a logo as he ties them all together with ID cards and the like.

    • To me that scene says, this is not Stark tower anymore, now it’s Avengers tower.

  86. avengers has officially made over $200mil in its opening weekend, the biggest opening weekend of any movie ever. i like to see a good movie doing well. i had assumed that dark knight rises would make more than avengers, but now i’m not so sure.

    • I was just about to post this. See you got it covered. I saw it 4 times so some of the money is mine… lol. Ok I paid to watch it 3 times. The other time I had a free pass. Still go Avengers.

    • yeah they’ll be getting another $15 from me next weekend

  87. My first thought as the Helicarrier launched – no wonder they need an unlimited power source.

  88. For the sequel…

    I’m thinking Kree-Skrull War with Thanos at the helm? Did anyone else get a Ronin the Accuser vibe from “The Other”?

  89. So amazing. I can’t wait to go see it again next weekend. I had a jackassian grin on my face the whole movie. And Thanos popping up at the end blew me away. That’s not a face I ever would have expected on the big screen. If they break him out for the next Avengers flick, how the hell are they going to top that for a third?

    It got me thinking about how they could introduce the Masters of Evil about the same way they have the Avengers. Introduce a villain in each of the stand-alone movies – Enchantress in Thor, Zemo in Cap, we already have Abomination from Hulk, etc. – then they all pull together in an Avengers movie.

  90. Am I the only one who though it was a Skrull at the end? Dem Chins man, dem chins.

  91. I see people disappointed by no “Assemble” line, but what I missed was that Hawkeye never got a chance to call Cap “Methuselah.”

  92. When Coulson got shot a little boy started crying and I was getting annoyed. The mom of the little boy lied to him and told him he was alive. That 6 year old was too young to be in there. That’s the proplem with marvel. They advertise toys for young kids so the parents think the movie is ok for the child. Marvel should not make Captain America shields and Hulk gloves and Iron Man masks because things like this happen.

    • How do you know Mom was lying? This is super-heroes after all!

      And furthermore, I think there were 35 year olds in my audience who had the same reaction that moment.

    • What you experienced was the mother’s fault. It was not at all Marvel’s fault. The kid was six. The movie was rated PG-13. They warned her, and she ignored it. But by all means, let’s not blame people who ignore suggestions and take kids to something that they can’t handle, and place the blame squarely where it belongs, with the evil corporations trying to make money. Those evil bastards!


    • I get that it’s the moms fault but she may have thought it was ok even if it was PG-13 because of the Avengers toys. It’s just like the Iron Man Burger-King toys. They get the Happy Meal toy then want to see the movie and when they see it they see the Tony Stark/random girl sex scene

    • Damn you Marvel. Were it not for your incessant need to make an awesome movie that appealed to all ages, I would be able to enjoy your film in peace in an empty theater free of stupid children.

    • @Runaway13; But that is exactly what I mean. She ignored the rating. It’s not Marvel’s fault at all. PG-13 can mean violence and blood, all curse words except for the ‘C-word’ and the ‘F-word’, sex, and butts and breasts. What she thought as a result of marketing only supports the position that she; a) couldn’t be bothered to look at actual relevant evidence, or b) she put her willingness to see the movie above the emotional maturity level of the child. She chose to ignore that and your scorn should have been directed at her, not at Marvel.

      By the same token, if it was 20 years ago, when McDonald’s was selling Jurassic Park happy meals, it didn’t mean that the lawyer wasn’t going to be eaten by the T-Rex, the hunter wasn’t going to be eaten by the ‘raptors, and ‘Neuman’ wasn’t going to get his face ripped off by whatever that thing was. PG-13 is PG-13. Whether someone is getting their heart ripped out of their chest in Indiana Jones 2, or they fire an old lady out of a window to her death in Gremlins.

      The rating should supersede any marketing tie in. Ignorance is never a sufficient excuse.

    • I was in South Carolina and behind me in the packed theater was family with 2 four year old kids and then another family with 1 two year old.

      I understand kids love Iron Man and Captain America but even with adults I don’t approve of kids that age watching it. Maybe a couple more years and then let them see it. (Especially since this movie surprisingly had a lot of death involved)

    • You know, I was surprised that they got away with having Loki use the word “quim” in the movie.

  93. What about all of the 5 or 6 year old kids (and older) who can handle this movie and want to get the toys and costumes. Sorry you had a bad experience, but you can’t punish everyone because one kid went to a movie he couldn’t handle.

    • Agreed. I was going to make a joke, but I know everyone would get all PC on me for calling a six year old names.

  94. I am very glad to have seen the movie in a packed theatre. I enjoyed the movie a ton. Hulk and Cap were great!

    I loved all the ifanboy comments, and Conor’s review.

    I am now going to listen to NPR Fresh Air’s review.

  95. Well I was on vacation with no internet so I couldn’t comment on here the day it came out. But pretty much you guys put down all of the fantastic things I loved about this movie.

    The writing was ‘A+++’ and Whedon just did a fantastic job with this movie. This movie never let up and it never felt like a 2 and 1/2 hour movie. It was also surprisingly funny to the point where I thought this was going to be a full blown comedy. Just a surprise to me because outside of Iron Man all of these Marvel films have been somewhat more serious. The actors did a fantastic job and I swear Tom Hiddleston, outside of Heath Ledger as Joker, is the best comic book villain with Loki. He stole the movie for me….then Mark Ruffalo stole it….and then RDJ had a funny line….Basically everyone had their moment in the sun which was great. I wasn’t sure about Black Widow or Hawkeye going in but Whedon shut me up on that.

    The only nitpick I can give, and it doesn’t effect my overall feelings would be: I wish there was a quick scene of Thor contemplating about going back to Earth. Cause while Hemsworth did a great job, I felt like Whedon didn’t do the best job of introducing him into the movie. Especially since, I thought anyways, that the end of Thor spelled out he couldn’t return to Earth so easily….But no he shows up out of now here and finds Loki pretty easily. Maybe they couldn’t afford the budget to do Asgard but something other then a throwaway line by Thor on how he came back would have been nice.

    I don’t know if this is better then The Dark Knight on the basis of being a film because Nolan does such a fantastic job going into the mind of the superhero and villain in that movie. But on the basis of pure fun and hilarity I would give this the nod. The build up was long with this movie but it was so, so worth it.

    (Also, I want more of The Avengers eating awkwardly with each other)


    • I liked the way Thor entered the story, but I agree that the film kind of glosses over how he gets back to Earth. Loki did have a line that kind of addressed it, “how much dark energy did Odin use up to get you here?” or something like that.

      And even though the Bifrost Bridge was broken, the Thor film hinted that there were other methods of reaching Earth.

      I saw Avengers again this morning (in 3D again). I still really liked it, but there was definitely something more magical about seeing it at a midnight screening after marathoning all the other Marvel movies in the same day.

  96. I really liked the movie. There is a reason Marvel’s movies are awesome, for the most part, and a lot of DC’s aren’t. Marvel had it right the first time. This is The Avengers as they were in the comic, if anything this movie is faithful to the spirit of Marvel comics, the emphasis on character and action as opposed to other things. The Avengers were nothing like the Justice League. They were togather because why wouldn’t they? Wheras the Avengers were togather because someone had to do something, and they didn’t always like each other. This has held through out the years. Even now DC can’t get the Justice League to work and Marvel can invent Avenger title after Avenger title without running out of steam.

    • True… the Avengers often fought with each other. There was love there sure but people fought about as much as the X-men (or should I say all the X-men at some point vs Wolverine)

  97. At my screening, my friend and I were the only ones laughing when Tony called Thor “Point Break”. I guess that reference doesn’t resonate with 6 year olds and the elderly, which was the majority of the 3:40PM Saturday viewing audience.

  98. I LOVED the movie. I had to contain all my giddiness from the awesomeness of the film afterwards. I didn’t want to totally lose it and overly geek out over all my non-comic friends. I’m definitely seeing this in IMAX 3D later on.

    I loved the fight scene in the third act. The entire battle took place RIGHT in front of my office building near Grand Central Terminal. In fact, while they were filming it, a lot of coworkers saw the set.

    Small audience annoyance though, at the end for the Thanos reveal, the guy behind me kept on saying really loudly, “Oh my God! It’s the Skrulls!” The guy kept on yelling that until I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled, “IT’S THANOS, NOT THE SKRULLS!”

    Anyone else impressed how they avoided that legal snafu with being unable to use ‘Skrull’ due to Fox’s licensing? Chitauri – very cleverly played, Ultimate Marvel-verse.

    • I don’t really get the obsession with Skrulls that some people have. They’re fun, but probably the least interesting aliens in the Marvel U, and they’ll be the easiest to pull off whenever they do eventually make it into a movie.

  99. Everyone keeps saying Thanos will be in Thor 2 and not Avengers 2. Anyone on here believe that’s the case? Two side notes. Do you think Coulson was a life model decoy the entire time, or just in when he was “killed”? Lastly, AICN teased a possible Antman solo movie is very close. While I’d like to say it wouldn’t work, anything is possible.

    • well, i guess that the infinity gauntlet is in the room o’ magic items in asgard, so i guess that it would make sense for thanos to show up in thor 2. the only other thor villain i might use other than loki is the enchantress. but if i were writing the movie i’d use beta ray bill (i might be alone with that one).

  100. lmfao… My Loki Hulk line got taking down. I will use that line tho. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. Avatar photo ryankent160 (@ryankent160) says:

    Wikipedia says that Loki’s staff is powered by the blue infinity gem.

  102. I finally saw this on Friday night 11:35 and I do not know if I was tired or the overly hyped “This is the greatest superhero movie of all time” or whatever but; I liked the movie and thought for a team super hero movie yes it is the best right now. I had a long day and was very tired and when I left the theater I realized that at no point did I get the goose bumps or shed a tear. I usually get so fired up while I am watching a movie with super heroes I get goose bumps or get teary eyed because it takes me back to when I was younger and read comic books and dreamed of the day I would see them on the big screen.
    Now from a scale of 1-10 on movies of all time I will give this a 9, and that is pretty damn good in my book just not over the top. I thought the action, fight scenes were awesome; some of the best I have ever seen!! I just thought at some parts I was expecting something more and it just never came to be, like the Black Window going to find The Hulk and how that all went down. Just left a lot on the table there and almost made me angry and I wanted to smash things and the only reason I made it through that was Scarlet is just such a beautiful woman and can really take a scene away just with her beauty. Hawkeye being possesed through the first part of the movie and really not wearing any kind of costume in comparison to the others was ahhhhhh.
    That was very nit-picky I know, thats just how I felt at that time and lack of sleep may have had a lot to do with it! There were just a few comics I wanted in my life to make it to the big screen and this was one of them and it was done very well, now I hope the JLA, The Flash and Deadpool all hit the big time. I will be going to see this again in regular format on Wednesday night so maybe my opinion will change.


  103. Busy weekend, finally got to see it last night. GREATLY exceeded my expectations. I’ve spent most of today doing my part to keep the industry afloat by buying a ton of trades. I’d been reading mostly prose books lately. This movie made me want to read a fun, action-packed traditional comic. If it didn’t make you want to do the same, you must not be a comics fan. Such a blast! Can’t wait to see it many more times.

  104. Best comic book movie ever. By a long shot. I fail at understanding how anyone can think differently.

    The only bad side for me was the idiot fanbois in front of me who had to laugh loudly and fakely at everything that happened as if to show that he understood all the Easter eggs and obscure references. I wanted to slap him.

    You know, I don’t think any Marvel movie can top this. There is never going to be a “first time” in film that shows Thor uppercutting the Hulk with his hammer. Joss really did a fantastic job at showing us exactly what every fan of comics has been waiting to see for decades.

    The other great moment was when Joss set us all up with the huge monster swimming out of the portal and everyone in the theater thinking “Wow, that’s the big bad. That’s going to take all their combined power to stop.”

    And then Hulk kills it in one punch.

    The theater exploded.

  105. Just a couple things about the best fun superhero film(Dark Knight is best serious film IMO):

    -would have liked Cap and Thor to smile at “Are you getting tired?” line
    -best Hulk on screen big or small
    -thought Black Widow was going to be superfluous and she wasn’t
    -missed the ‘puny god’ line because of the laughter too
    -could have done without the “only one god” line and the cape part of the line would’ve been funnier
    -close second to the Hulk scenes are the ones with Cap ordering everyone around towards the end.
    -the simple intro of Hank Pym in this would’ve opened up 1.Ultron. 2.Wasp 3.Vision 4.Giantman/Goliath and 5. Ant-man; he has to be in the next film.

  106. This was by far the best midnight showing I’ve ever gone too. People cheered, laughed, gasped, and there was even absolute silence when Coulson died. It was almost eerie!

  107. Fairly certain its clear it will be Avengers Tower. at the end when they do the pull away shot of Tony and Pepper they are looking at different digital files with a shield and other various logos and when he opens the one with the sheild part of the tower turns blue and red. I highly doubt thats a coincidence.
    Also i heard the Thor 2= cosmic or “other realms” exploration and with Thanos in Avengers i cant help but think that the link to Avengers 2 will be Thor 2 and the Gauntlet being in the trophy room. Maybe Thor needs to use it to travel to the other realms for some reason or to fight something or someone i dont know. thats just my addition to the theory.

  108. This thread may have settled down, but I had a thought immediately after the movie and my immediate friends did not go along with me on this. I instead put it to you, the iFanbase. I think the story clearly implied but not said out loud by the movie is Loki’s big plan, a plan that succeeded. One of the critiques of the movie is that Loki’s plan and motivation is ultimately very simple: Open a portal to alien realm and rule the Earth with an army. I don’t think that’s what was being portrayed. Loki seems initially to be kind of scared of the Chitauri. Later, when he’s saying to some of the Avengers, “You have no idea what you’re up against” it’s almost as if he’s pleading with them to get their act together.

    I propose that Loki’s story we don’t see goes like this: Loki falls from the Bifrost at the end of Thor and meanders through the cosmos until he lands in Chitauri space. He recognizes that their technology is connected to the Cosmic Cube, which he may know is on Earth. Or perhaps he discovers it by astral-projecting himself through the Cube or to near the Cube through Dr. Erik Selvig (as we see at the end of Thor). The point is, he makes a deal with the Chitauri, and maybe Thanos, to get them what they want. Then he goes about his plan and enters Earth. He recruits people and goes about his plan, but seems to be stalling the Chitauri. Then he makes a plan to disassemble the Avengers before they ever get together. Presumably this is because he’s afraid that they’re the ones who can stop him. His disassembling plan goes horribly awry as its the one thing that gets them together to fight as a team. In the end, the Chitari are defeated and Loki goes with Thor to Asgard, his home. I think Loki’s plan all along was to get home. He makes a deal with the Chitauri to get to Earth. Then he arranges it on Earth so that the Avengers are assembled to stop the Chitauri and in the end, he gets to go home and undoes whatever deal he had to make with the Chitauri. For Loki, it’s a Win-Win.

    Consider the following: Loki’s plan in Thor is more complex and involves deals and double-crossing. Specifically how Loki dealt with the Ice Giants. Loki, in Thor, didn’t care about Earth. He found it useless. He wanted to rule Asgard, which he genuinely seemed to see as his home. If we consider that this is the same Loki, then I think we have a situation where Loki was seeming to covet Earth to pull off his plan of getting back home to Asgard. Also consider that he appears to be afraid of and stalling the Chitauri in the beginning. Then consider that he at times seems to be desperate for the Avengers to up their game to face what’s to come.

    I seem to be alone in this assessment, however.

    • I choose to believe this is true, regardless of the truth. Would have made a much better credits reveal than thanos. Would also work in Thor 2, except there is no way Loki will be the villain in that.

  109. I loved the movie but I see a flaw in the next one already. I think the thing that made this work was Loki as the villain with his relation to Thor. It made the drama in some way related to the team and helped connect all the dots together.

    I can’t help feeling they put thanos in this movie as a cock block to dc if they were ever to make a JLA movie and want to use darksied. Now DC kinda can’t because the two characters are so similar I’m appearance and motivation. It would look like copying the other guys and no one wants to see a knock off when they can get the real thing. ( funny thing is in the comics this whole thing is reversed, but marvel got out the gate before the WB could get its pants on.) good for marvel but it’s sad in a way because darksied and apocalypse would have been amazing to see realized, and I thing is more compelling than thanos.

    Thanos has very little tying himself to this universe that is being built and to tell his story you have to pull away from other great avengers things with no gain to the universe they are buliding. He’s a powerful bad guy, but less meaningful than ulitron ( if you do ulitron you can do vision, hank Pym and wasp ) the masters of evil ( wonder man, general character development from having to fight nemesis and it’d be easy to build that with the other sequel films being made.) AIM would be cool to see if only to see Hollywood try and do MODAK. Point being I don’t see Thanos adding anything to this story outside of being a powerful bad guy who prevents us from seeing a more menacing bad guy from another company.

    I want better than Thanos.

  110. I think Captain America is the best because i want to be a solder when i grow up i know i am not going to get a very cool shield but that is OK i do know I’m going to get some very cool guns though.My next favorite would be Iron man because he has a huge tower in New york and has a very cool suit and he also get’s to shoot lasers from it.My next favorite would be Thor because there was a funny role and it was Black widow said your brother has killed 82 people in a day then Thor said he was adopted so ya .My next favorite would be the hulk because there was this other funny role just and it was they took down one of those big flying things and right after they took it down the hulk punched Thor so ya again.My next favorite would be Hawk eye because i just love how he has those explosive arrows because it’s just like beep beep beep boom ya you know so ya.My last favorite would be Black widow because all she has is a pistol and like the fists of fury and fury is there commander’s name and that is it so ya and that was 6 avengers by the way in this huge paragraph.

    • This is my new favorite post of all time. However, while I agree with Iron Man’s placement (and the reason for it), I think you are being unfair to Black Widow who is my favorite.

  111. above Burritoclock i am a boy not a man an i don’t care about what i said about Black widow

  112. Something’s been bugging me, a line that I think was a call-out to Iron Fist. Something when Tony and Banner are going back and forth in the conference room when they all first meet, around the time of Tony’s “Was I the only one who did the reading?” line. I could have sworn that between the two of them, either Banner or Tony said something about having enough force or power to break through the K’un Lun barrier. Anyone else catch that?

  113. I like team comics, Avengers being one of them. I don’t think there is anything left to say about how good this movie was, but I’ll give it a try.
    TA movie made me like my least favorite characters from comics>>Captain America,Thor – not really a least favorite, and it felt like he had the least screen time, in a way, I thought Hawkeye and Black Widow were going to be the odd ones but they actually did good despite Hawkeye and BW looking odd in the trailers. My gripe with Hawkeye (another favorite from the books) not in his comic costume has diminished (would have been cool to see tho).
    Hulk ruled or smashed, best actor as Banner, forget what came before.

    Was there any flaws in this movie????? Hmmm…..Well Thanos looked a bit cartoony at the end there….

  114. Okay I FINALLY saw it tonight!!! Dang kids dance and soccer and horse riding kept me away for two weeks.

    I can’t believe how awesome this movie really was! Tons of awesome character moments, all the marvel movies tie in beautifully, insanely fun action scenes and great comedy.

    I loved the whole thing from beginning to end. Just a perfect movie for a fan of the Avengers, and any comic book fan should love this movie.