FIRST LOOK: ‘The Avengers’ Cast in Entertainment Weekly

Oh my.

Assembled again for the first time.

On sale tomorrow, we’ve got your first look at the October 7th issue of Entertainment Weekly, courtesy of my usually dimwitted mail carrier. In it, (the issue, not my mail carrier, who’s almost certainly full of spite and spite alone) we’ve got some all new photography from the set of next year’s The Avengers. Let’s have a look. Wait. Stop. Look at Harlequin Romance Thor again. Now gather the underthings you just tossed at the monitor and let’s continue.

Robert Downey Jr., Joss Whedon, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans

That’s not a spritely Hank Pym crouching on Chris Evans’ shoulder. But good try, internet!


Class photos!

Remember those weird portraits on the cover from a few seconds ago? They’re back. And the reason they seem so disjointed is because they’re actually class photos for the Marvel Studios yearbook. The copy for the Tony Stark bio is something we should all aspire to.


Steve Rogers gets a makeover, Loki returns, Nick Fury has a license to thrill

There’s an interesting quote. Even better than Cap’s new duds, Steve Rogers high-wasted man-out-of-time casual wear is pitch perfect. And after a number of cameo appearances as a recruiter, Nick Fury finally gets to fire a weapon.


I meant to caption this, but I keep getting distracted.

You want to try and hack the lady’s blackberry again? Good luck to y–KERBLAM!


  1. To appease all her new fans, scenes featuring Scarlett Johansson will be filmed via cell phone.

  2. Why is Mark Ruffalo giving the Zoolander face?

  3. this is a photoshop disaster. scarlet johannsen looks like she’s ready to execute here teammates. good call on the blue steel!

    • You’re so right. I teach Photoshop at a local college and am always looking for examples of bad Photoshop examples. THANKS Entertainment Weekly!!

      (Independent of this quip, I am uber-excited for the Avengers Movie)

  4. Ok… now I’m gettin’ tingles.

  5. I’m really gonna miss Ed Norton.

  6. Every single time I see them all in the same room together I get more excited.

  7. I don’t see the actor they have playing Bruce Banner being a good fit for the role. They should have gotten Steve Buscemi.

  8. Why does Bruce Banner look like while he’s been on the run he’s been womanizing rich ladies?

  9. As long as Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans once again finds themselves shirtless in this film, my wife will be there.

  10. Man I hope that Cap costume looks better on the big screen than it does in set photos. He looks like a little kid in a Halloween costume.×400.jpg

  11. Same old stuff. Wake me up when there’s an actual trailer.

  12. So Mark Ruffalo is playing David Copperfield as Bruce Banner?

  13. People don’t really know how to use photoshop very well do they?

    Also, it’s been said to death already but what the fuck is up with Mark Ruffalo? That’s suppose to be a super scientist? Looks like he’s a stand in for Wes Bentley for Ghost Rider.

  14. to be fair to Mark Ruffalo he does have to appear in the same movie as Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evens and Robert Downy Jr. You would pull blue steel in that situation too

    The film makers should have realised with dudes that pretty; by comparison they could have just gotten members of the iFanbase to play the Skrulls, they wouldn’t even need make-up for most of us

  15. sweet, i don’t like how they are replacing the Cap’s suit from the first movie. i hope this new design works out.

  16. LOL, BLUE STEEL!!! LUV IT!! I was totally thinking that then scroll down and everyone is saying too, hilarious, I kept staring at that picture (before staring even longer at my favorite voluptuous red head femme fatale)wondering why he looks like that and even though I like Ruffalo as an actor, I like Edward Norton better and it would’ve kept consistency w actors from the other films. Never wanted an Ultimate version Nick Fury and this movie needs Ant-Man (bet on Hank Pym cameo or Ant-Man surprise) but either way Avengers w Joss Whedon at the helm is gonna smash in a good way.


    Note: Please address technical concerns in the proper forum.

  18. She is a stunning woman

  19. I presume you meant “high-waisted” Steve Rogers, and weren’t implying that he had been trying to catch up with the decades of recreational drugs that he missed out on?

  20. Also… I can’t help but look at that Black Widow pic and think “Ahhh… that feels better… that was one hell of a curry last night…”

  21. I was really hoping for Hank Pym to be in this movie as a member of the team. One of my favorite Avengers. But I guess there is only so much room and they are already going to have to introduce Hawkeye among the established characters Still, this should be one Hell of a fun movie. And if Scarlet Johannson is going to be in black leather again, it can’t be bad. Its impossible.

  22. Might have been a better cover photo if Scarlet had her pistols pointed vetically. As is they do look like she’s going to
    “cap” (no pun intended) her compatriots.

  23. wow South Park is already 15 years old