Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #9 (Redux)

Fantastic Four #9


Which is more unbelievable: that Namor the Sub-Mariner got bored enough to not only buy a movie studio but actually run it, or that the Fantastic Four are powerless in the face of giant stacks of greenbacks?


  1. Namor looks pretty great in a suit

  2. this whole issue is classic ridiculousness

  3. What does Namor do with his foot wing things when he wears a suit?  Does it tuck them into his trousers? Into his socks?  Seems uncomfortable.  Can he fly if they are bound in such a fashion?

  4. I am 45 with a Loooooooong, and experienced history of dating, and there hasnt been a woman that immeditaely thinks you look MASTERFUL once they have been handed several inches of greenbacks!

    Even if you are wearing a GREEN SUIT, with a YELLOW shirt, and a foppish YELLOW scarf!


    *NOT all ladies mind you. Just the ones handed a stack of bills like that!

  5. Haha, great panel! I’m currently reading the second volume of the Masterworks at the moment (FF #11-20) and am having a great time. The issue where they battle communist apes on the moon is pretty, er, fantastic.

  6. But will the FF declare this newfound outside income to the IRS?

  7. A trend that must return in the 2010s — GREEN JACKETS!!!!

    I read this one for the first time about 5 or 6 years ago in one of those Barnes and Noble Masterwork softcover editions, and I remember this was just about the most ridiculous thing I had ever read. I know there’s all this fighing about who did what for Marvel during the Silver Age, but I don’t see anyone trying to claim credit for this one.

  8. That is an AMAZING issue.

    And, you know, I find the idea that the FF couldn’t find any other way to make money to be a stretch, but I don’t have the least bit of trouble believing  Namor would buy a studio to make a fake Fantastic Four movie, because he could.

    And I love his jacket. 

  9. Hmmm. . . well, they could use the money to buy uniforms that actually fit them.

  10. And so began a new film genre of super-hero snuff films.

  11. I LOVE the old FF issues. I actually have the DVD-rom with the entire run of the series on it. I wish I had the patience to just read every issue and tell everyone about them, Tom Katers style.

  12. and not to mention this was just another ploy by Namor to win Sue’s affections

  13. "We’re not in a position to be too particular about who we work for." Reed’s moral relativism developed far eariler than Civil War after all. 😉

    What a great Silver Age story. And one of the first instances of a villain trying to use business to put his enemies underground. 

  14. Namor the Sub Mariner aka Roger Corman

  15. @stuclach:  He has a two tiny versions of the harness that Angel uses for his wings.

  16. Now that he’s handed her a stack of money, Sue Richards thinks Namor is hot.

  17. @WonderAli – Johnny thinks he’s hot even before receiving the money.

     I love the quote by Reed " … And we’re in not in a  position to be too particular about who we work for!". The best! This is one of the best "Greatest Moments in Comic History". So many things going on. 

  18. Oh yes, rub those stacks of bills all over your chest, Sue. Imagine what she would do for a bathtub full a T-Bills.

  19. This is probably why Stan Lee & Jack Kirby have a co-writer credit on the movie "Indecent Proposal".

  20. I guess Ben didn’t get the memo that casual dress day was cancelled.

  21. The opportunity for meta-textual interpretation is too rich here.

    For instance, did Namor’s evil plan actually involve making a crappy movie to embarass the Fantastic Four?

    The Fantastic Four movie was distributed by 20th Century Fox.  Namor = Rupert Murdoch? Or is Rupert Murdoch, in fact, the moody, cynical king of an underwater realm?

    This could go on and on.



  22. The things you can accomplish with seaweed.

  23. Doom launches everyone, Namor included, into space by issue’s end.

     If I remember right.

  24. I really do like the individualized reactions each member of the team has. Reed seems genuinely confused but the whole situation, Sue has her money is now clutching to her ready to make a break, Johnny is nervous about excepting money from a stranger (because he looks 12 here!) and Ben Grimm is counting his money, making sure it’s real because he grew up in the toughest part of New York. 😉

  25. @Tork: Not in this issue. It ends with the FF attending the premiere of their movie. The last panel is them waving on the red carpet.

  26. Johnny’s smelling his fingers. I wonder why…

  27. @stuclash: in regards to what Namor does with his feet when he wears a suit, I believe he wears Wingtips.

  28. So why were people complaining that the seedy porn industry look was out of character for Namor at the start of Dark Reign?.They clearly love it when hes pimpin’.

  29. Comics sure have changed.

  30. has anyone ever suggested that Wyatt Wingfoot and Namor are related?

  31. Namor is a pimp.

  32. You are a tramp, Sue Richards.

  33. Johnny looks like he’s still regretting the last time he accepted a wad of cash from some dandy wearing a scarf.

     poor fella, he’s going to be churning through a lot of women to compensate. 

    oh, and is Namor the world’s biggest tool, or what?

  34. Amazing. Just amazing.