Stephen Amell Cast as Green Arrow in The CW Pilot ‘Arrow’

Things are moving rapidly over at The CW in their attempts to replace the superhero sized hole in their schedule left by Smallville.

Deadline is reporting that actor Stephen Amell has been cast in the lead role of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in their pilot called Arrow. You might have seen Amell in The Vampire Diaries or 90210, also on The CW, or on Private Practice or Hung. Or maybe you haven’t. (Ron definitely has.)

This could be a star making turn for Amell on the order of Tom Welling in Smallville… that is if the show gets picked up. Comic book TV shows haven’t had the best track record as of late.

This isn’t exactly how our Chris Arrant saw things yesterday, but what can you do? He’s not a psychic.

Oh, and it’s possible that we may have gotten our hands on a draft of the pilot script and it’s possible that we might have a review for you sometime in the future.


  1. *ponders*

    Hmm….ok, I’ll take it.

  2. This guy looks like the before picture to someone that gets beaten and starved for a coupla months… the after picture would be casey affleck.

  3. It’s weird that they’re using that mugshot.

  4. Very interested to see how this pans out. Hoping it gets a couple of good seasons

  5. Nice, looking forward to the possible review of the pilot script.

  6. My wife was a big, big fan of Justin Hartley but only seemed to pay attend to those scenes in which he found himself shirtless. If Stephen is in a similar state of undress even half as often as Justin, my wife will probably watch this with me.

  7. He’s not blonde enough, but I’ll still watch.

  8. Nice to see we already have the obligatory hair color complaint.

  9. yea? lets see him grow that goatee!

  10. i wish they would have thought about respecting the comics more by casting someone who owns a green shirt! This isn’t “Blue-ish Grey Arrow!”

  11. I don’t see the why they did not simply use Justin Hartley since he is already established with people who watched Smallville on the CW.

    • True. But I think they were going to do the same thing back when they were thinking of doing an Aquaman series.

  12. Hmm…I’ll dive in, maybe, if it happens. I think Green Arrow is one of the best possible choices for the focus of a TV show for a variety of reasons, and since I am still a huge SUPERNATURAL fan I can’t be too dubious of the CW as a network…probably.

  13. I made the show a logo, DC Entertainment style.

  14. Hopefully this pilot of Green Arrow is decent and picks up cause I need my fix of a good superhero series on tv ever since Smallville finished.