Welcome to the New iFanboy

We’re very excited here at iFanboy HQ to unveil the brand spankin’ new iFanboy.com! This is the 4th version of iFanboy.com since we began back in 2001 and you’ll probably agree, it’s long overdue.


We launched the last version of iFanboy in 2007, when we introduced a new design and added the comics section. Since then, a lot has happened! We joined up with Graphicly and the site’s popularity and traffic has gone to heights that we never thought we’d see.More people than ever are enjoying iFanboy.com for the great content, podcasts and community and we couldn’t be happier about that.  So what’s new? Let’s break it down:

  • Site Design – As you can tell, we got a new coat of paint in the form of a beautiful new redesign of the entire site.
  • Homepage – We’ve overhauled the homepage so it should be easier to find the information you need from our main page, so if you’re looking for articles, podcasts, comics or social network links, it’s all there.
  • Buzzables – On the homepage, we’ve got a nifty row of the top 3 things going on in comics that you need to know about. Want to get up to speed quick? Check the Buzzable bar!
  • Comments – With our new site, we’ve got some major improvements to the comments section of articles.  Comments are now much cleaner and you can reply directly to other comments, creating separate sub-discussions.  We don’t have the ability to edit comments yet, but we’re planning to roll that out soon.
  • Behind the Scenes – It may not be apparent to you, but the heavy lifting of this new site is behind the scenes.  We’ve upgraded our tools to update the site and we’ve moved to a more robust server environment, so hopefully the site going down will be a rare occurrence.

As you can probably guess, we’ve been working on this for a while and we’re incredibly psyched for you to check it all out.  So psyched that we’ve worked with many of the comics publishers to bring you some exclusive and exciting comics content this week.  We hope you dig it!

Now, there are a few things missing from the the new iFanboy if you compared it to the old iFanboy.  But don’t worry, we’re working to restore key functionality that you may have liked about the old site.  For example, we no longer have a version optimized for mobile phones.  We’re working to get that back ASAP.  Also, the iFanboy Store is currently down.  So if you were looking to sign up for an iFanboy Membership or buy a t-shirt, hang tight as we’ll be relaunching the store again soon.  There may be some other things here and there, but all in all, that’s not too bad, right? In addition to restoring these features, we’re also going to be rolling out new and exciting functionality to the new site, so definitely stay tuned so you don’t miss a thing!

Before we get on with business, I would like to thank a few people:

  • Dave Wiese – A HUGE thanks to Dave Wiese, the technical mastermind behind iFanboy v3.0 and our main tech help since 2007.  His patience knows no bounds and he has been instrumental in turning iFanboy into what it has become today.
  • Todd Huish & John Hawkins of 9Seeds – iFanboy v4.0 wouldn’t have ever seen the light of day without the efforts of these two amazing guys. They run a top notch agency and truly are masters of the web.
  • The iFanboy Staff – I honestly believe we have the best writing staff in the business and they’ve been through the trenches with us as we’ve moved from iFanboy v3.0 to v4.0.  Hopefully this new site lets them do what they do so well even better.
  • Micah Baldwin, Dan Theurer, Micah Laaker, and Will Hommel of Graphicly – When we joined up with Graphicly, we had no idea that we’d get to work with some the smartest and talented people around.  Without the support of Graphicly, there would be no iFanboy.
  • The iFanboy Community – We’ve released this new version of the site for you.  You come back here every day (multiple times a day) and we’re incredibly thankful for being the best comics community on the Internet

As always, we’re open to any feedback, comments, bug reports, or suggestions you may have. So please, leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Thanks again and enjoy the new site!

– Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick & Ron Richards


  1. Looks good guys.

  2. Good job looks very good

  3. How do I remove some of my pulled comics from weeks ago which I could do on the old site, but now seem to have returned?

  4. wow, i’m never going 5 days without logging on again. i like the new version. get up the great work guys

  5. other than my entire pull list from last Wednesday disappearing, the new site looks good. great job to the whole crew!

  6. my only question is what happens if FOUR Buzzable things happen in one day?

  7. i’m glad there is a new design…my only complaint is there is too much info on the front page, it’s not spaced out enough, especially on smaller screens.

  8. I kind of prefer the old version of the site. It was simple.

  9. Very sexy. Nice work.

  10. Looks good.

  11. So far it looks good.

  12. Looking great.

  13. Love the new look, but the scroll within a scroll has to go.

  14. Definitely going to take some getting used to, liking the changes for the most part!

  15. Good look

  16. Personally I don’t like the frame in the middle. Sliding down just that part doesn’t feel quite right. So far I’m unfortunately not liking the change. It looks pretty but I don’t find it as functional because of how I use my mouse wheel.

  17. New site is looking sharp! Congrats on all the success!

  18. Change is scary.

  19. Like the new look of the site will take a couple of log ins to get the feel but overall cool overhaul.

  20. Can’t wait to check it all out, looks good so far, congrats.

  21. It’s differrent. I think the homepage looks more clutterred than needed. I can’t say I’m a fan of the arrows. Working with different computer systems over the past three years leads me to believe this is not the finished version and I can only hope that the site continues to evolve.

  22. Looking sexy. I feel like I can move through the site much easier than before.

  23. Wow, this must have been a ton of work! as someone who is constantly making typos and grammatical errors, I can’t wait to see the implementation of the “edit” feature! 😉

  24. Looks great, guys! Thanks!

  25. New website just in time for the DC reboot. I see what’s going on here, trying to ride the wave of new readers

  26. Great job fellas! Really like the new design.

  27. love it, definately an improvement. hoping the mobile versions work out just as well. keep up the good work.

    btw, was anyone on last night?
    if so..

    hold your butt. lol

  28. Looking good guys, all of that butt holding seems justified.

  29. Love the new site. It’s new and fresh yet still feels like old with a lot of the continuity still intact like a proper reboot should be.

    My only question is how does the Buzzable bar work? Do you guys manually chose what goes there are is it an automatic thing like most rescent comments on certain articles that would be Buzzable or something.? I was only wondering because that DC Reboot Guide that has been a the top of the page for a while is still in the bar and I’m guessing you guys wanted it still there like it’s place on the old site

    • Nevermind. I just saw that you guys have indentifier tags for your articles and all the articles in the Buzzable Bar and only those articles have a “What’s Hot” tag which I assume put an article with said tag in the Buzzable Bar.

  30. Love the new look guys…I can’t wait to dig in and see what this feels like to drive.

  31. thumbs up

  32. The new site looks awesome! And it’s still dinosaur-friendly! (My workplace still has us on IE 6x!)

  33. Did the Pick of the Week formula change? I see that there are a lot of books with a high percentage.

    Great look guys. very excited to explore some more.

  34. Looks great fellas! What a surprise.

  35. Liking this! Like the newer asthetic, nice and clean. I too could libe without the scroll within scroll though. Overall nice one, I;ve been expecting this for a long time.

  36. iFanboy reboot? Does this mean all of my old posts are meaningless?

  37. I like this muchly. Good choices, all.

  38. You have earned an 80’s style slow clap. Well done indeed.

    *clap clap clap…

  39. Love the new homepage. Good job.

  40. I dont know if I like this or not, im having continuity issues

  41. Love it. Great job.

  42. I like the “Top Pulls” on the home page. I’m really not a fan of the scroll within the scroll in the middle of the page, but I’m sure I can adapt. I do like the photo that now accompanies each article on the homepage. Nice Touch.

  43. I think I liked the old look better.

  44. Looking GOOD!!!!

  45. Well….it’s different. lol

    No, whenever I site I frequently visit it takes me a while to get used to it. But I like a lot of the things I’m seeing. Shame the edit button isn’t here yet, but I’m excited one is coming.

    Overall great job.

  46. Site looks great!

  47. The new site looks great. I like the crumpled, blue background. I think I can get to the new comics list faster also.

  48. Can we get a listing for some of the indie titles. As a big Zenescope fan, it drives my nuts that its nearly impossible to find the Grimm books. The only thing that’s been listed with a cover (and a searchable title) was Fly #2. But you can’t find Fly #1.

    Also when I search for (say for example) Deadpool Annual, the search should present the comic with that title to me. Instead you get links to hundreds of sentences that contain the words Deadpool and Annual. Search for Grimm Fairy Tales and you’re more likely to cure cancer than find what you’re looking for.

    Other than this, site looks good.

    • It’s the crappy lijit search. When I actually want to search for something on iFanboy, I have to go to Google and type “iFanboy [whatever I’m searching for]”. It works but it’s inconvenient.

    • It’s not just the lijit search. Unless your comics come from the big 4 (term used lightly) you are going to have a very very hard time finding it on the website unless you know exactly what week it came out. Even then you’re fighting an uphill battle.

  49. Looks great. My only feedback is to remove the scrolling in the articles section on the main page. Let it flow free to the bottom of the page like it wants to be:)

  50. Overall, I am a fan of the re-design. New is always better, right?

    There are a few things you might consider changing, aesthetically. First, the front page seems “cramped”. All of the content areas are on top of each other. I have a nice wide-screen monitor; it would be nice if the site could take advantage of that extra space. Second, I am also not a fan of the frames on the landing page. Third, and this may just take some getting used to, but with the nested comments, it will now be harder to find new comments / responses because you have to look in two places: the original comment and at the end of the post. Perhaps there is a way to highlight new comments from the last time you accessed the page? Lastly, is there a way to remove a comic from your pull list? I was looking at my pull list from last week, and I could not remove a comic.

    Anyway, thanks for all of the hard work, and I hope my comments/suggestions do not come off as overly harsh.

    • Nesting comments are a vast improvement. No more need to “@[whomever]” or scroll through dozens of comments to see if anyone dis/agrees with you or has additional insight. Personally, I’d indent them a little more, just to emphasize their role.

      Dittos on the cramped feel, but I still think it’s an overall improvement.

    • My point was more in regard to [i]new[/i] posts. You used to always knew where to look: down at the bottom of the page. I would agree that agree/disagree comments will be easier to find. But, do I want to re-read everything just to find new nested comments? Not really.

  51. The site does look better and the overall functionality seems improved somewhat.

    However, there’s no simple way to search for and/or locate specific content, such as weekly columns or the articles by author . How about a button alongside “comics” and “store” that drops down to take us to archives of Weekly Sketch-up, or the Wood reports, or Tom’s crazy, silver-age love? The ability to browse author or subject specific content could greatly enhance the site’s use as a research tool and take it out of the “this is the current news” area it inhabits.



  52. DC is relaunching, Marvel is somewhat relaunching, and now ifanboy, this is the biggest year of change.
    I know nothing about a web site design, but this new design is easy to follow and to read along.

    Peace out

  53. I’m not a big fan of the new site (though I wasn’t a fan of 3.0 for a while either). Anyway, here are my problems:

    1) It’s cluttered. You’ve got no less than four links/widgets to the same social media networks on the front page.
    2) The position of articles seems like an afterthought. The new front page shows a fourth of the articles as the old front page.
    3) The useless lijit search remains.

    Congrats on the relaunch!

    • i have to agree. The Condensed typefaces for the headlines really adds to the congested feel. I feel like the articles are squeezed into the middle and i get a lot of squishing. A touch claustrophobic. The old site had a lot more visual breathing room which really made it easy to navigate. Users are smart…they don’t need everything on the home page.

      I’d also add that the old “recent comments” area allowed for like 2 or 3x more, so it was easier to follow threads.

      I really like the idea of nested comments and the buzzables area.

      I think with time i’ll get used to the new site. I remember having a bit of a overwhelmed feeling with the old one when i first started following it.

      Man the site is getting slammed today. Takes me several minutes to load a page.

  54. One other thing, it would be nice to highlight new comments. Otherwise it’s hard to tell with the new nested format what’s new since my last read. Or maybe an option for flat comments.

  55. congrats on the new site! looks great so far…i’m sure it will take a while to get used to, but its always great to see things evolve and grow like this.

    I’m hoping the search functions have been improved. We shall see.

  56. Looking good, guys. It was about time the site got a revamp to match its content. All the way to the top!

  57. Did you guys delete your Google+ profile at the same time as launching the website? I can’t find you guys on their anymore.

  58. I love the new fresh look. I can tell there is still work being done. Hard to get reviews to show up. Also the “My Comics” page has some bugs. But that’s to be expected. I’m a fan!

  59. Will take a little getting used to, but looks good!

  60. Hmm, I want to reserve judgment till I see the site on my home monitor isntead of this piddly, tiny one at work where nearly every website looks bad, but right now I’m not exactly digging it. It’s very similar to the Gawker owned websites, and I rarely check out Lifehacker now, when it used to be a daily read. Same situation with Cracked.com. I only check out the site every few weeks now because it’s a hassle to navigate. There seems to be a lot if wasted screen real estate on article pages, and clutter on the front page. I will have to tinker around with NoScript settings maybe, that could be throwing a wrench into the works.

    Nested comments are great though! Also, just so someone knows, the site isn’t working properly on my phone at least. The front page scroll within a scroll isn’t functioning on Android 2.1 stock browser. I’ll give it a whirl on Opera and Dolphin.

    That said, it’s not that I don’t appreciate you guys hard work. I love the site, and will continue to check for new articles several times daily, along with everything else you guys offer.

  61. Gave me a scare this morning when it was probably re-populating, & I couldn’t get on. Looks great though. Love the new Home page layout, with Top Picks, podcasts, etc all right there. Great job, guys!

  62. I appreciate the back end server work- and Nice addition with the contextual reply and spell checker!

    iPod- iFanboy- Google Buzz- Buzzable
    Careful- with the patent apocalypse happening in the tech world – people are lawsuit happy over any kind of infringement.
    Now -that’s a whole lot of white on the front page a little hard to focus.
    Also what’s with the crumpled paper background? Is that supposed to represent a comic page?
    With the new site I would think that aesthetic would have been left behind with the torn notebook page effect.

  63. Yeah, can’t say I’m too pleased with the change. The homepage is too cluttered and having to scroll through articles is pretty annoying. Let’s see how long it takes to get used to it.

  64. Wow it feels noisy when I first look at it. I feel like a lot of the graphics are a little too large, especially the ones in the article list.

    Not a fan at all of the nested scrolling article list. Even on my 1200 pixel-high display, the article list won’t fit, so then you end up scrolling in two lists to see what’s going in.

    A site I visit, Lifehacker, did a similar re-take recently, but then offered an URL with different CSS, Check out http://www.lifehacker.com vs blog.lifehacker.com.

    Comment system seems way better!

  65. cool stuff goin on here, i must say. Was there always a top pulls section on the home page or is that also new? I wonder if we can count 52 new things about the site.

  66. Yeah…..the front page is pretty cluttered and confusing to follow.

    It took me a while to figure out where the ‘new comments’ section was.

  67. Change is bad! rabble rabble rabble.

    Just kidding. Looks great, guys! I am missing entire pull lists though. I’m a bit behind on my comics, so I need to be able and go back and look at past pull lists. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

  68. Also, it seems really slow. But maybe it’s just being hammered by people checking out all the new stuff.

  69. Love the new look, keep up the great work guys.

  70. Sweet! The new site looks great!

  71. No wonder you guys weren’t responding to my comments and e-mails regarding the future functionality of the site. Always just leaving me hanging…

    Looks good! I can’t wait to see what you’ll roll out next.

  72. So, my pulls seam to have gone away from last week (known bug I believe). I’m tempted to repull and regrade, but don’t want to inflate the overall numbers for the comics, which seem correct. So was this lost for good (happened between backup of data and launch) or should I just be patient?

  73. Congrats, guys. I can only imagine how much effort this took. Hope you get some sleep now…

  74. Love the new site layout

  75. Ahhh the “View only Trades” option has disappeared from the comics page.

    Any chance of getting it back guys?

  76. Great design. Layout is very similar to The Hollywood Report. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/ – That’s a good compliment. – Site is very spacial and good use of white space in the layout.

  77. The site has been very slow for me and timing out as well. Is this happening for everyone or just me?
    Also is the new comics not coming out on Mondays?

  78. I like it!

  79. Not really a fan, but hopefully I’ll forget how refreshingly direct and clean the old site was soon enough. At the least, maybe you could tile or fade the crumpled paper background Can we at least have the background tastefully tiled? Or wide enough to where it doesn’t look like the site is broken for those of us at a higher then 1040 resolution?

  80. Functionality improvements, new background = yay! The main site’s a little too cluttered for my tastes, and the scroll-within-a-scroll has to go. But overall a very nice re-design!

    • I’ve noticed a lot of sites that did redesigns in the last 6 months have gone to that scroll within a window thing. I’m really curious why that is.

      I mean atheistically it really doesn’t help and from a usability standpoint it really is more of a pain. Is it easier to code? or is there some design philosophy that has been going around saying this is the way it should be done?

      The only reason I could think to do it would be if the whole outer screen was static, and it kept the adds in one place all the time, but that’s not how I’ve seen it implemented on this or other sites. At least there are not multiple scroll windows like the Gawker sites have gone too, supper annoying.

  81. when viewing on my iPad through Safari, i can only access the top 4 articles. The scroll bar on the side isn’t visible…i can go to more articles but that takes me to page 3, so basically on an iPad right now, you miss a lot of current articles.

    it does look pretty nice on the iPad though.

    • It’s not obvious, but you can use a two finger scroll on the article list. I personally would prefer to do away with the scrolling within scrolling, though.

    • hmm thats very interesting, but not necessarily intuitive. Totally need instructions for that. Works pretty cool though, but yeah it should be indicated better.

  82. Loads of improvements in the new site! I really like the layout and the fresh look, however the site doesn’t seem to take into account my comic ratings and previous ratings are all muddled up. Just a few bugs I guess they’ll be gone sooner rather than later. Nice Job.

  83. My POTWs have have disappeared but apart from that the new site is awesome, gotta get used to it but i like it.

  84. Nice, well done guys.

  85. i like it

  86. I think my favorite part of the site is how visual it is now. I always thought that the main page needed images before the little article blurbs. Not that the site didn’t before, but now that site looks a lot more professional and better than other similiar site I’m not going to mention.

  87. I did like the old site, but I do like the reply feature, and the little “Buzzablesa” fetature on the top. Great work!

  88. Love the new digs. Only bigger and better from here.

  89. Happy to see the update. Everything looks pretty slick so far. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  90. New site looks great, but practically impossible to use on a smartphone hopefully the mobile version comes back ASAP I really don’t want Ifanboy withdrawal !

  91. I can’t believe the last update happened in 2007. what the hell have i been doing with my life?

    Anyway, good work on the update. looks good

  92. I’m liking it! Looking forward to the mobile site – I use that more frequently.

  93. Love the redesign so far. My avatar is looking the wrong way now though… oh well, I guess it was time for a change any how.

    Also, somebody should have bagged and boarded the background image for the page. It got all wrinkled. Totally not going to be able to resell this.

  94. Like the new look, will take time to get used to but will enjoy the exploring!

  95. I’m really diggin’ the new look!


    • I don’t think anybody has offered anything but constructive criticism. I don’t think this mockery is helping anybody. BTW I like the new nested reply.

  97. Cheers on the new site guys. I think it’s going to be great once it’s fine tuned just a tad. I’m sure there was a lot of hard work behind it. Way to go, fellas.

    A couple well intentioned constructive criticisms, only because I care and think things should be the best they can be:

    1) Main page design/layout. I have to agree with others that it is a bit too cluttered and overwhelming from an aesthetic standpoint. I don’t think it’s too far off from the magic sweet spot. The different sections just need a tad bit of space to breathe and stand out on their own. The current puzzle-like juxtaposition give me a sense of claustrophobia and ADD. My eye is never able to focus on one thing at a time too easily. I think there is a VERY easy fix to this. Just move the ‘podcasts’ column from a vertical position on the left of the page to a horizontal one either at the top on below the articles. I think having only two vertical columns would help simplify the layout. Either than or make one of them smaller, allowing for some open space between.

    2) Lijit search. UGH. This was probably one of the weakest functions of the old site that I was looking forward to being upgraded/replaced. Others have already pointed out it’s problems. There are a lot of better search engines out there. Are you guys really tied to using it? Does Lijit have something to do with Graphicly business wise? I don’t get it.

    So as to not only harp on the negatives. I already like the new commenting system way better than the old. And it will be even better once we’re allowed to finally edit our comments. Woo hoo.

    Can’t wait to see all the cool new things you guys come up with as the new site grows. Rock on.

  98. why do you need the crumpled paper background image at all, since the site completely covers it anyway? If it wasn’t there, would pages load faster?

  99. Got to look around a little more. Really like the look. Still, the biggest bugs seems to be with the user reviews, “Your Comics” tab, and “Profile”.

    But a few bugs are to be expected. Really solid work guys. Should be a lot of fun.

  100. I like the Twitter integration in the comments. That’s neat. But is there a way to click on other member’s profiles?

  101. Seems great, but it will take time to get used to. I also hope the RSS feed is back up soon.

  102. Will Wednesday’s books get posted today? I’m looking forward to pulling books using the new site to see how I dig it.

  103. If I go to htttp://www.ifanboy.com and then click on the Login link at the top, it takes me to https://ifanboy.com/login/ without the www at the front. If I force http://www.ifanboy.com/login/ to load and log in, it takes me back to https://ifanboy.com/ without the www. I think this is what’s messing up with the site not remembering me.

    • Thanks for the info – we’ll look into it and see if we can get it fixed so you don’t need to worry about the site not remembering you. in the meantime, thanks for your patience

  104. Trying to change my avatar and add my twitter info seems to have broken my profile. Anyone having a problem with this?

    • Never mind I think I found the twitter issue. It doesn’t show up in the “profile” page but it does show up when you comment. Not sure about the avatar though. That still gives me the ? box

  105. I’m really glad you kept the logo

  106. Yay, nice work guys!

  107. Thanks to everyone for all your compliments, criticism and suggestions. We’re going through every single comment and will be evaluating and addressing them – as you know, websites are fluid things, never truly “Done” so you can definitely expect changes, updates etc in the near future.

    Thanks for everyone’s patience as we worked through our server issues today as well.

  108. I like the new site, looks a bit more professional than the old one in my opinion.
    But there are a couple of things you (or at least, the designer) might have overlooked.
    Here are a couple of things i simply can’t help but notice:
    – The padding of margin between the text and the image in articles.
    – On the “comics” page, there is a big and fancy button to pull a comic, next to it is the number of pulls in a fancy box, under these 2 item is the average rating, why does this number have to be in the same font and size as the description texts? Why not a box that’s similar to the 2 above it? And under that one could be your own rating if you pulled that comic, also in a nicely stylized box. Also, the style of the “make your pick” button is totally different than the style of the pull button and number.

    Also, like more people here stated, the lijit search really has to make place for a better search system.
    This is just personal opinion, but i really don’t like the scroll bar of the articles section on the home page. Though i love the big preview images of the articles (which costs a lot of space). So how can that bar be removed, without cutting the number of articles on the home page, or filling the whole page with articles, leaving no space for other stuff… I would try to arrange the items differently.
    My last point is the menu bar, it’s so wide with only 5 buttons on it, leaving a lot of space unused. try to integrate the profile, your comics (or login/register) and the (hopefully new) searchbar in the unused space of the menu bar.

    These are just a couple of little things, even with these, the site looks amazing, from the moment i saw the new design, i thought, this looks like a news site for entertainment.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed a few people don’t love the inline scrolling, I can’t say enough about it, works amazing on an IPad.

      I do agree the search engine is not the best, and everything in that area, profile etc would be more aesthetically pleasing in the red bar and reduce eye wander

  109. 1. I’m adverse to change but think for the most part this is really good.
    2. The crumpled blue background is nice
    3. 3 social network areas and a facebook area and an @Ifanboy twitter area take a lot of visual real estate, I can x one but I’m hoping an X might appear on the rest except the bottom one in the blue field. I follow you on my actual twitter, facebook I won’t use and the Social media ads are dead space once someone has decided what to use.
    4. If someone Xs the top right social media bar I’d increase the buzzables space by an extra story, i like buzzables. I’d also make buzzables optional for others that read everything anyways.
    5. Love the scrollable story section, works great on an ipad, which is how I mainly use your site
    6. This is a nitpick but I’d make the titles PODCASTS, ARTICLES and PICK OF THE WEEK line up at the top
    7. Recent comments I think should be above Twitter and Facebook areas
    8. The selection bar at top is shiny, though 2 sections aren’t working for me yet, shipping and reviews. Store I didn’t bother touching yet, prolly growing pains or lag on my end maybe.
    9. Best part is inline comments, I think it will fuel recidivism. Cause more conversation and increase posting. Editing options would be cool and an option to have replies emailed.

    My big thing is clutter of facets that I don’t use, I don’t expect a site to tailor itself to me but damn it would be cool if we could tailor it ourselves, I don’t presume to know what others use which is why Id never say get rid of anything in totality

    • What @Crucio said about recent comments appearing ahead of the Facebook and Twitter areas.

      Great work on the relaunch of the site. It looks really good.You should all be proud. Props.

  110. Wow! Amazing. Congratulations. You’ve come a long way.

  111. Get to posting “This Wednesday’s books”! 8)

    Just kidding. Nice job. I’m sure the updates will continue (until morale improves). 😛

  112. I just signed in for the first time since the update and when I click on COMICS to look at the new ones for the week it says: Sorry, no Articles matched your criteria.

    The main page does seem a little cluttered.

    I think to look at different weeks of comics you should have all the weeks listed out on one page. Having to keep clicking back through each week to see what comics came out that week takes forever.

    I hope the search engine was improved. I haven’t checked it yet but when I would search for a comic that was posted during a certain week it would never find it.

  113. awesome! were moving along with the new tech and growing as a community,what more could we ask for.congrats on the new ifanboy.

  114. Just like to say I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing. I work in IT so can imagine all the work you guys are doing and I’m sure it’s been stressful. Also nice to see most people are offering constructive criticism but I guess that’s what makes this community so great.

  115. Sleek and sexy! Great new design!

  116. SOO much to read! Great improvements guys, Thank You. BUT ….too much Fandango.I counted 3 banners located in various spots, but hey if they greatly support the site, put up a couple more :]

  117. I broke my avatar too. 🙁

    Agree about the front page feeling cluttered and Lijit Search be anything but.

    Really like the new drop down menus on the front page. Also, like the pics next to the articles, and for my part, I kind of like the scroll box in a scroll box.

  118. FYI…looks like review spoilers are visible when you look at a profile page.

    In my case, go to my profile page (https://ifanboy.com/users/powerdad/), scan down to my review of Tiny Titans #26 (not 25), and my review is visible even though the review is listed to contain spoilers. (In my case, flagging spoilers for Tiny Titans #26 is more for humor, just I’m guess other review which contain spoilers are also visible.)

    Just thought I would let you know.

  119. Also, the video trailer box for Conan being right below the header “@iFanboy On Twitter” just looks weird to me.

  120. Looks nice…but the pull list is not working yet!

  121. Congrats on the update, guys! You deserve all the success you’re getting!

  122. Ok, the site does look a lot better on my 40″ tv rather than my sadsack 15″ monitor at work. Not as cramped. A LOT of pages render poorly on that work monitor. I’ve loaded the site in Firefox with AdBlock and NoScript, and Opera with no tweaks to compare. On both, there is a lot of empty space on the red “Home, About Us, etc” bar. My one suggestion would be to maybe move the “Dont miss a thing” links to that empty space, drop the extraneous social media links, and perhaps move the Podcast info to where that was, and have the articles pane go to the edge of the page. I also know jack shit about developing webpages though, so that might be a taller order than I think it is.

  123. Oh yeah, and bring back the old school “Gleaming the Cube”and other slogans that popped up on 1.0. Plenty of space under the iFanboy logo!

  124. Going through withdrawal…..so cold….so cold…

  125. Here’s what iFanboy looked like when I first came upon it:

    It’s still my favorite version (though the Pull List page is awesome).

    • dude thats crazy.the site has come a long way. Love the wayback machine.

    • wow… i remember those days. They have changed so much from those days, but i have to admit, there’s something appealing about that old simplyfied site. Granted, when the site looked like that, I was hanging out more on the forums rather than the site proper, so the changed worked I guess.
      Thanks for sharing that little piece of nostalgia

  126. I just realized that the comments from the ‘Comics’ section is being put on the main page alone with the comments in the ‘Articles’ section.

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see that being a good thing in the future. I can just see conversations on either section being buried because of that. Plus it doesn’t help the articles are kinda buried in the main page to begin with.

    Again that’s just me.

    • if they are gonna do that, there needs to be more than than top 4 comments. You’ll lose track of things fast.

    • I know, they last version of the site had like 10 articles on the side to keep track of. Sometimes those articles wouldn’t be updated with a new comment for a few days but it was still a nice reminder of what was new.

  127. site looks great! Good job

  128. 1) Love you guys & your work!

    2) The new site seems WAY to visually “noisy.”

    3) Too much white in the center pane. My optic nerves are getting sunburnt.

    4) Like the crumpled paper, should go all the way to the edges of the browser when using full screen on a wide screen monitor.

    5) Your old site was less complicated, don’t want you to go back, just hope you tone it down a bit.

    6) I love you guys, please don’t take my nitpicks personally…

  129. There are elements of the redesign I like and in particular I’m excited about the infrastructure improvements that have been done. Looks like the articles are now being served from WordPress which should make the lives of authors easier.

    That said, my number one beef with the old site was the small type, tight leading, and poor readability. The redesign doesn’t address these problems and in some cases makes it worse (the home page has a lot of things competing for attention).

    As others have mentioned, using overflow:scroll on the middle column of the home page is a bit of a pain—especially on touch devices.

    All of this plus some other nits (the LOGIN TO REPLY and REPLY buttons seem too big to my eye and a tad distracting) compelled me to develop my first Userstyles.org stylesheet:

    I built it in Chrome on a Mac. I took a peak at it in Firefox and it doesn’t work there yet, but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix. I don’t think userstyles are supported by IE, but even if they are, I’m not going to work on IE.

    If you’re interested in using this style, you’ll need to install the Google Chrome Stylish extension:

    No guarantees your taste in aesthetics will match mine. I did this for myself primarily, but if others get utility out of it, awesome.

  130. I’ve been watching and reading since ’06. I feel like I’ve seen you growupsofast*choke* *deep Exhale* so fast…

  131. Not sure. Maybe if I could remove comics from my pull list as the ones I removed on old site have now came back and there is no option to remove now. Think I preferred the old site, but maybe given time and the return of the “REMOVE” option then I may come around.

  132. My pulled comics do not appear on my list. The one from last week are still there. And if I look at the whole list, mine are showed as pulled, but they do not appera under “Your Comics”. Anyone else got that problem?

  133. And sorting the lists after Most Pulls and Most Comments does not work yet (not complaining, just trying to help).

  134. At the Profile, there is a line saying ‘Twitter:’ but the Twitter name or link is not coming up.

  135. OK, so the site doesn’t look fugly any more on Firefox. It’s wonderful what a single embedded font does to overall look.

    I still think that the main news content is cramped and there’s too much noise to distract us away from it. I would like for a way to turn of the buzz bar and the podcast section, or at least make it minimizable.

  136. Hey everyone – it’s been a long day and as you can tell, a very busy one. I wanted to take a few minutes and check in with you and give you an update as to where we’re at.

    First and foremost, thank you again for your comments and patience about the new site. As we’ve said many times, iFanboy is here for you, so we want to make sure that you enjoy the new site and it’s working the way you want it to.

    So what happened on Monday and where are we come Tuesday? I’ll break it down point by point:

    Site Going Down/Unavailable/Slow – As we launched the new site on Monday, you probably noticed that the site was up, and then it was down. Or you got the down for maintenance page, and then it went up and back down. These reasons for these were several. First, we had to update the DNS information about iFanboy.com (basically our address on the web), for those of you who work in technology, you know that those types of changes can take from 6 to 48 hours to take affect. Luckily for us, it looks like after about 12 hours, we were fully propagated. Second, as we’ve moved to a new server environment, part of the challenge is fine tuning the settings. We’ve worked and tested the new site, but in a controlled environment with a few users. Once you set a website like ours into the wild, part of the challenge is to see how it performs when hundreds and thousands of people start loading the site, linking to it, and interacting with it. Thankfully our tech team at Graphicly HQ spent the majority of the day working to get the server tuned just right and by the evening, we were stable and handling the traffic steadily. Now hopefully we’re out of the woods there, but time will tell and we continue to thank you for your patience.

    Comics Section – As many of you noticed, the new comics for this week did not go live until very late on Monday, and even then there seem to be some problems, like the Top Pulls on the homepage is blank and Your Comics list associate with your profile is empty. We apologize for this. It’s impossible for you to know how complicated the comics application here is, but trust me, it’s pretty complicated. While we had it working in a test environment, again once we worked to launch the comics in the production environment, some bugs arose that kept it from working. Many people worked very late in the night to get the comics list published, and will be picking it back up tomorrow morning to get Your Comics list working, as well as the Top Pulls on the homepage.

    I’m pretty sure that sums up the major issues we had yesterday. We thank you again for your patience and remind you that the way the site works right now, at this very moment, is not set in stone and the way it will be forever. We’re constantly working and evolving the site, so expect to see many of your comments and suggestions taken into account and addressed one way or another. We apologize for the difficulties on Monday, we’ve spent the better part of the past month testing this new site and working with it in a development environment, but ultimately you just don’t know what it’s going going to do until it’s live. Those of you who work in technology and/or web development can probably relate. So we thank you for pointing out bugs and making suggestions. Together, we’re making iFanboy the best site around.

    If you have any questions at all, let me know and I’ll do my best to address them all in the morning. Thanks again everyone.

  137. Loving the new look. Glad you didn’t go all-black, like most superhero redesigns.

  138. I appreciate you taking the time to address the concerns.
    It really spreads a lot of good will when someone openly and sincerely says
    ‘hey – that’s a fair point and we’re working on it.”

    Thanks for the work.

  139. Hi, enjoying the new site aesthetics, but am surely not the only one who has had trouble with their pull list. Couldn’t remove something from it yesterday and today, none of the comics I’ve pulled has ended up on this week’s pull list. Not a great start to my week :/

  140. I’m sure you’re on top of this, but I just noticed that the comics list does not have the option to view trades only. Thanks.

  141. Pull list is crippled. Pulled comics don’t show up. Search is absolutely useless. Indie comics gets shoved under the rug, nearly impossible to find and add to list. The reason I use this site is not working…………………….

  142. i think its really cool that you guys are interested in the user’s opinion on the site and are willing to look at things and make tweaks based on comments and actual user’s experience. That just NEVER happens and if it does they don’t admit to it. You guys rock. I’ve worked a lot with developers so i know how much technology and hassle can be involved with even the smallest fixes. Keep that coffee flowing….

    i think its a known issue but i went and made my pull list (pull buttons work faster and doesn’t lock up my browser for a few seconds like it used to) but when i go to “your comics”, it says i have none pulled.

  143. What is the criteria on a comment awaiting moderation? Is it all of them? Replies only or maybe if they include links?

  144. It appears the pull buttons aren’t working for me… I click them but nothing happens. Both on the list and in the individual issues.

  145. I’m having problems with the pull buttons as well. In the list of comics plenty show up as pulled but when I go to “your comics” there are none listed.
    I’m using a mac and use safari

  146. where can I find the list of what comics are coming out this week?

  147. Really nice new design! It feels much cleaner. Just a suggestion, but now that you have more space on that top red banner, how about eventually making a “Writers” page? So, if you read something you like, you can check out that particular writer’s column from previous weeks without embarking on an expedition through the vast iFanboy archive.

  148. Somemore;

    Loving the new pull list and comments.

    The Xzibit scrolling isn’t working on ipad. Also sad to see the mobile site go. It wasn’t perfect but, but it was quite functional

  149. Looks great 🙂

  150. Noticed that when you click to see the list of user reviews that most are blank. You can see who wrote the review but not the book title or link to it.

  151. Looks awesome, congrats guys!

  152. Quick morning update:
    – Your Comics link in the upper right corner should now be showing your pull list for this week.
    – User Profiles now show this week’s pull list as well

    I’ll keep everyone posted on the updates and changes as they happen.

  153. FYI – the Site RSS Feed has been fixed – subscribe here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ifanboy

  154. You know what I really like, now that I’m seeing it? The comments people leave on user review and individual issues’ pages show up in the “Recent Comments” box. That corner of the site has never had any visibility for me; it was always like there was another site going on underneath this one that I never noticed. Now, I actually see that stuff.

  155. Windows 7, Firefox 3.6.18:

    1) Main Comics page: when I click the Pull button, I get a javascript popup that says error and it forwards me to that comic’s page. If I click the Pull button there it works.

    2) When viewing an individual comic, the breadcumbs all go to strange places. Before, clicking on the name would take you to all issues of that comic.

    3) Main Comics page: the date says 2011-08-10 but it should actually say 2011-08-17.

    4) My “Your Comics” page isn’t loading completely, it stops after the block of the four share buttons near the top. I tested this and I think it’s because I hadn’t pulled any comics yet. After I pulled one, it would load. If I removed it, it would once again not load completely.

  156. When I “PULL” on the shipping list it brings me to that issues commentary page! Please just make it so that you can “PULL” . It takes forever to get through the whole list!!!

    • I have the same problem, i tried to pull daredevil and it opened the page for daredevil instead of pulling it, and on that page i tried to hit the pull button again and nothing happened

  157. Hmm..doesn’t save ratings and alignment issues on pulls. I thought everything was working perfectly until I hit the pull list section.

  158. Where are the Boom! and Dynamite releases? They’re not showing up under “Other Publishers”.

  159. Another suggestion, the red text on blue background representing the number of pulls in the Comics section is hard to read. The white text on blue in the “Your Comics” section is easier on the eyes.

  160. Is any one else having trouble with thier pull list? The first 3 or 4 are fine then the rest are spaced across the page without a backing instead of down the page with the white backing.

  161. It’s alright, but I liked the simplicity of the old version.

  162. Hey, how are the articles on the front-page support to sort? The top article in the scroll-pane is one I’ve seen all day, but just noticed that new ones have appeared as I scroll down; and they’re mixed in with other articles I’ve already seen. (I’m not sure if I’m expressing this well.)

    I was assuming the article sorting was chronological, but it appear that it might something other than that, perhaps.

    Just thought I would ask/comment.

    I’m starting to get use to the new place, and over all it’s a positive change. The performance is much better today, which is great!

    And I really like that comments on for individual issues are present in the Recent Comment section, as well on the Profile pages.

    • That’s a new one – the latest article will always be at the top of the page, and older articles appear beneath it. If you’re not seeing that, email us at contact AT ifanboy DOT com and we’ll follow up

    • I can’t claim to be paying close attention, but I was pretty sure at work The Power Girl Exclusive came just ahead of the Alpha Flight Preview; and when I got home I discovered several “new” articles in-between these two articles. (Two different machines — At work I’m on Windows Server 2003 using Firefox version 4-something [I don’t recall the full version], and at home I’m on Window 7 using Chrome version 13.0.782.112.)

      Honestly, I might not have been paying close attention. I’ll let you know if I notice this sort of thing again.

  163. Hey everyone – just about to call it a night (a bit earlier than recently) and wanted to give you an update about today.

    As I posted earlier today, we started the day with getting some fixes out of the way, specially the fixes to the Your Comics page and having your pull lists show up on your profiles.

    Then we sorted an issue with our RSS feed (for those of you who subscribe to content that way) and were doing some work behind the scenes with the server, for which the details I’ll bypass for they’re quite technical and boring.

    Sometime in the afternoon we started seeing problems with the Comics section, specifically the Pull functionality. many of you reported this problem here as well as Twitter – thank you for that. There was also some front end issues with the Your Comics page. Turns out the source of both those issues were related, and had to do with some JavaScript code as well as some behind the scenes things with the server and our new CDN. That said, these issues were resolved around 10 PM ET.

    As of right now, the site appears to be functional/stable and critical issues are closed. We are prioritizing the other non-critical bugs and enhancements/changes and I’d expect to see more updates over the next couple of days

    thanks again to everyone for your patience and support – and just think, in a few weeks, you’ll be too busy complaining about DC again to even remember these issues 😉


  164. Site looks GREAT guys

  165. Glad to see the Legal page is still the same.

    Yup, you still know the way to San Jose.

    And I’m glad your genius is still un-limited.

  166. Site looks great! A few upstartbugs are to be expected, so dont worry about it. I’m sure I’m gonna love this version of the site even more! :^)

  167. Tried removing some of my comics from my pull list by clicking on PULL, as suggested, but each time I go back in to MY COMICS the ones I have suposedly removed have returned and I now have stuff going back to April that I want to remove but can’t. Old site was so much easier! Any advice as to how to remove or is this something that is still being worked on?

  168. Got quite a shock when I dropped by, but I really like what you’ve done. Two thumbs up, gentlemen!

  169. 3 comics that I got from the this week and (and are on the Diamond official new release list for this week) aren’t even listed on this weeks list.

    Gladstones School for World Conquerors #4 (Image), Damaged #1 (Radical Publishing) and Executive Assistant Orchid #2 (Aspen)

    any reason why?

  170. Love the new site …. except it doesn’t seem to save my Ratings for this week’s comics. I’m on a Mac and I’ve tried it using Chrome & Firefox. I can rate comics on my pull list just fine, but if I navigate away and come back the ratings are gone. I’ve tried re-rating them and it looks like it works – but navigate away and same thing.

    Is this just me or is it a kink being worked out?

    Thanks guys!

  171. Any update on the View Only Trades feature?

  172. Ratings for last week still aren’t saving for me. All my pick of the weeks disappeared. Also the ratings don’t seem to work in any browser on Mac and windows, only Safari on my iPad.

    • We are aware of this issue and are working on it.

    • awesome! thanks for the reply!

    • Hi chaps, I’m on Chrome and this week’s ratings aren’t sticking. But you’re likely aware of this.

      I like the new look, overall, though I also find the front page too cluttered. It reminds me of the revamp to Captain Comics, which went mad for social media stuff because ‘that’s what the young folk want’ (it’s a wonderful community, whatever the layout).

      How about restricting the social networking to a single spot? I can see it in at least three places at the moment. I like the bottom slug of links.

      And perhaps have the podcasts in the same column as Pick of the Week/Month. And move Top Pulls to the Comics page.

      Just polite suggestions, as you asked.

  173. This is not a big deal, but do the article images/thumbnails change routinely now? I just noticed that the image for “iFanboy Upstarts: Jason LaTour” is different now from the picture I saw last night.

  174. Hey everyone – quick update:
    There was an issue with comics ratings not saving when you rated books on the “your comics” page – turns out they were saving, but just weren’t displaying on the site. This has been fixed!

    So go and rate your books!

  175. Once again, thanks for being as responsive to comments and keeping us up to date guys. I know you guys have been working a lot on the comics page today, thank you. I’ve found it fun to check in today on the POTW percentages. First they were staying well under 100%, now they are adding up to well over 100%. This is a very minor thing, but thought you might want to be made aware of it if you hadn’t noticed it yet.

    Keep up the awesome work,


  176. Running Firefox, not able to do pull’s or make pick of the week ratings. Had to do pull list from my phone.

  177. Quick thought after spending a couple days using the site. The x out’able social media bar that is at the top of the page is kinda annoying. My browser isn’t remembering me closing it, if it is supposed to in the first place. Either way, it’s a little irksome having to close it every time I log back to the site. Just an opinion on that. Nothing huge. Just one of the little things that add up.

  178. Seems like some pages like the Pick of the Week won’t remember that i’m logged in, while others will. I went to the POW page, logged in and it took me back there saying i still needed to log in. But i go to other pages on the site and i’m logged in. Very odd.

    • i think i narrowed down the issue…so if i’m on a page and i want to leave a comment i go and click the box that says “login to leave comment”. I login and get taken back to that page, and it still says i need to be logged in. Every other page has me as logged in. SO, whatever page you login from is the one that forgets you. make sense?

      I’ve had this bug on Safari for Mac on two different computers.

  179. Where can I view the covers of the week and panels of the week?

  180. Hey guys, not sure this is a bug or not but when I scroll down the page and read an article, say the Captain America box office article, then hit back in the browser it brings me back to the top of the page instead of the spot I was at. Not a big deal, just slightly annoying.


  181. Overall a pretty good redesign. I think the article column should be way bigger on the front page; it’s the one section that would see the most changes on a daily basis it’s sort of tiny and boxed in by sections that remain unchanging most of the week.

    Also I’m sad to see that there still isn’t an option to set a default view the Comics List. I prefer looking at the list alphabetically when making my pulls and have to click that every time I go to the page (and again if I click back to the week before).

  182. I miss seeing the number of views on the community reviews. Anyway of slipping that back in?

  183. The search engine is awful now. I type in unknown soldier and it’ll show the comics I’m looking for, but when I click on the title or the specific issue link, it gives the oops screen.

    Also, one thing that is a downstep from 3.0 is when I’m viewing an old issue and want to see what else came out that week, the date link takes me to an unordered article archive.

    Almost all of my older pick of the weeks are gone and some of the ratings for older comics I made in the last few months were gone.

  184. I’ll have to explore the site more later. But my first thought was, “Ooo! Fancy!”

    Looks good folks!

  185. Well, we’ve had the new site for a work week now and I gotta say, I love the nested replies. I feel like the regulars are chatting it up a bit more, and that’s a good thing because it means more entertainment for moi.

  186. I just noticed it on the ‘Conan’ review article and a few others but what are ‘Trackbacks’? Are they like, links to people’s blogs?

    It’s a good idea but I didn’t see anyone mentioning them before.

  187. There’s still the issue with http://www.ifanboy.com vs. just ifanboy.com. I’ve changed my bookmark for now to not have the www so I get remembered:) It looks like all the paths are missing www.

  188. There is still a bug with the reviews. Three of the last 6 reviews I posted doesn’t show the correct star rating. The last one was Batman 713. I gave it a 3 on art but it’s showing up a 2. I’ve noticed some others mentioning the same problem.

  189. Comics page has an extra long load time, though that could be due to the merch being listed now in addition to new books.

    Clicking on “More” for titles on your pull list or the Comics page redirects to the Comics page, not to info on the individual title.

  190. New comics pull page, at least for 8-24, doesn’t take you to each comic’s page if you click on them or the more button. Not sure if this has been stated before (I did a quick search and didn’t see it.) Thanks!

  191. Yeah, cant see the neew comics at all.

  192. I’m still not able to click on the pull button for any comic, rate or pick of the week any book either.
    It lets me rate the book but doesnt save it. Pick and Pull just aren’t clickable.

  193. What exactly does the ‘Cancel Rating’ button do? It seems to only exist before I give a rating and then disappears after I have one. Very odd. Not thrilled so many of my older ratings and picks of week are gone.

  194. Team: ifanboy,

    I’m unable to pull any comics (same issue as spaceghost 15). Not sure if this is related to me using Firefox 6.


  195. I’m unable to click on each of the comics on the comic shopping list. I tried to do that, and it ends up leading back to the ifanboy.com/comics site again. I hope you guys get this fix soon, cause I love this feature.

  196. I sent an email about this, but I also thought I would post it here. Some of these may have already been reported.

    If I go into “Comics” to see the list of comics for the week, or my pull list, the following don’t work:

    1. Click on the comic issue title – does not take you to the issue page, goes back to all Comics page
    2. Click on “More” to see details of a particular issue – also goes back to all Comics page
    3. Click on “Comments” – also goes back to all Comics page
    4. Click on “User Reviews” for a particular issue – also goes back to all Comics page

    “Write a Review” button appears to work – it opens the interface to write a review, but I didn’t try writing one yet.

  197. is the mobile version coming back? its not working for some reason i loved the mobile version was nice and clean for a iphone or android phone please when will it come back?

  198. Looks like the Comments link issue has been fixed. But when I tried to submit a comment, I got an error message saying “You are Articleing comments too quickly. Slow down.” LOL, what does THAT mean? I know I don’t type that fast!

  199. Conan: Road of Kings #7 from 8/17/2011 should be added to the comics page, and hopefully future issues too. Not a bug, just putting it out there.

  200. I keyword searched the thread for “Your Comics”, so I don’t think this has been brought up yet, sorry if it has.

    I’m using Chrome and have it set to never log me out of iFanboy. The first time I come to the iFanboy homepage, the menu bar at the top shows me “Login” and “Register” seeming to indicate that I am not logged in, but if I click on any links on the homepage, the subsequent page shows me that I am logged in — the menu bar shows Profile, Your Comics, and Search.

    Not a huge issue, but it’s nice to be able to come right to the site and be able to click on Your Comics. Overall, the new site is great!

  201. Other Publishers still not showing up huh?

  202. I tried changing my avatar and now it seems to be broken 🙁

  203. Here’s a little bug that I don’t think anyone else has mentioned. Making my own Pick of the Week works just fine. However, when I then look at other people’s comics pulled, the comic that I made Pick of the Week is shown to be their pick as well. For instance, when I look at Josh’s comics for this week, the Pick of the Week icon is lit up under Flashpoint #5, which is obviously wrong. Not a huge deal, but something you might want to look into.

  204. I like the bios on the About page (https://ifanboy.com/about/), but I couldn’t help but notice that Tom Katers is missing. What gives?

    A fall out between the master of Aquaman story time and the guys who just love to review comics?

    Is Katers too good for your About page? Are you too good for him?

    The world must know what’s going on!!

    Love, PowerDad

  205. Maybe Squarespace should have done the redesign.

  206. I’m not able to pull any comics. The “PULL” button is completely un-clickable for me. I’m using Google Chrome as my browser.

    • I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve tried using Firefox 7, Chrome 13.0.782.220, and Safari 5.1, all with the same results. I’m on a Mac running OSX 10.6.8.

  207. Just noticed a bug, and I didn’t see anyone here reporting it. The “Most Pulls” link on the Comics page is usually wrong. When you click on it from the “Alphabetical” Sort comics page, the “Most Pulls” link is pointing to the Alphabetical sort page). When you’re on the “Most Comments” Sort Comics, “Pick of the Week” Sort Comics, or the “Highest Rating” Sort Comics page, the link for “Most Pulls” is for the “Comments” sort page.

    Here is one example on the steps to show this.

    1. Go to the comics list for the week (example, https://ifanboy.com/comics/week/2011-09-07/)
    2. Under “Sort Comics” click “Alphabetical”.
    (You see the page redrawn with the alphabetical list of comics.)
    3. Click on the the “Most Pulls” link

    The page is reloaded, but it’s still an alphabetical sort. (Because the “Most Pulls” link in this case is actually pointing to https://ifanboy.com/comics/week/2011-09-07/alphabetical/ )

  208. “Your comments are awaiting moderation”? Wow! Now that’s new! Groovy!

  209. Unfortunately I can’t pull any comics…

    It may be due to the way my company browser works, though…

    Either way, here is the webpage error description (hope it helps):
    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; InfoPath.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E)
    Timestamp: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 15:36:21 UTC

    Message: ‘stLight’ is undefined
    Line: 42
    Char: 1
    Code: 0
    URI: https://ifanboy.com/comics/

    Message: ‘twttr’ is undefined
    Line: 2
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    URI: https://ifanboy.com/wp-content/plugins/ifb/js/twitter.js?ver=3.2.1

  210. Is there a way for me to change a star rating I gave a book on the page for my pull list? I meant to hit 4 stars for a book and hit 3 by accident and I don’t seem to be able to change it.

    • I have several incorrect ratings too. At least two of them were changed by the system though. (The database seems to like Green Arrow more than I did.)

  211. Also not seeing a way to edit my review I just wrote.

  212. When I click on a name (“Conor, Ron, etc.) on the main page, it says “Invalid User”.

    It does work in the new comic post.

  213. Having trouble with my profile page. I deleted my old avatar, but it won’t let me add a new one. Helps?