‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ – S01E01&2 – “Great Power” & “Great Responsibility”

Every generation has its own Spider-Man cartoon and here is the latest! Produced by Marvel Studios and overseen by a bunch of comic book creators, Ultimate Spider-Man is supposedly the closest Spider-Man cartoon to the comic books yet. We’ll see!

Here’s how “Great Power” is described:

Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for a year, and Director Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to train him to be the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Here’s how “Great Responsibility” is described:

When Spider-Man accepts Nick Fury’s offer to be trained by SHIELD to become the Ultimate Spider-Man, he discovers that he will be joining forces with four other teenage Super Heroes: Nova, White Tiger, Power Man and Iron Fist.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.



  1. I set this to record, so we’ll see. I hope it’s good.

  2. is this available on demand anywhere? We don’t get Disney XD

  3. I’m curious to see how this is. I didn’t like the latest trailer, but I am willing to give this a shot.

  4. Okay the Fury file on Hawkeye was quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen.

    This is pretty great, to be honest. I think my girlfriend is actually liking it more than I am. It definitely beats being at the library this morning writing term papers, that’s for sure.

  5. This is kinda cool but it definately doesn’t compare to Young Justice, thou I kno

  6. Finally, a Spidey series that will bring a new generation into loving the Web Crawler like we all do!

  7. I really enjoyed these, lots of humor and probably targeted more at a younger audience, but I’m happy with the first two episodes. It’s different than any of the other Spider-man cartoons I’ve seen.

  8. Admittedly, I went into this with lowered expectations, but I quite enjoyed these. I love the fun and free-wheeling tone and I found the ratio of gags that made me laugh to gags that made me groan was about 2 to 1. This show has a lot of possibility.

  9. Agent Coulson = Awesome

  10. I was worried when I saw the previews of the show, but these 1st two were pretty good! The breaking of the 4th wall can interfere with the story flow if done too much, but I thought it was fairly well done in these 2 stories. The more “cartoony” parts (turning into a toast in the preview) had me worried, but they were also done within the confines of the story to show the way Peter’s mind works. I hope the rest of the season is as enjoyable as these 2 episodes were!

    • My wife, a 3rd grade teacher, said the show reminded her a lot of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, the way characters were introduced and all the asides. So, the style was definitely aimed at kids. I liked how it shifted into chibi style for the really cartoony moments; it helped keep those more lighthearted moments separate from the real stuff. I also really appreciated that they didn’t open with a standard villain. Using the Frightful Four took this from “another Spider-Man cartoon” to something very unique and fresh. Having said that, I can’t wait for his rogues’ gallery to show up.

      And, when’s the last time you heard about ol’ Irving Forbush? That made me laugh out loud.

    • Exactly BC1! It reminds me of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” too! I first thought along the lines of “Scott Pilgrim”, which I didn’t quite care for, “Wimpy Kid” was great and I see the similarities!

  11. Pretty enjoyable. I really liked the style more than I thought I would. The writing was better than I thought it would be. I found that I really enjoyed the asides that they were doing and how they did them.

    Bugle sound for the Osborn cornrows… 😉

  12. The part where I felt like I could definitly get into this was the scene where spidey shoots through the lunch tables at the Wizard; fantastic, felt like something right from the comics.

  13. having the Wizard and Klaw in there made all the difference

  14. Considering the writing talent behind this show (Paul Dini and Joe Kelly among others), there was no way this show was going to suck.

    And it didn’t.

  15. I didn’t know the Marvel guys were going to totally rip off the Scott Pilgrim movie and turn it into the new Spider-Man cartoon series. Now I know. That said, I liked the 1st 2 episodes and will tune in for more. However, compared to the DC Nation block, the Marvel Universe block is still 2nd best, IMO.

  16. I enjoyed these two episodes. I grew up with the 90s Spiderman, but have also seen other newer iterations succeeding it. This new series is a lot more fun, but I might be bias to say I still loved my 90’s Spiderman more. I hope this series is something that they want to keep around for awhile, and not just something that’s riding the wave of the new Spiderman film.

  17. This was actually pretty funny!

  18. it was fun, but definitely more of a kid’s show than i’m generally interested in. i am interested to see if they use green hulk goblin instead of the more standard 616 green goblin, but other than that i am only hoping to use it to introduce my nephew to the awesomeness that is spider-man.

  19. I think both this Ultimate Spider-Man and The Avengers cartoons are skewing toward a slightly younger demo than Young Justice and even Green Lantern. And I agree – Ult Spidey did evoke Scott Pilgrim / Malcolm in the Middle, the way it kept breaking the 4th wall and using asides. Personally, I think Spidey and Avengers are good shows but I doubt I’ll watch, I feel creepy watching stuff too kiddie-oriented…

    • P.S. I just paged through the comic book adaptation of this cartoon’s 1st episode – and it read much better than it watched.

  20. I was prepared to not like it, but then it reminded me how unexpectedly fun Teen Titans was.

  21. I had a lot of fun watching this and I’m so glad they were viewable online in Canada.

  22. nothing will ever be Spectacular.

  23. I’m just wondering what comics-themed animated shows will be available when my twins are old enough to watch them. They’re only 17 months right now so it’s going to be awhile before I can start watching this kind of stuff with them. I’ll check back in 5 years or so. 😉

  24. I really enjoyed this. I love how Iron Fist seems like a hippie/stoner. It’s an interesting twist on the character.

  25. This was fantastic! Great action, great comedy, they knocked this one out of the park

  26. Spectacular, in my opinion was the best incarnation of Spider-man. It was like they combined Ultimate Spider-man the comic with Spider-man 2 the movie- the best of the movies and the best of the comics.

  27. I am out of touch with the people. You won’t find many bigger fans of the character or the book, but I only made it about ten minutes.

    Between the voice actor who reads all of Spider-Man’s lines like he’s doing a Go-Gurt commercial for Radio Disney and what I can only call “this Ferris Bueller bullshit,” I just couldn’t take it. Now that I’ve slept on it, I will readjust my expectations and give it another try today, but lordy lordy, it rubbed me like mental sandpaper.

  28. If Scott Pilgrim and Spider-Man had babies together, it would be this show. That’s my opinion after watching the first two episodes. It ain’t bad, but it ain’t as great as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes or Batman: TAS.

    Also, I grew up with the 90’s Spider-Man show, so I might be biased and since this one is clearly aimed at a younger audience than my 26 years of age…

    All in all, good entertainment and a cool 22 minutes of comic book fun every week! 😉

  29. This show pales in comparison to Spectacular Spider-Man on every level. Characters are more detailed, but the animation is jerkier. SSP told its story without needing constant cut aways to explain every little thing like Spider-Sense. Plus Spidey was actually funny in SSP. This one had some real groan inducing “quips”.

    I mean, it’s not a bad show. Even a good show in some respects. But when we’ve already had great, good doesn’t cut it.

  30. i think the show was pretty awesome i loved the animation and how they are trying to induce new and fresh stories than the regular ones we all know it’s a good start but sometimes the jokes can get a bit much i loved the animation style a lot that i downloaded the two episodes and going to study an base my drawing on that, not wanting to divert i give the show an 8 outta 10

  31. Spider-Man for the ADD crowd. lol Reminded me and my kiddo a LOT of Teen Titans. Turned up to 20 out of a scale of 1 to 10.