The CW Eyes ‘Deadman’ As Its Newest Superhero TV Show

Deadman by Ryan Sook

Eric Kripke will not be denied!

Last year the Supernatural executive producer and former showrunner was reportedly tapped by Warner Bros. TV to develop a Sandman television series. And that ultimately went nowhere.

Late on Thursday, Deadline reported that The CW is hot to find a new superhero show to replace the dearly and recently departed Smallville, and it would seem that they have decided that Deadman is that show. The CW has tapped Warner Bros. TV to produce the show and Eric Kripke to write the pilot and executive produce the series.

At first, this news was a bit of a head scratcher. But then when you think about it, Deadman is perfectly suited for episodic television. Boston Brand was a circus acrobat who died and now, as Deadman, floats around inhabiting the bodies of other people, people who usually need help. That’s The Incredible Hulk but with less smashing and more spectral possession. That’s a series. Sure, Deadman’s not as well known as Superman, but that’ The CW’s problem to fix.

With the success of the big time Marvel movies at the box office, and shows like Smallville, television networks and producers are very eager to cash in on the public’s appetite for live action superheroics (if not on the printed page). There have been so many shows put into development and a few have even made it to the pilot stage, but none have made it to series. Will Deadman break the superhero television development hell curse?



  1. Does CW have the budget for that collar? Seriously though, this could definetly work.

  2. The Incredible Hulk? No, I see this more as Quantum Leap with Rama Kushna as Al Calavicci.

  3. I’m excited about the prospect of a lesser known DC hero getting some spotlight time and CW randomly kills with Comic Book properties. Who knows, we could all be talking about this in a very different light 7 seasons from now. How pissed would Ron have been if they made a Sandman series?! Would have said something like “How can you have a series with a buncha’ goths lying around crying? The CW already had that with 7th Heaven!”

  4. OOH that would be incredible!

    i think that a lot of the B-list heroes are actually a bit more “high concept” than the A list guys. Every episode he basically searches for the dudes that killed him and saves the day along the way. Pretty easy to see that work in episodic TV. If they do it right…man that could be sweet.

    fingers crossed!

  5. I think this could be a really good series if it is done right and not just a Quantum Leap rip-off

    • I don’t really think the character is a Quantum Leap rip off….even if they were to re-hash it though…its been almost 20 years since that show was on the air.

    • I think the QL comparison is natural, it’s the first thing I thought of. But Deadman was created in 1967, predating QL by over 20 years. As long as they make it original and not too similar, I think it would be great. Tie into the supernatural aspects, not just him trying to catch the guys who killed him. Include some other DC characters. It could be great.

    • Sorry Walter but Boston Brand and DC creators were doing this long before Don Bellisario created Dr Sam Beckett . I’m sure others will make the same mistake in thinking Deadman is ripping off Quantum Leap, but that doesn’t make it so.

      Ask Neil Gaiman about Tim Hunter (1990) and any incorrect assumptions that it was derivative of Harry Potter (1997).

    • @kennyg–very true. I can practically hear the pitch now “Its Quantum Leap meets Supernatural” …thats how you get it done.

  6. It would be fun to have a deadman show on the air.

  7. This would not have been my first guess for a DC show, but I can totally see it working.

  8. This is a fantastic idea, just when Supernatural has become a travesty, now comes new potential out of Deadman. Even though it is the same producer, I still will hold out for at least a pilot test episode to judge.

  9. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    i want this so bad. my only fear is that CW will axe it because with the possesion factor the “star” of the show won’t be in it very much.

  10. I understand that Deadman is not a quantum leap rip-off what I meant was that I hope there is more to the show than just deadman jumping into a new body every week.

  11. DO IT!

  12. Its funny, a while back I suggested Zatanna get her own show since it could spin off from Smallville and supernatural just seems to be a big thing on tv, never would have guessed they would actually go for my favorite supernatural character Deadman. I hope this works, but my only worry is that I just know they;re going to remove his classic look, dont be surprised if Boston looks like every other person.

  13. Deadman could be a lower costing show also, which means CW can afford it. The only major effects would be when he possesses someone, otherwise he can appear in his costume and just be Al. Doug Jones should star!

  14. I would totally check out a Deadman show. But what I want even more on TV? METAL MEN!!!