Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #9

If Reed can’t figure this stuff out, what chance do any of us have?

(Thanks to Derek Hill for the submission!)


  1. Johnny’s plan is a good plan. He’s clearly the brains of this operation.

  2. Epic!

  3. FYI Conor, these are by far my favorite new things on the site in a long time. Only Jim and Pauls articles come close.

  4. Reed,

    The stock market is a random walk.  Can’t you see that?  Diversification will set you free!!

    Stan Lee

  5. Is he looking at receipts or those little ad’s you get from chinese take out?

  6. That is a hilarious panel, I don’t even care what the context is for it.  But you would think that a guy like Reed would just keep making dinero off his inventions and putting his surplus into completely safe and reliable investments like real estate.  🙂

  7. ALL their money?? Aren’t they like multi-millionaires? Shit, Reed really needs an accountant to handle his books. If he’s this inept with money, I really hope he didn’t get involved with Bernie Madoff!

  8. Ah, comics, parables for this complex, crazy modern world…

  9. How Johnny kept this team alive for so long I’ll never know…

  10. For all his smarts and know how, Reed’s secret shame is that he failed arithmetic…

  11. Who knew Madoff’s list of clients was filled with such characters?

  12. Reed fell victim to the dot com crash. He should’ve put it into Starbucks like Johnny wanted to.

  13. Shouldn’t someone have dropped a witty pun?  I’m going with:
    "Sue, I thought I could stretch the checkbook!"

  14. we never know…

  15. Haha, I really like these articles too.

  16. Just for reference, in the first arc of Marvel Knights 4, the FF’s accountant makes off with all their cash and leaves them broke in the middle of an economic recession.  The resemblance to Madoff and the stock crash that happened about five years after the book came out is kind of terrifying.

  17. Great stuff!

    I’m a professor of finance.  I will post this on my office door.