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Trailer: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Looks Verily Dark Indeed

I’d go to Idris Elba for advice too.

SDCC 2013: Couldn’t Make It Into Hall H? Watch the Video of the Batman/Superman Announcement & The Entire Marvel Studios Panel

Why sleep on the sidewalk and forgo showers when you can just watch the video a few days later?

Trailer: ‘Thor: The Dark World’


Help Loki Choose the Winner of Mighty Fine Tees’ Marvel Villain Design Contest!

These villains would happily steal your shirt off your back, so you should probably stock up.

‘Marvel’s The Avengers’

Your place to talk about the most superhero packed summer movie ever!

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ (No Spoilers)

Four years in the making… it’s time to assemble!