Help Loki Choose the Winner of Mighty Fine Tees’ Marvel Villain Design Contest!

Loki isn’t just a god of mischief. He’s also something of a fiendish fashionista. Over the next few weeks you can help the man behind Marvel Studio’s biggest screen villain select the winner in Mighty Fine Tees’ Marvel Villain Design Contest! That’s right, Tom Hiddleston himself will be serving as a judge in this gallery of rogues! Rate your favorites by August 10th!

Given enough ratings, the winning designer could walk away with $2500.

The turnout on this one was immense, with pages and pages and pages of competitive designs. While Loki himself might be the most popular subject matter, you’ll also find a lot of Dark Phoenix, Mystique, Doctor Doom, Red Skull and we even saw a Sauron in there.

Here’s just a small sampling of the designs vying for the top spot:

Get voting!


  1. Here’s hoping that Thanos one is the winner. Just fun wrapped in 100% cotton! gotta get one

  2. Some of those Dark Phoenix designs are great!

  3. A lot of these are great.

  4. I think the Sauron one is my favorite, actually. I like how the wings frame his name.