Trailer: ‘Thor: The Dark World’

On November 8th we return to the loving embrace of the Odinson with Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.


This morning we have our first official look at the sequel which sees the reunion of the mighty Avenger (Chris Hemsworth) and the earthly scientist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Jane sees Asgard for the first time, but the trip is far more fateful than charming. Such is the plight of the Nine Realms that by trailer’s end, Thor seeks aid from a very unlikely source.

Let’s watch!

You can also watch it in Quicktime here.

I’m one of those odd people who enjoys Thor over all other pre-Avengers Phase One features. I’d been trembling with anticipation all weekend knowing this one was on its way, and Game of Thrones stallwart Alan Taylor refuses to disappoint. This looks absolutely tremendous.



  1. not so great….. but I’ll still watch it.

  2. Hope the next trailer is better…

  3. Loki! That is all.

  4. I didn’t really dig the first Thor film, had many problems with it. This feels like a course correction, for one thing looks a bit more expensive, which is a good thing and a fare amount of the battles looks like people in suits and not CGI, also a plus. And MAJOR improvement in the cinematography department, it’s not all High-key. So basically what I’m saying is this actually looks like a movie, and I’m all for that.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Yes. Even though I really enjoyed the original, I won’t hesitate to admit it looked pretty low rent. This definitely looks like a step up. A true Asgardian production. Alan Taylor may be a TV director, but he does some of the best in TV. Thrilled to see even a hint at this level of production value.

    • I actually like the way the first Thor looked. It set it apart from the other Marvel films which I thought made sense given its setting.

    • One of my biggest complaints about the first Thor was the art design — it looked like a low rent imitation of Lord of the Rings. This definitely looks better . . .

  5. I’ve pretty much given up on Iron Man (As much as I like RDJ, I can’t stand Tony Stark as a hero) and my excitment for Winter Soldier has waned quite a bit. Thor’s pretty much all I care about as far as the Avenger movies go. This teaser is good, not great, but it’s a good place to start.

    • Yeah I kind of agree about Iron Man. From the new preview it almost seems like they are making Tony too snarky. I know everyone is excited about Shane Black but Kiss Kiss Bang Bang didn’t really do much for me. I’m reserving judgement until I see the movie but my excitement for Thor is much higher.

  6. I love the first film, and I can’t wait to return to Asgard.

    This trailer reminds me a lot of the first Star Trek Into Darkness teaser. This is not a bad thing.

  7. This looks great! They seem to have figured out how to set the story in a space that looks ancient and mysterious instead of silly and fanciful. Reminds me of Curse of the Golden Flower.

  8. I didn’t have much hope for the first Thor film and ended up really liking it, so I’m looking forward to this and it looks pretty good. Plus Natalie Portman is in it.

  9. With all the screen time London gets I still think it should be titled ‘Thor 2 :Thor blimey’.

    Irrelevant factoid, the bits of London getting a pasting at 0:30 is Old Greenwich Naval College just round the corner from my house meaning last summer I got to see bits of the set, kind of curious to see it in on screen.

  10. Definitely just went up a notch on my “must see” summer movie list. But Man of Steel still holds my number one spot.

  11. I’ve always been a fairweather Thor fan, and the first film was probably my least favorite of the solo flicks. One of the things that just didn’t jive with me was the lighter tone. I’ve heard it argued that they were trying to keep it “fun” in an effort to make the source material a little more palatable ot the uninitiated. Which is all well and good, but personally I like my Thor a little more bloody, a little more epic. More Straczynski/Aaron than Mighty Avenger.

    This trailer suggests a dramatic shift in tone, presenting an atmosphere that lives up to its title. Too early to tell if that’s what I was hoping for, but it’s a start. I do hope they keep the Kirbyesque aesthetics in the Asgard design, both for consistency reasons and because I really dug the look. With Taylor at the helm, I’m confident that we’re gonna get some pretty epic set peices at the very least. Hemworth’s Thor and Hiddleston’s Loki are both charming enough to carry us the rest of the way.

    After Man of Steel last week, the next trailer I saw was bound to leave me underwhelmed. Still, we’re getting another Thor movie, and that’s awesome.

  12. Cool, but Man Of Steel stole this trailer’s Thunder. 😉

  13. Hey Paul, I see it the same way! I think Thor is Marvels best movie, thus far! I even liked it more than Avengers AND I was originally dead set against watching Thor, because I always hated the character. I entered the theatre with zero expectations and left it being a big Thor fan! I ordered Walt Simonsons and JMS Thor omnibi the next day and haven’t looked back since. Now, Thor is my favorite Marvel hero, next to Daredevil!
    So, long story short… I loved Thor (and Hemsworth in the role!) and look forward to the next one! Not as much as I look forward to Man Of Steel, though… I’m a DC guy, first.

  14. Funny… although I am a Superman fan deep within my bones, this trailer has me more excited than the Man o’ Steel one.

    Got tingles at the end. No joke.

  15. Might still be a good movie, but that was a lame trailer, outside of some Sif v. Portman jealously nothing was really clear plot wise. I expect the next trailer, sometime in July I would bet, to be EPIC!

  16. That last scene, oh man. YES!

  17. This looks pretty rad. Really enjoyed the heck out of the first one, and this one looks to be quite epic in scope. Should hopefully be a fun time at the cinema.

  18. I’m all for it! Love it!

  19. A lot of negative nancies on here today!

    That trailer was great! It showed off a darker tone, some cool looking battles, the evil elves, London getting messed up and the fact that Loki is in the movie! What more do you want from a first trailer?

    Save the plot details for the next trailer.

    • Hell, save the plot details for the film itself. How much do we really want to know beforehand anyway? I know that I’ve stopped watching trailers for Star Trek & Iron Man for this very reason . . .

  20. I like it! But why is Thor taking Fin Fang Foom to Asgard?

  21. I can’t possibly see what anybody is complaining about in this trailer, it looks great. If it is not as great as Superman, that does not mean it’s not good, just the trailer for Superman looks incredible.

  22. I impatiently await the inevitable marriage of this video to a suitably epic heavy metal track.

  23. I totally agree with Paul that Thor was my favourite of the first wave, too. I think the first Thor film was the way it was, to help show off Thor’s world, but mainly anchor him with our own/the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe. They’re definitely giving him room to breathe, plus a bigger budget, and I’d say, much like any big film like this, we’re going to see a LOT more great footage as the release gets closer, and the CG gets more completed.

    I’m thoroughly excited for this film. It’s my most anticipated of the Marvel movies, after Avengers 2, and followed up by Guardians Of The Galaxy. I don’t really know what Loki’s going to be up to in this, but I guess that’s one of the characters’ main traits, but I like that we’re seeing Thor’s maturity grow through these films. They’re hinting at the love triangle with Sif in this, which could be interesting. I just can’t wait to see more of Elba; and Hopkins on Asgard,

  24. Sif appears to be giving Jane the old “No she di’nt!”

    Hoping Jane is more than a girl hostage, as the trailer sort of implies. But it looks really nice, they definitely got a nicer budget for this one.

  25. So what is the threat in this one?

  26. Love Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin!! Hemsworth was born to play him.
    Would it KILL him to wear a winged silver helmet tho?

    • Hey they had the helmet in the first one for a second and it looked pretty cool. Maybe they’ll bring it back. it might be in a scene they can’t show in the trailer or haven’t finished tinkering with yet.

  27. As someone who was mixed on the first Thor film, I was pretty impressed by this trailer. They seem to be taking a new, better direction. More time on Asgard is great. I was leery of more Loki (as wonderful as Hiddleston is in the role), but the untrustworthy ally does have a lot of potential. And I will say that Hemsworth continues to grow on me. Wish we could ditch Portman, but I know that I’m in the minority in finding her overrated . . .

    So, I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to looking forward to the film.

    Oh, and, if we could give Sif (and The Warriors Three) something meaningful to do this time around that would be great . . .

  28. Well I’m excited to see this but the trailer didn’t wow me. Put it this way: ALL of the Man of Steel trailers have made me stoked for the film. This just peaked my interest but didn’t make me think about it way past viewing it.

    The ‘No!” Hemsworth dishes out at the end is probably the weakest I’ve ever heard.