Green Light! The CW Picks Up ‘Arrow’

The streak is broken! After Wonder Woman, Locke & Key, and Powers we were starting to think that new superhero television shows were doomed, but that Oliver Queen–he’s a wily one!

This week, all the American television networks have been announcing which shows will return next season and which pilots have been picked up to series. The CW has announced that Arrow, the new live action Green Arrow series that has nothing to do with the live action Green Arrow from Smallville, will be slinging its way to television screens come fall.

I’ve heard mixed things about the pilot but I guess we’ll all find out for sure after the summer.

Arrow is written and produced by Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, all of whom have strong ties to comics and comic book media properties (like, well, Green Lantern).


  1. Andrew Kreisberg was the writer who wrote the horrible Green Arrow/Black Canary run after Judd Winick. And Marc Guggenheim was responsible for the script of the Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern movie that never, ever existed in my eyes.

    • I wouldn’t lay the blame entirely at Guggenheim’s feet, considering his name was one of many attached to the script.

    • Yeah don’t blame Guggenheim for one little thing….

      He’s got an entire career to find faults at.

    • @TNC


    • I’m with TNC. He has had quite a few clunkers. He wrote possibly the worst issue of Spider-Man I’ve ever read. And that is really saying something.

      I am keeping my hopes very low for this. I watched Smallville at first but after a few years got tired of it and only checked back in from time to time. If this show is anything more than terrible I will be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    If Stephen Amell loses his shirt with the regularity that Justin Hartley lost his, my wife will probably be a fan.

  3. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the Avengers being the biggest movie in the world (and probably soon to be all-time)

  4. I’ll check this out!

  5. I really want this to be good. Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters, if not my all time favorite. Man, I want this to be good. At least better than the comic right now.

    • @SDucky25: Seriously? How can it get worse?

      GA is my all time favorite, too, I stuck around long enough for them to ditch J.T. Krul in the hopes that someone could still make it cool again, and insteaad they gave us the new 52. WTF!! Green Arrow as a corporate party boy hipster is “staying true to the core concept of the character.”…..sure, I guess if you consider the core concept “a guy in green with gadgety arrows.” I am now officially done and am just going to re-read all my 80s Mike Grell Green Arrows over and over again until I die of old age.

    • @goblyn27 I’d been a wannabe-fan of Green Arrow for years, so when the new 52 came out I thought “what a great jumping on point!” I was quite right in thinking that…

      …about Aquaman or the Flash.

      I didn’t even read the second issue of the new 52 GA. 🙁

  6. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this to turn out good.

  7. I liked Guggenheims Halcyon mini for Image and his ending JSA run before the new 52, had some excellent issues and a few fillers but would’ve liked to see him really catch a stride with the title….hope Arrow gets re-worked a little before its release.

  8. I’m not really excited about this, but I surely hope it will be better than the GA comics of the New 52 cause that shit was mediocre at best unfortunately! 🙁

  9. The idea of a Green Arrow series by these guys makes me quiver. In the past, they have often missed their target audience. I don’t mean to nock their efforts, butt I’m hoping this pilot hits the bulls-eye.

    More to the point, I hope this does well. , Nothing would be worse than seeing the creators having to pull back mid-season due to scripting, forcing them to let go of the show.

  10. I’m not overly familiar with the work of the names involved, but I do like the look of the costume from that teaser image. I’ll at least check out the pilot, depending on when it is scheduled.

  11. Not all all impressed with the goatee quality presented here. None-the-less, maaay check this show out.

  12. In regards to superhero TV shows… you notice practically all the networks abandoned the idea of a superhero show after Heroes Season 3, Aquaman, No Ordinary Family and The Cape.

    The Avengers blowing up the cinemas is going to make them all do 180’s now. Let’s see if they can be a bit smarter this time around and not dish out a bunch of cheesy garbage (my optimism meter is low… I also consulted my Magic 8 Ball and it says ‘Outcome Unlikely’).