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• It’s SUICIDE SQUAD vs. SUICIDE SQUAD, as BASILISK raises the stakes!

• More on the traitor disguised as a member of the team.

Written by Adam Glass
Art by Fernando Dagnino
Cover by Ken Lashley

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Amazing Cover! Cannot wait till wednesday, Adam Glass keep the great stories rolling!

  2. This book is never disappointing. I’ll glad it has the sales to keep going!

  3. Ya I don’t know I think I’ve had my fill of this series now I’ll be dropping the book with the chance I’ll pick up back issues in the future. Seems with this new story arc that the series isn’t as fun as before

  4. I loved it. Everything is more cohesive now so it feels more like a group book. I love the new Harley and they way she interacts with people. Five stars from me (as usual for SS), and a glowing reccomendation.

  5. Meh. This is the first issue where I suddenly don’t really care. I’ve loved it up ’til this point, one of my top books actually. I feel like this issue is just coasting. I’ll definitely be sticking around, because I’m pretty sure it still has greatness in front of it.

  6. this series was good at first but it’s seems that adam glass is determined to forage on with this version of the Suicide Squad that’s almost completely devoid of the characters from the Ostrander series in the old DCU. as an old school SS fan my sense of disappointment with glass’s writing really picked up during the resurrection man cross over. issue 10 leaves me totally flat and i seriously doubt i’ll be picking up 11 when that comes out. any other fans of the John Ostrander series might want to go here:

  7. This was another fine issue for this title and again claims the POW for me easily. If you want action, adventure, drama, and all around classic comic book reading this is the place to go! The artwork is always good and the characters them selves have now firmly planted them selves into some of my favorite characters of all time!! Harley, Deadshot and even King Shark have become just as popular to me as the original Firestorm, Red Tornado, The Joker and so on!! They are no barking on Icon ie The Flash, GL etc. Maybe if this title keeps thaking the over all number #1 spot each month in comics I look forward to reading like I did when I was younger!! What is going on with YO-YO is he the traitor and the spy, HA! Just kidding.
    Love this title and this issue continues the train rolling, if you are not reading this get out and get the TPB and then catch up this is bad assery!!


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