FIRST LOOK: Green Arrow in The CW’s ‘Arrow’

Deadline has your first look at Green Arrow from the The CW’s Arrow pilot.

Stephen Amell is playing Green Arrow and his suit suit is designed by three-time Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood.


  1. I’m guessing that’s a hood, but it kind of looks like a stocking cap in this shot. Still looks pretty nice, though.

  2. Hard to really get a read on it but it certainly appears green. He’s only got about 4 arrows though, doesn’t look like much room for a boxing glove neither!

  3. Seriously…Green Arrow?

  4. After Justin Hartley did such a popular job as uber-modern latex Arrow the smartest way to go is the other direction if you are trying something new. I definitely get a very medieval, more cloth and leather vibe and he seems to have a wooden bow. Its interesting but I want to see more

  5. Does that bow seem small to anyone else. I’ve never actually fired a bow and arrow but that seems smaller than any of the ones I’ve seen up close at Academy

  6. I like it.

    Although Atwood did films that aren’t really close to what Green Arrow is. But it looks like she did a great job for the TV show.

  7. Does Green Arrow use his bow & arrow in every comic? If he does, then I think we found the first ‘problem’.

  8. Who cares? Fix the book.

  9. Beard and mustache check,,,Bow and Arrows check,,green in outfit check…nothing too complain about yet folks.

  10. At least it’s not a high-tech compound bow, like in Smallville. Ollie’s much more simple. I think that’s a recurve bow.

  11. I kinda wish Ollie would wear his quiver longbow-style on his hip instead of on his back.

    Also: a libertarian sidekick or villain to balance out the political stuff.

    • Do you think Roy would be believable as leaning libertarian? For a villain, I think an anarchist is the way to go.

      And yes, look it up, there is a difference.

  12. Buah? I totally missed the bus on this one, had no idea it was a thing. Have I mentioned I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally like Green Arrow? Fingers crossed on this venture, CW is generally not my station of choice to watch… well anything. Ever.

  13. Looks a lot like the Mike Grell version. I like it.

  14. Ever since I read Long Bow Hunters I’ve been a fan of GA. I’m liking the first issue of Nocenti’s and am along for the ride.
    I do hope this show can deliver something cool.

  15. I see potential.

  16. I hope its better than the crap that is being published. Looks like they are going the Grell route, not the light hearted take of Smith, Meltzer or O’Neil. Hoping there’s a bit of the old Ollie in there.

  17. When this was first announced I thought nothing would ever come of it, this picture has got me a little excited.

    It looks good. It’ll come down to the showrunner and the actors, but it definatly has a good look to it.

    Hopefully it’ll get further than Wonder Woman.

  18. I was being overly negative in my comment above. GA’s important to me, and my bitterness towards his characterization since the relaunch overwhelmed my better judgement. The fact is that this show and his title are very seperate entities, and (good or bad) the chances of one having any kind of effect on the other is unlikely.

    Still, the programming on CW is usually not for me, so I doubt I’ll be tuning in. Maybe for the pilot. I have a sneaking suspicion they’re gonna make it a young Tony Stark series and ignore everything that makes Ollie unique. In my opinion, GA should be portrayed a bit older in order to convey the brash, cynical politcal grumblings that we love so much. The playboy angle is most likely what will be played up here, and that’s been done to death. I think he’s at his best when he’s written as a man on a mission of redemption for past sins, big and small, who has trouble with commitment, not to mention keeping it in his pants.

    I would say “I give this half a season”, but I said that about Smallville and look how wrong I was. I was right about Birds of Prey though. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • Well, how old is old? He is 29 in this show. Thats like 30 and Im not sure a story would work that well with a guy that is 40. If this gets picked up, chances are its going to be a hit since it already got the CW viewers plus since this is an edgier take more like Mike Grell’s stuff, it’ll probably attract the Old school fans as well.

    • I hadn’t realized the actor was 29. But still, when it comes to actors, age means nothing. He LOOKS younger than that, and I would put money on the fact that they’ll write him younger than that. I mean you have a valid point; the show wouldn’t sell if he was 40+, but that’s how I read him. At least, that’s how I read him pre-relaunch (now I don’t read him at all). Maybe I’m the minority.

      And where are you getting the idea that they’re basing it on the Mike Grell stuff? I’m not being a douche. I’m honestly curious. Because if that’s confirmed, I may actually tune in.

    • I meant the role was cast as a 29 year old billionaire.
      He got lost at sea at 24, now 5 years later 29.
      I do not know how young Amell is. But pretty sure he is around that age as well.
      So you sure you wanna put ur money on that?
      Also, it has the look and the feel of a Mike Grell’s era. This will also be the closest thing you’ll ever get to a live action. Almost all the marvel movies arent directly adapted to movies. There will always be changes. If you are really a fan you would at least tune in for the first few to judge it for yourself, to see if you like it.

    • Oh. Well then no, I’m not sure I wanna put money on it. 🙂

      I’ll tune in for the premiere, despite my negative feelings towards the CW.

  19. I am fine with this.

  20. I like what I see so far and am looking forward to taking a look at this. We can never have enough good comic based stuff on TV

  21. As a big Ollie fan, so far, so good. It’s a nice costume and props for going with the recurve. Also looks like a standard quiver and standard arrows. Maybe no trick arrows to start. Interesting, but it is only one picture.

  22. This guy carries four arrows with him. Seriously, four. In that small little quiver. What if there are five bad guys?

  23. Is that more arrows on his hip? There seems to be a holster or something there.

  24. Yay! He has the goatee

  25. I like that its a dark shade of green w a hood and he starts out w what appears to be a simpler bow than the hi-tech gadgetry version from Smallville, and hope it starts simple but shows him and his tech/bow n arsenal evolve.

  26. I’d like to say WB finally got it with the costume. No matter how good or bad the show is, people online are going to scream and curse if they dont like the outfit. Case in point : Wonder Woman.
    With this and Man of Steel it seems like WB finally got the idea that the suit can make it or break it.
    And as what Heidi Klum would say, “you’re in”. This definitely works.

  27. Would have been cool to get a Smallville spinoff, but a fresh new take is also welcome! I hope this gets picked up unlike Wonder Woman last year…