FanExpo 2012: Geoff Johns & David Finch Team for JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA

DC Comics has announced a new Justice League of America ongoing for 2013. MTV Geek reports that Geoff Johns and David Finch will partner on the series, which centers on a very unusual roster led by Steve Trevor. It’s not yet clear whether or not this is Trevor’s desperate response to the news about Wonder Woman and Superman. All we know is that this Justice League is a new field team for A.R.G.U.S., and has a decidedly atypical lineup. Though we’re sure someone’s probably rattled off something close to it in a message board forum somewhere out there.

Anyways, meet the new Justice League of America: Steve Trevor! Vibe! Catwoman! Martian Manhunter! Green Arrow! Hawkman! Stargirl! Katana! Baz! (the new Green Lantern)! Wait…Vibe?

Look for Justice League of America #1 by Geoff Johns and David Finch in 2013.


  1. I’m intrigued

  2. “It will take the world’s most dangerous.”

    Is this ad from google translate… Or are DC straight up directly open marketing to juggalos now? (Their obvious target market.)

  3. Very, VERY cool to see Martian Manhunter in the visually Superman spot/pose in that lineup.

    Is that also a new outfit for Green Arrow?

    • Not if you watch Smallville.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Probably tying things in with the ARROW TV series. At least visually. And perhaps away from the current Hawkeye look(s).

    • It looks the same with the exception of the boots and gauntlets. However, seeing how it’s David Finch it’s more likely that he just didn’t pay attention to the reference material. He clearly doesn’t look to see how to properly draw a bow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      As a GA completest I’ll pick this up and hope it’s better than the other JL title.

  4. That is an odd line-up. And Catwoman on a Justice League team just feels very wrong.

  5. Geoff Johns was not F’ing around when he said he wanted to bring Vibe back.

  6. this kinda smells like what marvel did in their ultimate universe when they had danvers “avengers” vs fury’s ultimates. especially because this team looks somewhat like the government funded (evilish?) justice league. I’m just waiting for the this team and the other league to clash.

  7. I hope they cancel Hawkman and GA now and let Geoff Johns try and save them. Liefeld ruined a great chance for DC to fix all of Hawkman’s backstory and basically said “you know how you were confused before, well guess what I am gonna make it to where Hawkman doesn’t know either and make Hawkwoman insane!”

    • It was the editor’s fault! Or something!

    • I agree they should cancel Green Arrow and Hawkman and let John’s really tell their story here. Those books are near unreadable.

    • As far as I know, Hawkwoman is not insane. We’re not even sure it’s Shayera. The solicits called the crazy looking woman on the cover of Hawkman #13, Ladyhawke. So there’s a lot of assumptions there. It’s been mentioned that Hawkman #0 is suppose to clear up his origin. So wait until the issue is out before making these uninformed assumptions.

    • Totally agree about them dropping them. This looks really interesting, can’t wait to check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. It’s nice that Johns gets to put Stargirl back in the DC Universe.

  9. Martian Manhunter, Catwoman and Baz.

    Hawkman, Katanna and Steve Trevor

    …Oh, just ignore me, I’m doing a stream of consciousnesses thing

    Green Arrow, Stargirl and Vibe

  10. Interesting roster. Who is the gun slinger? I’ll probably try this out, just to read Geoff Johns writing Hawkman again.

  11. This seems like a strange line up for Justice League of America. I feel these characters could pull of a cool “Justice League: Underground” team. Interesting choices though.

  12. This is a new title right? It’s not replacing the current book?

  13. Wow, I just can’t see Catwoman on a Justice League team. I’m intrigued for sure though.

  14. Very weird team. Glad to see Martian Manhunter is going away from the backraods of Stormwatch and is going to lead a team again. Hawkman is also a good choice and DC is definitely isn’t going to shy away from the (for stupid reasons) ‘controversial’ new Green Lantern. The rest of the line up? Eh….Katana, Vibe, and Catwoman are not names I would normally think of but I’m sure Johns has a purpose for each of them.

    Also, I’m not really a big fan of Finch so it’ll be a big test for me if I can stand reading a monthly series with his art. He’s great for covers but for interiors? Not so much.

  15. So long as the books I read (Batman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Frankenstein, Batwoman) aren’t pulled into this, I’m fine. They start pushing a larger continuity like Marvel does, I’ll have to drop more books.

  16. Good to see Johns writing Stargirl again.

  17. So this’ll be an ongoing along side Justice League? Just seems a bit odd to have Justice League and Justice League of America, almost identical titles, plus the current Justice League team of Supes etc more or less also starred in a book called Justice League of America in the past. They’re just running out of titles.

    That said, Catwoman. Excellent.

    • Kinda like when Giffen and DeMatteis did International and Europe.

    • Plus they’ve had Justice League International and Justice League Dark in the new 52.

      This is just even more wacky since Justice League and Justice League of America have historically been the same book. Though I guess this is a bit like how whenever they rename an X-Men book, the launch another alongside it with the old name. X-Men to X-Men Legacy, then they launch a new book called X-Men. Plus of course Uncanny X-Men, Astonishing…

  18. How long until Vibe pulls out the cardboard and demands to battle J’onn in a breakdance-off?

    That’s not sarcasm. I am honestly hoping that happens.

  19. Is this DC’s version of Civil War, with a government controlled team going up against a “independent” super team? Steve Trevor = Iron Man, Superman = Cap?

  20. Also, an “American” Justice League team is led by….

    wait for it…

    …an illegal alien! Rim-shot!

  21. hmmm… I don’t know. Nothing about this screams “Pick me up”

  22. This looks like a great team book that I can’t wait to pick up. Now we have JL, JL dark, Earth 2, and JL of America…still less then the Avenger team books, but they sure are getting close.

  23. looks kl will check out the first issue

  24. “Itโ€™s not yet clear whether or not this is Trevorโ€™s desperate response to the news about Wonder Woman and Superman.” lmao!

  25. You know, I’m genuinely excited for this book.
    *J’onn’s front and center, which is something we really never get to see even in the old DCU.
    *Green Arrow’s going to written well for a change (well, at least since Winick left the book. Or at least J.T. Krul before Flashpoint) and we might see some of those old left/right debates from Green Arrow and Hawkman (though I’m not sure how Hawkman acts anymore, since I never picked up the book).
    *Catwoman seems an interesting choice. I mean, back when she was solicited to be in Batman and the Outsiders, she was there for maybe three issues and then left, so it may be that kind of situation.
    *Stargirl is back! Woo!
    *Katanna is always badass to have on a team.
    *I could take or leave Vibe, but let’s see what Johns brings to him.
    *No nothing about the new GL yet, but I hope he turns into a Damian situation where everyone hates him, but then likes him.
    *and isn’t this whole thing a huge spoiler seeing as Trevor “died” in the last JL issue? I mean, if he actually died, I would have been impressed by such a bold move. Too bad.

  26. It’s genius that they put Hawkman and Green Arrow on the roster, now if they could get the right writers for their books.

  27. So if this is a new title…what’s being canceled, something must be since they are wanting to keep it at 52 titles

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if Liefeld’s 3 books are cancelled now. Firestorm and Frankenstein also seem on the bubble. If Rotworld doesn’t boost Frank’s sales it could go. Legion Lost could also be cut. I wonder what other books will come out with JLA in the 4th wave?

  28. Reminding anyone else of Justice League Detroit?

  29. Steve Trevor = Steve Rogers here…

    I think it’s smart to have Johns write both JL books. I’m on board with this one.

  30. I wonder why the backdrop is a tattered American flag and a desolated cityscape. Just Finch putting in a background or a hint at the group’s origin?

  31. Does this mean Geoff Johns is leaving Aquaman?

    • I’ve found that usually only applies to artists, since it’s tough to even handle one monthly book, let alone multiple ones. Writers seem to be able to handle four or more books a month, well some of ’em.

    • I think it’s already common knowledge that Johns(and Ivan Reis) are leaving Aquaman after or around #16. While this book seems like a desperate attempt by DC to prop up Justice League to Avenger-like status(especially in light of how Justice League International flopped), it does have me intrigued cause of the people involved. But it brings up other questions, mainly will Finch stay with his Bat-book? And are all these changes that DC is announcing(possible Snyder-Lee Superman book) a reaction to Marvel NOW!?

      I just don’t like the name. it is TOO similar to the flagship title. But I’ll probably get the book, but still wait to see the “ripple” effects on other titles.

  32. That is a very bizarre team. Still, glad to see Stargirl back! I’m very curious to see what sort of explanation Johns comes up with for the Cosmic Rod. Hopefully she doesn’t turn into this generation’s Power Girl or Hawkman as far as backstory is concerned.

    Also, when can we get a decent Justice League logo?

  33. What is wrong with Martian Manhunter’s right arm? And speaking of arms, is Steve Trevor’s left arm really short or what? Having said that glad to see Stargirl back.

  34. I like this, a handful of my favorite characters that I don’t read they’re solo books for numerous reasons in one place then a few odd choices but might be cool. Katana just looks like SHI to me and Catwoman is just here for sex appeal, dig the look of the new GL and as a JSA fan its nice to see Stargirl again, just hope they link her to Ted and Jack Knight somehow and possibly the JSA, inter-dimensional time travel or something……but who the hell is vibe? Cheese name. I like Stormwatch and MM was leaving them anyway, so him, Green Arrow and Hawkman w Stargirl give me the pre New52 feel I like mixed with the new blood, its almost like the Geoff Johns JSA run concept where Alex Ross did the covers and it had classic, new blood and a cpl twist characters. I guess the James Robinson JSA run Geoff took over before that one had a similar line-up but were all more directly tied to the roots in some way. I’ll check this out for sure.

  35. I like this but i want two know if its 2.99 or 3.99 because il have two cancel a avenger or x-men book.I use to do mostly marvel but with double shipping and 4 dollar books I find I like dc more,hope aquaman doesn’t suffer.

  36. Johns and Finch. I’ll definitely pick this up.

  37. Here’s a couple of predictions:

    Katana & Poison Ivy are replaced on Birds of Prey by Cassandra Cain & Steph Brown.

    solo books for Catwoman, Hawkman & Green Arrow will all follow the lead for characterization/status quo from this book.

    Stargirl has no connection to Starman or past continuity.

    Vibe is gay (in both meanings of the word).

  38. Let’s see, Martian Manhunter on a Justice League team, as it should be. Actually, as it should’ve been from the beginning, Cyborg being a poor replacement for ol’ J’onn.

    Green Arrow, that’s good, even if this version of the character isn’t. Same for Hawkman.

    As for the rest…didn’t DC have a mismatched roster of C-listers filling out the JLA’s ranks the LAST time they published this title? Didn’t that NOT work, or was that book a runaway success and I just missed it?

    Oh, DC, when will this line-wide Elseworlds story end?

    • I’m hoping Barry Allen will wake up in the shower and realise it was all a bad dream… We’ll get another Countdown soon and another crisis, possibly The Crisis of Superman’s Shorts and, afterwards Superman wont have that frankly embarrassing naked bulge in his crotch anymore.

      You’re right though. It’s like a REALLY BAD Elseworlds.

  39. Sign me up!!

  40. Catwoman on Justice League? Catwoman? Really? Baz on Justice League of AMERICA? AMERICA people! He is not eaven an American…. Ok he could be we still haven’t seen him anywhere but promo art….

  41. Baz… the Green Lantern? Baz? Is it short for Basil the Green Lantern?

    This looks like DC trying to do Secret Avengers: “It’ll take the world’s most dangerous” Dangerous what? The world’s most dangerous B-list and C-list characters, including Basil the Green Lantern, to do what exactly?

    I won’t be buying this and I reckon it’ll follow the new JLI path…

  42. Geoff Johns you have my attention.

  43. I just hope Manhunter is still going to be on Stormwatch

  44. I for one am intrigued and will definitely give this a try. It’s about MM was on a Justice League, even if it isn’t the main one. With his powers, he could easily be the Superman/heavy hitter of the team. And this looks a lot like the old Detroit lineup, which could be good. Who the heck is Baz though?

  45. The line-up looks fun. I am very happy Stargirl is back. I am becoming a big Steve Trevor fan.

  46. I’m half and half on this team line up. I believe in Geoff Johns. They do need to do something different. Don’t be JSA or JLI. It would be cool if they were like a DC version of Xforce but its super doubtful.

    • Oh I forgot to mention that a better idea then this would be a Wild C.A.T.S . book. Just putting it out there

    • Jim Lee hinted at a WildC.A.T.S. book on one of the recent videos (he didn’t rule it out).

      What’s the bet that Batman (or if not Bruce, then Nightwing) will join the WildC.A.T.S.

  47. It’s ‘Secret Avengers’ meets ‘Uncanny X-Force’~ or Justice ‘Uncanny Avengers’ League if you will! The team is led by Steve Rogers err…Steve Trevor. With Green Arrow (Hawkeye), sword wielding Katana (Psylocke meets Domino), Martian Manhunter (whose new artistic rendering is The Vision/Hulk), Hawkman (Archangel), Stargirl (looking more like Ms. Marvel everyday), GL (sporting his Nova costume?), Vibe (LOL is this another Hank Pym identity? See outfit). To be fair, Catwoman had goggles long before Marvel’s Mockingbird. And granted a lot of the characters here existed before the counterparts I just mentioned. The copycatting comes from ripping off a specific character matrix and concept. What happens when the hype dies and you have to tell stories? I love DC as much as Marvel, it’s just that their marketing- pissing contest is so blatant at this point….just wish both companies would go back to what they do well.