Great Moments in Comics History: Fantastic Four #29

It’s rare that you see three seemingly completely separate storylines happening in one panel.



  1. I asked for ROMAINE!

  2. Reed’s lettuce pun is priceless!

  3. “…Oh, and that’s Jim. He’s something of a legend around Yancy Street. He once threw a whole head of lettuce at the Fantastic Four. Don’t get him started.”

  4. Reed Richards has no problem being pelted with cosmic rays and Doom Lasers…but LETTUCE? That’s where he draws the line.

  5. Is that wad of chewing gum made of Spidey’s webbing? Because I’ve stepped on chewing gum before without that much incident, and I’m not a 500 pound rock monster.

  6. heh that’s pretty cool. Love that lettering. Thank goodness photoshop didn’t exist back then.

  7. makes sense to me. fuck inner city communities.

    what? is it like Conor couldn’t buy heroin off hookers back in the day because of this?

    Obviously not

  8. From what I can tell in that panel that head of lettuce was thrown by a 4 year old witha tremendous curveball

  9. Jeez….I hope Reed tells them not to read the billboards as they are walking through the neighborhood. Aw jeez Edith!

  10. not one of Kirby’s best days, lol

  11. I dunno, if a fruit stand can be open all night, how bad a neighborhood could it be?

  12. “Gee, Sue, maybe, just maybe, something like, I dunno, a FORCEFIELD might come in handy here.”

  13. Sue’s comment translates ” Let’s get out of here before we run into some minorities!”
    oh and she’s rockin a perfect Peggy Bundy

  14. I just like that the headline says the “Fabulous Fantastic Four.” How many adjectives does that group need? Also – language, Mr. Grimm!

  15. I’ve slowly been making my way though every issue of the Fantastic Four and I can say this is actually one of the more normal panels. That comic was just insanity on every page. In an awesome way.

  16. a lot of talking just for the cover. nice

  17. They need the…..ULTIMATE CRISPER!