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Weekly Sketch Up – 10.19.2012

Yes, there *are* two Scalera pieces.

Great Moments in Comics History: Captain America & The Falcon #9

Only a trio of hookers can save him now.

Light Week? Try MIND THE GAP #1, EARTH TWO #1, & FURY MAX #1

Why does your pull list look so thin? It needs to eat! Here, have a sandwich.

iFanboy Welcomes Agent Phil Coulson to Marvel Comics

Suck it, Rick Jones!

‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ – S01E01&2 – “Great Power” & “Great Responsibility”

The newest Spider-Man cartoon is finally here!

Marvel’s The Avengers Gets Five New Character Posters

Meet the Avengers!

Weekly Sketch Up – 03.02.2012

Forget it, Jake. It’s Sketch Up.

FIRST LOOK: ‘The Avengers’ Cast in Entertainment Weekly

Don’t make Mark Ruffalo amorous. You wouldn’t like him when he’s amorous.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Wolverine: Debt of Death

Nick Fury doesn’t shop at Ikea. Ikea shops at Nick Fury.

ADVANCE REVIEW: The Ultimates #1 – Spoiler Free

Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic bring yet another new take to the Avengers who are not the Avengers.