Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #49

“Let it be known, in the middle of a global crisis, I’m always going to stop to shave and freshen up.” – Ron Richards


  1. Does this mean Ron can also stretch his appendages with a rubber like elasticity? If so you guys need to market that stat!

  2. I can sympathize. I mean, imagine being on the news for saving the planet from the devourer of worlds, only for everyone to comment on how scruffy and unkempt your facial hair is.

  3. You gotta look fly if you’re gonna save the planet.

  4. "Sorry, Johnny, I can’t hear you over how boring you are."

    Why is Ben bathing while Reed shaves? Don’t they have more than one bathroom?

    Wait, why is Ben bathing at all?

  5. if you look at the still for the video podcast about the FF this week, you can see what Reed looks like without a shave.  Unless it’s Logan, 5 oclock shadows don’t work on superheros.  so i say, heres to you knowing your place Reed! Shave on!

  6. What I love about those old stories by Stan, Jack, and Steve is that they tried to show all aspects of a super hero’s life, including the nitty gritty and the mundane. Also, I shave before trying to do battle with Monday mornings, so I can understand wanting to feel your best before taking on Galactus.

  7. Next panel.

    The Sentry comes out of the sauna – stark naked (punny) – and into the director’s shot.

    "Hey guys, I’ve beaten Galactus dozens of times. You need a hand?"

    Director (off panel):


  8. You know, comics could really use more scenes of super heroes showering together. More locker room talk and more harassing of each others body parts. Funny, I took a nice bath just like Ben last night. With bubbles.

  9. Why is Johnny in Blackface?

  10. Maybe Johnny took a cash job as a chimney sweep.

  11. It’s very likely that Sue is in the panel as well….

  12. Ugh, "we HAVE been…" Damn Thing grammar.

    Also, I guess Reed’s not doing Movember.

  13. I can only imagine the preceeding scene:

    "Galactus is attacking! There’s only one thing to do!"

    Cut to this.

  14. Reed doesn’t call enough people "lad" these days

  15. I’m wondering if this was in Stan’s plot, or if Jack just wanted to fuck with him. "Here you go, asshat. Write your way around this panel."

    Yes, I imagine Kirby using the term ‘asshat’.

  16. Reed does his best thinking in the bathroom. Wonder what he reads in there?

  17. @ed209AF Batman can rock a 5 o’clock shadow.

    And I’d think a pressure washer would be more along the lines of what Thing uses to bathe. 

  18. If only Kirby drew a back scrubber for Thing instead of a towel then this would be the best panel in comics ever.

  19. I can’t believe Eaglesham drew Reed so buff in that panel!  So completely out of character! Wrong, wrong wrong! Wait, that’s Kirby, you say?

  20. Why doesn’t Reed have nipples? I now feel inadequate. I’ll be waxing my chest now

  21. @ed209AF I actualy love that Reed usually has a bunch of stubble. He is so caught up in his experiments, he doesn’t think to shave. From a character point of view, it makes sense and is a nice, subtle little touch.

    @RapidEyeMovement You do NOT want to know what gets stuck in Ben’s little nooks and crannies when battling the Frightful Four.