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Name: Keith Vanoskey I

Bio: I have been reading comics for about 30 years without a break and have passed this on to my children. I play in a local Chicago band called The Allegiance and we are an all original band. My favorite characters are The Flash and Green Lantern, (Barry and Hal). I like to play DCUO which is the only video game I currently play.

Flash923's Recent Comments
June 19, 2012 10:39 am Read the preview over at CBR and I must say this is one really strange ass issue, although I am slightly aroused by the woman with legs and a large head no body. I kinda of get the idea behind these sexy ladies however; I would probably pass on them. The preview has got me waiting for Wednesday with new excitement!!?? Just really not sure if I have some serious mental issues and need some help, those ladies kinda of got me curious on how they are able to have relations; or anything close to it for that matter?? Such a completely different comic book compared to what is out there right now, very strange indeed! K
June 19, 2012 7:56 am 19 books in one week for me and I think like 5 are from the cross overs from AVX. I still have like 10 I think to read from last week, I am still way behind and I hope this weekend I get some quality down time so I can sit and read! Due to my budget starting to shrink and I keep saying I have to make some cuts however; I have been doing less cutting and more adding again. I think I will try to finish out the year with what I have on my pull list and than start cutting for 2013, otherwise I will be living in my comic boxes under lower wacker. K
June 19, 2012 7:50 am This recieved a 2 for me and like I have said since his runs in the New 52 Rob L. is just outdated as an artist however; the story line was pretty good. I think he can write if he concentrates on that aspect and that alone, nothing more than writing. Hang up your pencils and your pens Rob you are done, there is one specific panel where the big Kuhnd warrior they are fighting stands there in battle with Deathstroke and the others and his legs look bad especially the right leg (our left) looks like a stump instead of a leg. The hair styles and just all around everything drawn really pulled me away from the story and poor Lobo; what a way to appear in the New 52 last issue and this issue. He really looks awful, I am so disappointed; although his characterization is very good. He looks so stiff on that motorcycle and there is just such bad perspectives from page to page. My spelling is as bad as Liefeld's art work, I try very hard but it is just not gonna happen and I am to old too really care because; I will not be taking any spelling courses now. K
June 18, 2012 4:42 pm This was another fine issue for this title and again claims the POW for me easily. If you want action, adventure, drama, and all around classic comic book reading this is the place to go! The artwork is always good and the characters them selves have now firmly planted them selves into some of my favorite characters of all time!! Harley, Deadshot and even King Shark have become just as popular to me as the original Firestorm, Red Tornado, The Joker and so on!! They are no barking on Icon ie The Flash, GL etc. Maybe if this title keeps thaking the over all number #1 spot each month in comics I look forward to reading like I did when I was younger!! What is going on with YO-YO is he the traitor and the spy, HA! Just kidding. Love this title and this issue continues the train rolling, if you are not reading this get out and get the TPB and then catch up this is bad assery!! K
June 18, 2012 11:38 am Read the first issue as I got them both together and than this one. The second issue is much better story wise and I really like the look of Brother Blood however; I was looking for him over in Teen Titans. Does this mean that Raven can't be to far behind and hopefully she ends up with the Titans where she belongs. I do not see this group lasting very long as the first two issues really were so so; the artwork was very good though. K
June 18, 2012 11:34 am This title was fun when I was catching up to everyone in trades and than as I finally caught up around issue #82 / #83 I feel the qualtiy has dropped off and the character we are reading this for is taking a back stage so we can get some BG on some of the supporting characters and I really do not like most of them anyway, for example; Monster Girl and Robot. Anyway, I think I am about ready to say good bye as well as my budget is really coming in full force now on me. K
June 18, 2012 11:20 am This has been a pretty good maxi-series and I really like The Shade however this issue did this title no justice!! I gave it a 1 and only because it is The Shade, otherwise this was a horrible issue to me. The artwork was not very enjoyable as it confused me as to what was goin gon this issue as much as the story line; as well as boring. I found myself falling asleep by the fourth page and then I really only think I finished it kinda a speed reading it to get through. Sorry great Maxi-series however this issue was a let down, need more modern up to date Shade with there only being a few issues remaining. K
June 18, 2012 11:14 am 3 is what I give this issue and I am standing my ground against popularity issues. This title has been very good from back to front each issue and then this one just seemed to be a cop out!! Evil twin brother?? What a bunch of whoeeee!! I am sure this guy is demented and twisted and really has no real clue of reality by this point however; who am I? Who am I? Give to me a break already!! The idea of Bruce having a brother really does not fit in anywhere and even begins to break down the dark Knight and his tuffness and reason why. First he has a son and now a brother? No, no, no, no! For me I will deal with it and roll witht the punches and see where this goes since this has been a great title month in and month out so far. I am positive that that is no way Bruce's brother!! K
June 18, 2012 11:08 am Again I felt this was another one of those down issues of Demon Knights, I have been liking this title although there have been a few so/so issues and this is easily one of them. The artwork has been fun it's just I was expecting a little more story line and it just seemed to be about sea serpents and finally at the end The Demon gets possesed?? I guess I was a little confussed by this issue and I kinda get where it is going just not really sure why it heads this way to get there?? K
June 11, 2012 5:27 pm Leave all of the other lanterns corps. in the other Lantern books, lets keep this all about Hal and maybe a few guest stars just not this many and all of these Lanterns are starting to become. I wanna see Hal's rogues gallery finally start to grow.. K