Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #13

I don’t even need to make a joke here. The Marvel Comics offices in the 1960s must have been awesome.


  1. Hilarious and fun, but also a great example of sequential storytelling!

  2. JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Just where is the Red Ghost’s hand in that third panel?

    • That is a very very unhappy monkey.

    • The Baboom’s butt is doing to his hand what the Blob did to Fantomex in last week’s Uncanny X-Force.

    • In Lee/Kirby logic, his hand is holding baboon’s nape. He had to readjust at least twice in the second panel. The proof is that his hand is behind the beast in panel three: the ‘lump’ over its left shoulder. I’ll tell’ya, it’s no fun. Same thing happened to me at the Rock of Gibraltar. True story.

      …And can I say?: I wouldn’t give his problems to a monkey on a rock?

      Or would that be too gauche?

  3. was a gun turning into a baboon common place back then?

  4. Can you guys do a IFanboy video show on this? Got the DC 75th Anniversary poster book of famous first issue front covers, was shocked to see the popularity of apes and baboons, in the 50’s. Apparently there was an explosion of popularity for this in the pulps? Can we get a show on this, including the zeppelin sub genre in comics PLEASE?!! Also, comics you would recommend? Thanks

  5. Jack Kirby was was the king wasn’t he

  6. The Red Ghost’s true arch enemy is PETA

  7. I don’t understand. Did the gun gain sentience and choose to turn into a baboon or did the baboon choose to turn into a gun?

    Also, why doesn’t this baboon/gun appear in any of the recent Marvel films?

  8. Guys, let’s focus on the real issue here…

    Why is the Red Ghost wearing green?

  9. I love this feature.

  10. “Stand back! I have a baboon gun and I’m not afraid to use it!”

  11. Next panel: Sentry hands the Baboon a banana.

    They become best pals. Sentry names him Sentro. In the late 1968 Marvel gave Sentro his own series back titled “Animal Tails starring Sentro, the Sentry’s best pal”.

  12. As I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through the FF series, this particular issue was chock full of insanity. Probably the second craziest issue I have read so far, as far as unintentional comedy goes. But really, Kirby really was amazing.