Trailer: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Looks Verily Dark Indeed

The summer movie season wanes, but verily we roll along to the bounties of winter. The champion of Asgard returns to us as faithfully as mighty Mjolnir hurled and recalled to his divine hand.

Today we get our next glimpse at Thor: The Dark World, featuring an unlikely pact with the traitorous Loki, the good counsel of Idris Elba’s all-seeing Heimdal, and a fantastical world plunged into war by Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor.

Let’s take a look.

Thor: The Dark World seeks worthy opponents starting November 8th.


  1. I’d watch this movie.

  2. Rene Russo fight scene!

  3. I loved the fist Thor movie. I am not a huge Thor fan, so I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I am not sure about this trailer, though. I don’t get what the villain/threat is supposed to be. Is it the nothingness that existed before the wold is coming back? I thought it could have been clearer. Still, it looks good regardless.

  4. Kronan? Was that a Stone Man from Saturn?

  5. Looks very cool. The design of Asgard is really interesting

  6. Kinda Sad they gave away that gag at the end. Would have been fun at the theaters to see

  7. That looks great.

    My only minor gripe is I wish they didn’t rely so heavily on the “magic is just really advanced technology” idea. It would be nice if it skewed more towards the fantasy and less Asgard being attacked by space ships. That said its a minor gripe and isn’t going to run my excitement for this.

  8. Is it just me, or does it feel like Hemsworth isn’t really trying in these shots? I don’t know, it’s a trailer and not much else but he comes across so stiff/wooden in both so far.

    Maybe I’m just so bummed from the ‘blah’ of Iron Man 3 I’m worried the next series of sequels will equally disappoint me. I don’t want that to happen so I’m trying to stay positive here.

  9. I wasn’t excited about seeing this until I saw this trailer. Now I am. Job done.

  10. That’s a great trailer!

    I could watch Hiddleston’s Loki all day. I’m glad they’re not reusing him in Avengers, but I hope he continues to shine in the Thor movies. The guy is good.

    The first one was lukewarm for me, but this looks more my style. Looking forward to it.

    • I agree. As excited as I am to see Hiddleston again in a Thor fim, I’m glad that Marvel isn’t trying to shoe-horn him into everything . . .

  11. Yes, please.

  12. This looks RAD! Before the first movie I didn’t consider myself much of a Thor fan, but I can’t wait for this one. As a bonus it comes out the week of my birthday, so I don’t have to worry about plans, I’m going to see Thor!

  13. I think my wife will enjoy this very much.

    Should be a fun theatrical experience.

  14. Chalk me up to a Thor convert after the first movie. I really enjoyed it, and this looks great too. See you at the multiplex!

  15. Really looking forward to this, & Winter Soldier too. Fingers crossed!

  16. Well, I’m jazzed for this. Can it be November already? I want my Thor, Doctor Who 50th and JFK retrospectives, dammit!

  17. looking gooooooood

  18. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Much better trailer. Very much looking forward to this!

  19. I was mixed on the first Thor film, but have really liked what I’ve seen from these trailers. The design has definitely improved. Plus, it looks like Sif might actually have something to do in this film. And, yeah, of course, Hiddleston looks great again . . .

    Looking forward to this.

  20. A STONE MAN FROM SATURN! That is a pretty excellent nod to the old comics, wish they didn’t spoil that moment in the trailer though.

    I’m looking forward to this, but the trailer doesn’t do such a great job of letting you know about the threat. Between this and the trailer, it’s like Malekith is a non-entity. Not sure if that’s just the studio trying to upsell Loki (i mean, he is the most charismatic actor in the cast by far) or if the actual plot/threat is too weak to sell.

    Smart move pulling the ol’ switcheroo on the fish out of water trope. Jane in Asgard could be fun.
    High hopes.

    • Or they could be trying not spoil the plot for us. Personally, I’m glad that they haven’t revealed much about the actual storyline. Though, yeah, ruining the Stone Man gag is a shame . . .

  21. I can’t wait to see this. Thor is my favorite character. The only thing I am not really excited about is the recasting of Fandral.

  22. Looks awesome! I’m still lukewarm on Natalie Portman as Jane though. I wish they’d cast an up and coming actress in the first movie. I know they needed star power but I can’t separate her from her other movies. Black Swan!