JONAH HEX Trailer Finally Hits


This is probably the one comic book movie this year that I'm the most… excited/worried/apprehensive about. Okay, we've known for a while that they were going to add a supernatural elemtn to this story (because who needs a straight-up western, right?) and there it is in the trailer — he touches some dude who looks badly hurt or even dead and the dude heals — but it is very much underplayed. The good news? It looks like Josh Brolin absolutely nails Hex. The scene where he shoots the guy in the bar looks perfect.

The cast is strong and if I go in knowing that this isn't going to exactly be the Hex I know and love from the current series, I think I will probably have a lot of fun with this.


  1. Looks like fun!

  2. Sorry fellas, this looks like a terrible stew of mis-matched ideas – horror/steampunk/western = disaster. 

  3. Looks like a fun flick. Should be good.

  4. OMG, teh horse have chaingun!!

    Can’t wait to not watch it. It honestly looks worse than I thought it would.

  5. "cut myself shaving" 

    love it! 

  6. Jonah Hex can’t bring the dead back to life, he can only make things more deader.

  7. I was just thinking about this movie today and wondered why I haven’t seen more from it. Glad to sete trailer is finally out! Can’t wait to see it!

  8. Not digging the supernatural stuff but still looks entertaining.  As a Hex fan I have to see it.

  9. Read some advance reviews, they are all negative. Yeah, I’m not watching this movie.

  10. This is going to be terrible. Why couldn’t they have just done a normal western, Jonah Hex is interesting enough without any of the supernatural touch of life crap. This sucks.

  11. Looks like the weapons he’s packing are far more ridculous then you would expect in a typical western so it hat me at horse drawn double chaingun but the supernatural thing has me apprehensive i’m not even a huge western fan and i’m with conner on being a little annoyed by this addition

  12. I don’t know what to think. May be okay, may be really bad.

  13. Looks like they added some Pushing Daisies into Jonah Hex.

  14. Kind of wish that Jonah Hex was not Ghost Rider. I love the comic book, huge fan of Palmioti and Gray’s Jonah … this does not look like their Jonah Hex. We’ll I guess …

  15. I’m disappointed to see the supernatural side of this movie (I had no idea it was going to be in it).  It looks fun, but it totally doesn’t fit the character at all.  A straight up western with that dry humor (like the bar scene) would have been awesome.

  16. hex has super powers?

  17. Looks okay; maybe if I read more of the book I’ll be inclined to see it.

  18. the supernatural and over-the-top action stuff worries me. the stuff thats pretty much just straigh Hex has me excited.

  19. There is absolutely no reason to give Hex powers.

  20. Oh.

    wow, okay, I knew they did massive reshoots with a new director, but I guess I missed the bit with the supernatural elements. Until now. From what I can see, the straightforward Western character-based stuff that actually seems pretty entertaining, but the rest of it… oh man. I can kinda see it working if kept to a minimum. I mean, with a name like Jonah "Hex," that does seem like a good mix (if you knew nothing else about the character). I know they dealt with supernatural in his Joe Lansdale Vertigo series years ago, but I don’t think he had any kind of powers. He just existed in a supernatural version of the West.

  21. I can’t wait to see it, though I hope they keep the supernatural crap out of the film.

  22. And when I say "kinda see it working" I mean, if I let go of all preconceived notions and also let go of any idea that this could have been slightly closer to Unforgiven than, say, Wild Wild West — on the sliding scale of Westerns.

  23. MAn this looks so ridiculous its right up my alley. I love the comic though and Daccampo is right, with a name like Hex the public is bound to wander in expecting supernatural stuff.

  24. wow, from all you guys have been saying about this book on the podcast i was expecting to see some good old fashioned western with a disfigured clint eastwood rockin’ the six shooters. 

    what i just witnessed in that trailer is a bad movie about to happen. it looked like shitty ghost rider and wild wild west combined into one not so fun dumb action movie. i’ll pass on this one.  

  25. Oy. What a waste of a great property and actor for him. On the up side I guess it’ll save me a few bucks by not watching it.

  26. But, since I’m open-minded enough and, as long as the film is good, I’m fine.

  27. I haven’t read much Hex.  Is the supernatural stuff present in the books?  I didn’t think it was.  This looks a bit too Wild, Wild, West for my taste.

    Also, did Hex say "darn" at the end of that trailer?  Jonah Hex doesn’t say "darn".  He says "damn". 

  28. @stuclach: Hex has dealt with some vaguely supernatural DC characters like El Diablo, but for the most part it’s straight up Western.

    "Darn" or more ususally pronounced, "dern", was actually a pretty common utterance in the Old West.

  29. Agent Broyles?  Is that you?  Man, this alternate dimension stuff is getting wild.

  30. @daccampo: Good call on Wild Wild West. Fingers crossed it doesn’t go down that path.

    Awesome movies are just going nuts right now. I chose a bad time to move house. Gonna have quite a backlog of podcasts to get to.

  31. I’m blind to the Jonah Hex world, I’m afraid, so can’t comment too much on what fits from the book.  Trailer looks promising, though we’ve all been fooled by trailers before.

  32. This looks like a lot of fun actually. Brolin seems to have nailed down Hex pretty well. Megan Fox….is still annoying. But what else am I going to expect from a ‘beauty first, acting second’ type of actress?

    The aspect of Hex healing the dead or what not….Looks totally stupid and out of place. Hell the trailer doesn’t even indicate that will be a factor for the rest of the film. Maybe it’s just an ‘origin’ someone is telling in the film? Like no one knows who Hex really is so they made up that magic stuff. If not, then I’m sorry that is going to be a bit painful to sit through.

  33. Not sure i like megan fox’s accent but otherwise this looks worthy of my 9 bux

  34. Oh…….

    I’ve been pulling the Palmiotti/Gray Johan Hex run since #1. I have all of the Jonah Hex minis that Vertigo put out in the early 90’s and Showcase Presents Jonah Hex Vol. 1 (Vol 2 never came out, still sad about that). I even have the entire ‘Hex’ series from the 80’s where they sent him into a post-apocalyptic future to be all Road Warrior-esque … and I stayed with that title even after Giffen took over on art. (!) I was so looking forward to a Jonah Hex movie…..

    This trailer makes me not want to see the movie.  

    I can’t begin to break down that 2 1/2 minutes and list all the things wrong with it. I think the scar and the confederate uniform were about the only things they got right. I’m sorry, they did manage to not screw up the use of horses….well, except for the bit with the two gattling guns. 

    I think I’m going to go kill the brain cells that remember this trailer with beer. Wish me luck.



  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Expectations adjusted. Could be a fun arcade style western. It’s not the film I would’ve hoped for, but there looks to be potential for fun here. 

    See when I looked at the trailer, I assumed the supernatural elements were a part of the folklore and legend surrounding the character. I could be wrong, but i took those moments as the fantasy built up around Hex as opposed to actual powers. Which makes sense since he doesn’t exhibit any similar powers in the rest of the trailer.  

  36. Unfortunately a bunch of people got a test screening last week and posted reviews. Swear to god, all 7 of them compared it to Wild Wild West. Apparently the 1st 15 minutes are straight out of the current comic (and fairly awesome) and then its all incredibly down hill from there. The only hope is the version they saw appartently did not include the recent re-shoots/editing. So maybe the film can still be salvaged. I hope so, because I love me some Hex, especially the current series, and it would be a real bummer if WB managed to blows such a non-brainer.

  37. The supernatural stuff doesn’t bother me.  The choice of music at the end of the trailer is puzzling, though.  Why the hard rock?  Doesn’t seem to fit.  It does seem a little "Wild, Wild, West", and that should be absolutely terrifying to anyone.

  38. @Paul: I think that should be the case, or hopefully it will be.

    Maybe the narrative is cowboys/outlaws telling the origin for Hex? Like there is some truth to this (as to how Hex got the scars and fighting John Malkovich), but the supernatural stuff is just filler to the story.

    Either way you’re right. The trailer gives no indication afterwards that these ‘powers’ are a factor for the film.

  39. @stuclach – Hex has been through different incarnations. In the 90’s there was a Joe Lansdale series of miniseries that saw Jonah Hex is a "Weird" version of the West with all sorts of supernatural elements.

    And lest we not forget, there was also an 80’s series that saw Hex transported into the future.

    So, the Hex property has been stretched a bit here and there. But the character actually having any kind of supernatural abilities… I haven’t seen that before. It may be more subtle in the film than it appears in the trailer. Like maybe just an ability to talk to the dead briefly. We shall see, I suppose.

  40. As someone who hasn’t read Jonah Hex yet (though I just ordered #50 and #54, and if I dig those enough, I will jump on) … but I think I’m gonna have to see this just to watch Josh Brolin be such a badass.

  41. Funny. If I were to describe the movie based just on the trailer, I’d call it "The Crow meets Wild, Wild West."


  42. @daccampo: Pushing Daises meets the Wild West?

    @Race: The "legendary" Mastodon scored the film apparently. By scoring I mean just randomly putting songs in some scenes.

    Looking on imdb, wikipedia, and other sources….No indication at all there is supernatural elements of any kind in this film. Makes ya wonder..

  43. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @daccampo – Robert Urich’s The Lazaus Man (1996)? 

  44. The whole somber supernatural tone that pervades the whole trailer (and the revenge theme) just screams "The Crow" to me.

    If I had to GUESS, and this is PURE SPECULATION, but I’d guess that the supernatural stuff was added in later. I only say that because the reshoots were done by Francis Lawrence, who directed Constantine, and they appear to be the kind of thing that could be added in and around the major plot. My guess is that you had a Wild, Wild West movie going in and then they tried to "Ghost Rider" it up a bit to meet "comic book" expectations (not comics fans, mind you, but the expectations of the GENERAL public for a comic book movie).

    But again, I’m just guessing because even the trailer seems to strike a couple of different tones. 


  45. Hmmm, I’ll just have to wait and see. I can understand why some folks would be a little iffy. But me frankly, dig my "weird west" quite a bit.

  46. The first time watching this trailer, the cast was kinda crushed under the weight of their former roles in my mind. On the other hand, it was awesome to watch George Bush buying guns from Lt. Daniels.

  47. Not that this matters much, but I thought Jonah got his scar in a Native American ritual.

    The best thing to come out of this movie will probably be the hardcover collection of Jonah Hex.

    Issue #50 was almost perfect to me except the Bugs Bunny killing of Hex’s bounty with the gatling gun.

    That bothered me more than the use of them on the horse in this movie.

    I was hoping this would be good . . . not the tone I wanted.

  48. still gonna see it, but this makes me think of Wild Wild West (the will smith one…)

  49. This is going to go one of two ways. A) Good, it’s going to be a fun romp that I’ll be glad I saw. B) So bad it’s good. This is the movie I put on at midnight with a few drinks, a few friends, and hopefully a rifftrax. Either way, I’m excited. 

    I also want that still image of him barfing up a crow on a t-shirt. I’d wear it to SDCC. 

  50. meh.

  51. So many cool moments and so many horrible ones all in that little trailer.

  52. The supernatural stuff, if it’s really there and not, like what some people have theorized, folklore around Hex, I could live without, but this totally looks like a fun steampunk western. 😀

  53. Looks like a cool action flick. Sexy cowgirls. Testosterone driven sexy grizelled voice  actors, sexy guns. Horses, whiskey, Malkovich. Guns. Gravel, sweat, dust.

    Good rental.

  54. seems to me this is going to be fun like ghost rider was fun…

  55. I see the potential of another Constintine here, in the fact that if you forget it’s a Hellblazer adaptation and take it as its own movie it actually hangs together pretty well. Here’s hopin.

  56. I thought it was a horrible trailer.  Doesn’t mean a bad movie will follow, but it is a bad trailer…

  57. I am a bit worried about the supernatural stuff but the new origin with Quentin Turnbull killing Jonah’s family & Josh Brolin’s portrayal are definitely worth my hard earned cash. Can’t wait til June!!!

  58. As a couple of people have mention the early reviews are not positive(, which is a damn shame. I love westerns and I like Jonah Hex. This had the potential to be great along the lines of Unforgiven, Deadwood or, dare I say it, the Eastwood spagetti westerns.

  59. Bummed they didn’t have any of Hex’s native american roots in the film.  I think that adds a much more interesting dimmension to Jonah than giving him powers to raise the dead.  I’m a huge fan, but am disgusted by how they’ve made a potential bad ass movie into, what appears to be, a video game/blockbuster style remake of Wild Wild West…

  60. I would have bought a ticket to a Jonah Hex movie blind but I dpn’t think so after this trailer.

    Megan Fox and crossbow guns.. I would have preferred a straight western. 

  61. I WANT to give it the benefit of the doubt, but I just have that gut feeling that this is gonna be a big let down. I love the Western genre and that is why I’ve been in love with the Palmiotti/Gray run. So I don’t know if I’ll be into the Jonah Hex world as much with the "heavy metal, look at all the cool weapons, powers, and half naked Megan Fox" approach. I understand WHY, it’s the same reason we’ll never get the "Joe Fixit" Hulk movie. Meh, I’ll probably still see it because y’all are right bout Brolin, he makes a dern good Jonah.

  62. It kind of reminds me of the Antonio Banderas "Zorro" movies. It’ll probably be something fun for the kids, even if it has an R rating. That’s disappointing because I was hoping for something like a cross between "Deadwood" and "Unforgiven" with the character of Johah Hex thrown into the mix.  Seeing this makes me worried for the Captain America movie. I so want to see a cross of "Band of Brothers" and some of the better elements of "Saving Private Ryan" with the character of Steve Rogers thrown into the mix. I’m worried that they’ll just end up making something like Rambo III.

  63. Seems like this isn’t flying with fans of the comic.  I’ve never read the comic so I don’t care about accuracy and I think it looks pretty good.  Will probably check it out in theaters.  Could do without the Megan Fox but otherwise the cast is good.

  64. oh no…I can’t even watch the whole damn thing.  I dunno–maybe Hex is meant only to be in 2D–the face thing looked really bad to me.   this trailer made it look terrible–the music? what the hell, it’s not transformers.  I dunno.


    I don’t feel so good.

  65. Hmm. Looks like it’s going to be one of those ‘turn brain off and enjoy’ type movies. I’m down.

  66. Funny how the earlier criticisms was on Hex’s mini-gun mounted horse.

    I don’t care who you are, that is cool and I won’t here otherwise. 

  67. Looks pretty damn awesome. I’m still hoping the supernatural stuff is significantly downplayed.

  68. This looks really fun

  69. If it’s good, it’ll be a lotta fun. If it’s bad, it’ll be even MORE fun! Psyched either way.

  70. Thank you @conor and @daccampo.  I feel somewhat better about the trailer now.

  71. I think it comes down to one simple thing, if you like the absurdity of two gatling guns mounted on a horse, then the movie is probably for you, if not, well, then you should at least admit you never thought of mounting two gatling guns on a horse.

  72. Been worried about what this would look like.  After seeing the trailer, I’m looking forward to it. 

  73. The first thought that popped into my head was Constantine meets Hex.  I’ve only read the first 3 Hex trades but I really enjoyed them. I think Brolin has the character down.  The rest of it will be a wait and see. I think the trailer looks like something that was made by someone who had an idea of what a comic book western should look like without actually reading the source material. 

     I’m still pretty excited to see this movie but will be waiting to hear feedback from others before laying my money down.

  74. Hollywood firmly believes that pure westerns don’t draw enough of a crowd so they try to add other supernatural elements that call for lots of SFX in the hopes that it’ll be enough eye candy for the masses. The studios have been trying to reinvent the Western for quite a while now with moderate success.

  75. Okay this seems god awful. I mean its as though somebody swallowed the ghostrider movie, punisher warzone, transformers, pushing daisies, a miscellaneous western, and was feeling ill. Then they decided to swallow the wild wild west movie for good measure, got serious stomach flu, and heaved this puke of a movie out. It might have been good if someone told the director to tone down the ridiculousness by half. It doesn’t look fun it looks like a piece of crap. I haven’t even read the comic and this nearly kills my enthusiasm for reading it.

  76. Lol, aww its not in 3D? Wtf? Why would anyone go to a movie that doesn’t have 3D… or at least a loom of fate.

  77. I wanna see it. I mean I saw Back to the Future 3 and Wild Wild Wild West and thought they were great. Why not give this a try aswell

  78. Looks awful.  And if it is, or more accurately if no one sees it, then that’s it for Hex on screen for quite a while.  He is in no way popular enough to be rebooted any time soon.

  79. But after more thought, a movie couldn’t ever be true to the current comic.  Just like how Kick Ass the movie would have never worked as a film if the story was true to the comic story (I’m not sure which finished the plot first, film or comic)

  80. BUT, it may be an entertaining movie.  I thought Constantine was a good movie if you pretend it’s not (based on) Constantine.

  81. @UncleBob – Not to go off topic, but I agree about Constantine. I’m a big fan of that flick and whenever I show it to anyone who isn’t a comic fan they seem to like it quite a bit. I think it was one of those cases of the concern being the faithfulness of the adaptation and not the quality of the product.

    Or… maybe I think about Keanu movies too much…