SDCC 2013: Couldn’t Make It Into Hall H? Watch the Video of the Batman/Superman Announcement & The Entire Marvel Studios Panel

Hall H. Just saying it out loud makes me shudder. For the brave few who are willing to sleep on a sidewalk and pee in a bottle, entering that fabled room at San Diego Comic-Con is the ultimate reward. There they will glimpse their favorite movie stars talking about their favorite movies and perhaps be the first to hear breaking news.

The rest of us? We’ll watch on YouTube a few days later.

Here’s a video showcasing what was decidedly the big news of Comic-Con, the announcement that the sequel to Man of Steel will feature Batman:

Next we have probably the most anticipated panel at Hall H: the Marvel Studios panel. Featuring the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and more. It had just about all the Marvel Studios star power you can have on one stage in a year that doesn’t include an Avengers film. It did have Loki, though:



  1. Um yeah, I would much rather just watch the video a few days later rather than pee in a bottle waiting in line. That is crazy.

  2. The Loki video is awesome.

    This Grantland article also has a number of videos, including a great one with the MASSIVE X-Men days of future past cast.

  3. Is there a Batman panel video anywhere?

  4. I only had time to watch the Batman/Superman video, but that was really cool. I would’ve been screaming like a madman as soon as that first line was out of Lennix’s mouth. What a cool way to make that announcement.

    Looking forward to the Marvel Studios video.

    Thanks for these, guys.

  5. My days of peeing in bottles are far behind me. HA. Bringing out Loki for that crowd was a nice touch and Hiddleston looks like he’s enjoying every second of it.

    The Batman and Supes video is cool and all, but the panel on celebrating 75 years of Superman was much better.

  6. Fun stuff! I know my gf would have gone Bat-shit crazy when Loki came out! I’m debating on whether or not I should show her this…

  7. Is the GOTG footage included in this vid?