Hoping To Recapture That ‘Smallville’ Magic, The CW Orders ‘Arrow’ Pilot

There is a hole in The CW’s heart. It’s an S-shaped hole and it’ll take a superhero to fill it. And right now The CW is betting that superhero could be Green Arrow.

(Or Deadman, which they also have in development.)

Deadline is reporting that The CW has almost finalized the deal to order a Green Arrow pilot–simply titled Arrow–from producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg. Berlanti and Guggenheim are set to write it. Kreisberg, if you recall, had a run writing Green Arrow & Black Canary which was not very well received.

It’s important to note that, according to the article, it’s not the Smallville version of Green Arrow that would headline the show, nor will it be any specific version from the comic books.

And it’s also important to note the standard television caveats: there’s no guarantee that this (almost) ordered pilot will ever get made (Grayson) or that even if ordered and shot that it will ever get made into a series (Wonder Woman, Locke & Key).

Will Green Arrow return to the airwaves? It’s hard to say but I’m betting that even though they aren’t planning on using that specific version, The CW feels like they’ve got a proven concept in Green Arrow from his years on Smallville.


  1. Maybe not the specific version from Smallville, but they haven’t ruled out casting the same actor, have they? It would seem a no-brainer.

  2. It is my sincere and fervent hope, that they decide not to go the way of Tiger beat, and make it as close to the original character as I’m sure we all remember. I would like to see Ollie instead of Oliver. It would be a good counterpoint to see a radical, semi-militant, justice seeking hero on a channel that is rife with girls who wear far too much juicy couture. But that’s just my opinion.

  3. I’d really like for this to happen, as Green Arrow is my favorite character behind Batman. If it does get made, hopefully it’ll be relatively close to the source material, so as not to be entirely unrecognizable sans the bow and arrow.

  4. I’m wondering if they’ll use material from the Supermax spec script from a few years back. Guggenheim was one of the guys on that, right? Would be a cool way to do an Arrow show with integration of that larger media DC Nation thing they’re putting together.

  5. It could go well… it could… Smallville succeeded, Aquaman fizzled, maybe Arrow will kick ass??
    More ideas: http://martelljt.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/the-cw-looking-to-dc-comics-character-for-new-series-pilot/

  6. I don’t usually go all cynical/sarcastic/negative on the Internet (there’s enough of that already), buuuuuut… Boy, can’t wait to see how bad this turns out.

  7. I really didn’t like Smallville, so I’m initially wary of this, but I would love it if they actually did it right. It’s a bummer it’s CW because they’ll instantly cast some young hunk of a man to be Ollie. Oh well.

  8. Diggle and Jock’s Green Arrow: Year One would be a fantastic starting point for a new series.

  9. Could it be that mysterious Green Arrow in a Super Max prison with B and C list villians, that was supposed to be a movie, turned into a series? I would totally watch any iteration of that premise.

  10. I want to be excited for this, but… not going to get my hopes up. To me, Smallville was just too much of a cheesy teen soap opera. Ollie is one of my favorite characters, so I’ll still check it out… if it makes it to TV.

  11. No Guggenheim, please! He wrote an issue of Spider-Man which was one of the worst books I’ve ever read. He also worked on the GL movie, need I say more? I have little hopes for this creative team.

  12. My gut says this will wind up in the same ALMOST category as Grayson and Deadman, but as with both of those, if they’d take the time to try it out, I’d be there in a heartbeat, and at least give it a chance!