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• BATMAN takes the fight to THE COURT OF OWLS!

• Discover the evil mastermind behind THE COURT.

• Plus: The “Fall of the House of Wayne” backup by SCOTT SNYDER, JAMES TYNION IV and RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE.

Story by Scott Snyder
Backup story by Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Art by Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion
Backup art by Rafael Albuquerque
Colors by FCO Plascencia
Backup colors by Dave McCaig
Letters by Richard Starkings, & Jimmy Betancourt
Backup letters by Dezi Sienty
Cover by Greg Capullo, FCO Plascencia, & Rafael Albuquerque

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 82.3%
Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Awesome cover.

  2. Cover looks great and I am intrigued as to who “is behind the Court of Owls.” that implies that it’s someone in particular. An existing character of the Batman mythos? Can’t wait.

  3. So what happened to $2.99? They must have “erased the line.” I know this issue has a backup, but still.

    • Sorry, no “but still” here. The whole “hold the line at $2.99” thing was always for books with the now-standard 20 story pages. Any DC book with more than 20 story pages has been priced above $2.99. As this features 8 pages of backup story, it’s a $3.99 book.

    • Didn’t we get all this complaining out last issue?

    • there’s never a big enough platform to get all of the bitching out. there are people out there who can’t piece together the obvious logic which @ken has politely spelled out and sometimes people just “need” to bitch/vent about something.
      it’s like all the haters who won’t touch(so they say) a before watchmen book, but they won’t miss a chance or feel compelled to comment/bitch/hate on every new one that comes out.

    • Yeah. I just had to vent a little. It’s really not a big deal. I will still continue buying Batman because it’s the best DC book out and Batman is my favorite character. Even at $4.99, I would buy it (as long as the story still has it’s hooks in me.)

    • Honestly, if more of my favorite books included 10 extra pages for another dollar I’d be extremely happy.

  4. Turned on a new comics reader due to this Batman story. That is also a beautiful cover.

  5. I have loved this court of Owl stuff.

    If I had to place a bet I’m betting Lincoln March as the mastermind. I don’t buy his ‘death’, too much like Tommy Elliot

    • I think you are right, looking forward to the reveal…

    • it seems pretty obvious to me, too. the court conveniently left him alive just long enough so he could speak his last words to batman? pointing which direction to go? i don’t buy it. he’s one of the owls. that’s why his death scene is so convincing.
      seems rather like classic murder- mystery tales.
      he’s probably related to bruce. his great, great, great uncle or something. that’s why they look so much alike. lol

    • I hadn’t read Batman for a while prior to Snyder…is Lincoln March a newer character?

    • @USPUNX: His first appearance is BATMAN #1 (this volume).

    • Well then. I guess I know him as well as anyone else. Maybe I need to go back and retread Snyders entire run in preparation for this!

  6. Didn’t read any of the crossovers, did I miss any important plot points or was it all just generic battle scenes?

  7. Looking forward to this. Sweet cover.

    Count me among the theorists pitching Lincoln March as the mastermind.

  8. That is one sweet ass cover!! Let’s take it to them Batman, I really would like to see Batman get the upper hand in this fight and show his true fighting prowis!!


  9. Really enjoying my return to the world of comics and Batman is leading the way! Love the cover on this issue.

    • Welcome back!

      Did you return with the New 52, or at some other point?

    • I used to read comics about 20 years ago and I got back in in march. I came back because of the walking dead, I like the show and when I found out it was a comic I went looking for them. Then I saw the “New 52” and it was fairly recent so I could start reading at #1 instead of starting in the middle of a series. I used to like Batman back in he day so I started there and I like it alot. I curently read Batman, Dark Night, Detective Comics & Batman Inc. alomg with other various non-batman books.

    • @scottie67: No Batman and Robin? Give this week’s issue a try. It should be great.

      (I think the Bat-books are among the best of the New 52.)

    • I’m right there with you. I’ve had several comics points in my life but the last 12 years or so have been just picking up the occasional trade to complete my collection of some of the Vertigo essentials, like Sandman, Preacher, Y the Last Man and Lucifer. The last few years I’ve taken my son to Free Comics Day and picked up a trade or two while I was there, but this year I’ve been going weekly since.

      I think it was three things that’s kept me going:
      1) The free iPad digital copy that comes with some of the Marvel titles
      2) the amount of highly recommended titles that are just starting out where I can jump on by picking up a couple of back issues and a trade
      3) the great writing from Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire.

      I am in love with my new weekly habit.

    • Lol – @stubadubb Welcome back to the crack that is comics!

      Glad you’re getting your son into the hobby.

      I “infected” my wife and daughter, and they read off-the-wall comics I’d never try myself.

      FCBD works wonders if retailers know how to keep readers coming back to their shops and publishers can follow-up with good monthly books.

  10. Batman is that dude

  11. Great cover, great use of lighting.

    I wonder what the big reveal of this is going to be?

  12. how funny would it be if stephine brown was the mastermind just to piss fanboys off

  13. And to everyone here. I know the reveal in #10 is going to cause a lot of talk on Wed. and I just wanted to say thanks in advance for ALL of it. At the end of the day, the story is all about the past coming back to haunt, creeping closer and closer to Bruce – the past of Gotham and the past of the series itself, “Batman,” for long-time fans – and this is the culmination of that. Of course, I hope you love it as much as I do – it’s where the story’s been headed from the first page, as you’ll see, and above all, I just wanted to say thanks for reading. All of us on Batman have been blown away by the time and attention you’ve devoted to our story. Above all, your passion for the characters makes it a double honor to work on the book. Thx. S

    • I’m loving all your great Batman work Mr. Snyder! Keep it up!

    • Indeed! This book has brought a lot of old fans back into the fold, myself included. Cheers to you, Mr. Snyder. Looking very forward to Wednesday!

    • I think the greatest thing about this book is the amount of new and return readers to the comics industry it has generated. Please keep writing Batman with Capullo on pencils for a very long time.

    • It’s Alfred, isn’t it? Damn you, Snyder!!!

      I have a super big Batman itch right now, and this book is one of the best Bat-Stories in recent Bat-Years. Yay for me.

    • Thanks to you…. I have hopped on the Batman bandwagon. Thank you. Is it too much to ask for you to write all the books I read? As for the time and attention we’ve devoted, I personally can say the pleasure is all mine. This story is the reason I’ve been reading comics for 20 plus years. Keep em coming!

    • Thought this issue was 5 stars as always but on a side note I had a weird dream last night that I was heading to a comic convention (which I will be in a few weeks when I go to Heroes Con in Charlotte) but somehow ended up at a Steak and Shake where you were doing signings. We hung out and talked a while which was cool but at some point I confused you with Jeff Lemire and you got really angry then I woke up.

    • Loving your work in the NEW 52 (not to say I didnt love it before ), keep it up!

  14. I hope its not Lincoln March ( I think that would be too convinient ) unless of course he is Bruce’s long lost twin ( the reason they look alike ) that was thought to have died at birth and taken by the COO and raised for this moment. That would add something to the Batmythology. Actually I just hope it’s the Joker, every mystery should end with the Joker; laughing his ass off. Sounds good to me.

  15. Man has this been good! Every month, when it’s Batman wednesday, I feel like a crackhead addict in detox just about to get his fix!

  16. My bet for Court of the Owls ringleader is Alfred Pennyworth’s father and/or The Outsider.

    • I have been leaning that way too, mostly because I think if they made it Alfred people would shit their pants, but now suggestions of Lincoln March have me wondering, oh well I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

  17. I’m wondering if they’re just waiting to wrap the CoO before we get to the Joker stuff. Seems crossover worthy material if you ask me.

    And God, I hope there’s no Bruce Wayne twin brother stuff. Twins and comas have about overstayed their welcome as story-telling devices, haven’t they?

  18. this is one of those titles that so good, i don’t have much to say about it. Its been a great ride so far and its always my most anticipated of the week.

  19. All the crossover titles I read so far were pretty good. Dark Knight and B&R. About to look at Nightwing next. Then prolly Catwoman

  20. I actually have a subscription and got this in the mail today (which is odd because I usually get them a week late). I won’t spoil it for everyone, but I thought it was great. Some of the theories proposed here are fun to read. Nicely done, Mr. Snyder….

  21. Great thing about being in Australia is that Wednesdays come earlier and so do the comics. Batman has never been so good. When is next month again?

  22. Anybody know when this is going back to a $2.99 book? On the DC site, it shows up through #12 & the #0 issue, which are all still $3.99.

  23. Just read it. Snyder delivers every great thing he promised.

  24. So having had this spoiled to me at the store (thanks btw) I thought it sounded like a terrible idea. Having read it though, wow he pulled it off. Bravo Scott.

  25. Does it get any better than Scott Snyder’s Batman? I think not. Honestly, I can’t think of a single arc of Batman’s 73 year long history that compares to Snyder’s. Snyder has done for the comic franchise what Chris Nolan did for the film. Bravo!

  26. p.s. how awesome is it that Scott’s hanging around here and commenting? Yeah, that awesome.

  27. Loved it!

    I finished the main story and thought – yes! Enough of a recon to be fun, but without upsetting what’s already there. My one niggle would be that the main story ended with Bruce not knowing, while the back up half confirmed it.

    I think it would be great if Bruce, and us, where left to wonder. Was this the last owl trick, or the truth? Thought I can’t help but think there’s something more to come.

    If Alberqueque could do two monthly books I’d have him do the front story here in a second. Great art work!

  28. I bet Scott had a really fantastic time reading some of the comments on here last night.

    Solid, solid work Mr. Snyder.

  29. that was awesome! makes me begin to question what other things will come from this. If you keep one secret, your bound to keep others. I have a feeling its all gonna get turned upside down as we continue.

  30. I don’t know, this was about as straightforward as this story could have possibly gone. I get that Snyder is popular right now but if this had been an Encyclopedia Brown book at age 11 I wouldn’t have had to flip to the back to get any help. I’d have even been OK with the “reveal” being transparent if the big tell hadn’t been the pin that is prominently displayed on a massive painting/photo hanging in plain view. If everyone knew the pin symbolized a parent with a kid there then why was this the Perry Mason moment? C’mon. Why not have Bruce find an old/lost photo or half the pin or something a bit more discreet? There were so many great elements and possibilities and it was just a ride from point A to point B. Sorry but this failed for me, and I was hoping against hope for a cool twist to hit and it never did. I have to imagine this didn’t surprise or catch that high a percentage of readers, at least I hope.

  31. I’ll probably be double dipping this one. I want a hardcover of this BAD.

  32. The big reveal would’ve surprised me a lot more but I had suspected that Thomas Wayne Jr was going to be revealed as Dr Simon Hurt way back in the Batman R.I.P. arc (I even wrote in about it: Bruce’s long lost silver age brother has been on my mind ever since. Glad to see Snyder using him though, seemed like a character ripe for the plucking!

  33. Scott Snyder is one of my favorite writers but this reveal did not work for me. It made the story feel even more like a reheated Black Glove / Dr. Hurt than it needs to.
    The art was great though, and overall its a completely solid comic, but the reveal really killed it for me. Still, I look forward to next issue.

  34. This was awesome, seriously turning into one of my favorite batman stories! Think i might re-read the entire run before next months conclusion! Soooo good 5/5 POTW!

  35. Count me among those who don’t love the reveal here. i don’t hate it, but it did really deflate the issue for me. Snyder could easily change my mind on it next issue though.

    4/5 for me.

  36. Not sure how I feel about this yet. It may take some time for me to warm up to the idea. From a storytelling perspective, this issue was just as great as the previous nine. Suspenseful, thrilling, and absolutely beautiful. But the reveal was a bit too much mustache twirling for me. I’ve come to expect more from Snyder’s dialog and characterization than the insane-long-lost-brother routine.

    A retcon is one thing, and the relaunch offers a perfectly reasonable opportunity for such a dramatic addition to the Batman canon. I’m not jus some diehard Batman “purist” who’s annoyed that they’ve fucked with continuity. The change itself doesn’t bother me, the execution does.

    We’re supposed to believe that Bruce Wayne (a person who, time and time again, has been shown to have an exceptional brain even before his parents’ murder) doesn’t recall his mother being pregnant? In the backup, Jarvis states that Bruce is three years old at the time. I have a nephew who just turned four. He has a one-year-old baby sister, and I can tell you that a year and nine months ago, he was well aware that in nine months he was going to be a big brother to a baby girl. He told me countless times how excited he was, and it was clear that he understood the concept as well as a three year old boy could.

    Not only that, but Bruce doesn’t remember a violent car accident that flipped he, his mother, and Jarvis into a ditch? Now, one could argue that a young mind could easily block out an event as traumatic as a terrible car accident. A valid argument. But it’s less plausible that Bruce’s young mind would also block out the 6+ months of his mother being pregnant. I don’t buy it. Besides, if they use that explanation, we’re stuck with both the Evil-Long-Lost-Brothe Device AND the Amnesia Device. If that’s the case, we might as well be admiring a Capullo-drawn Days of Our Lives.

    Someone mentioned above how much more impact the reveal would’ve had if we had to wait another month to find out if Lincoln March was full of shit or not. But the backup seals the deal and therefore softens the blow. I’d have to agree. Even without the backup (which is also beautiful) lessening the effect, I have a feeling I’d still be sitting here trying to decide whether or not I liked this issue. Again, I mean no disrespect to Snyder and co.. I absolutely love the work being done on this title and will continue to do so. There were just a few too many convenient trapdoors here for my taste.

    • I’m in the same boat as you but everything about the issue was masterfully done so I don’t know what to think about it yet. I’ll come to a catharsis at some point and I’m not going to make it my POTW until I’ve read everything else and Batman 10 another 2-3 times.

      I think, either way, it’ll end up being my POTW because of that “inability to decide how I feel about the issue” feeling we both seem to be having. If something can stick with me this much after a read through I’m pretty sure it’s not a tale done for a cheap shock but a master and his artists at work producing gold from what would otherwise be garbage if produced by anyone else.

    • I didn’t have a problem with this. If it does cause me any hesitation, it’d be the car accident over anything else. But things fade as we grow older. To use my son as an example: At twelve, he really doesn’t remember stuff younger than 5 years old. But I remember him talking about stuff he remembered from 3 when he was 6 or so.

      In general, most adults don’t remember things that happened prior to about 5 years old UNLESS they’re very traumatic. A pregnancy can register as weird or even exciting to a 3-year-old, but it’s not necessarily traumatic — I think it’s just too abstract a concept. Especially if — afterwards — the family didn’t talk about it, didn’t refer to the brother, and just tried to move on. What registered as weird or interesting at three might not stay in the memory into adulthood.

      Much more likely is the car crash. At three, a kid would be likely to remember something that traumatic — unless of course he hit his head and was concussed. But even if Bruce had some vague memory of the car crash, it doesn’t mean he’d remember the concept of the pregnancy and it going away.

      Seems pretty plausible to me, anyway.

    • @daccampo: I get what you’re saying, but it’s still too far of a stretch for me. That said, I’m looking forward to Bruce dealing with the ramifications of something so monumental being hidden from him all these years. Not only by his parents (whom he’s always held on a pedestal), but if Alfred ever read the letter from Jarvis, he’s got some explaining to do as well. That should be interesting. That’s me turning lemons into lemonade. The reveal didn’t go down very easily for me, but at the end of the day I’m still excited for what comes next. Snyder said he would turn Bruce’s world upside down, and he certainly delivered.

  37. this was a really good book, but when i read the reveal my first thought was “so, they went with the long lost evil twin/sibling thing.” then i let out a little sigh. it’s not terrible, it just not too terribly original.
    bruce doesn’t believe it, so hope is still alive that this cat is just a delusional character obsessing over the wayne family. he did grow up in a mental institute, right?
    but if it is what it is, that’s cool. i had a blast reading it. 5 stars.

    • damn. i wrote my previous comment without having read the back-up. i know, i know, a grevious error on my part.
      but, hope is still alive. he’s his brother if we accept jarvis’ letter at face value. who knows? maybe the letter is forged or maybe jarvis is an agent of the court. maybe jarvis is the father of thomis jr. wouldn’t that be fucked up! i would love to see another twist. just another way to make us stand on our heads while it’s turning round.
      BUT, just to be clear, i really love this comic and whatever the fuck snyder wants to do is cool by me. even if it doesn’t sit well at firsrt. like mr. freeze’s orgin. still works well and is something new. i appreciate the balls it takes to make these bold moves.
      mr. snyder, sir, you have HUGE BALLS! RESPECT! keep ’em comin’. can’t wait for next month.

    • It’s still possible the backup story is a red herring. Sure, there may’ve been a second Wayne child. Doesn’t mean that Lincoln March is that child though.

    • good point.

  38. I hope this has implications with the Earth three Owlman, who is also a dark reflection of Batman… and an Owl and looks a bit like the Talons anyway. Any Earth Three Scott Snyder Series on the horizon?

  39. Just a reminder to those are upset at this “change,” Thomas Wayne Jr isn’t a new character. Snyder has just brought him back from comic book limbo:,_Jr._(Earth-One)

    • I’m glad you pointed that out! I remember the character from World’s Finest and always wondered if he might not make a return. I always chuckle when I meet comic fans who think comic history begins around the same time Soundgarden made BadMotoFinger. 😀


  41. 1.Batman’s gliding for 2 pages without interruption. When’s the last time you saw that happen?
    2.Batman is detecting.
    3.Stubble+Zorro nods= win.
    4.Haunted House.
    5.New psychotic villain
    6.This art is stupid.

    All of the above numerals precede compliments about this issue. It has 90%potw for a reason. When is the last time a book has been able to do that every time it’s released? Never.This isn’t a fluke. This is a truly spectacular book. This is magic. I can understand why the boys are trying not to choose it as their pick of the week every week(can’t say the same things about it over and over). But, don’t kid yourselves people, Snyder and Capullo are creating something truly special.

    • Are you arguing with someone? I don’t think anyone here is denying any of the things you’re saying.

    • A friend of mine and I were talking about it and he said what could be considered blasphemous but might not be that insane after you ponder it for a while:

      “This is shaping up to be better than Hush.”

    • @markavo: That wouldn’t be too hard; HUSH was awful. 🙂

    • Haha! I agree with Conor. I still haven’t been able to get through Hush. (I know I’ve said it before, but Jim Lee doesn’t do anything for me)

    • @conor @jr. wormwood wow I didn’t realize people thought HUSH was bad. It was one of the original 3 books I got handed when I got into comics about 3 years ago, along with Ultimate Spider-man and Invincible. I loved it when I read it. Granted I haven’t re-read it since then but at the time i thought it was amazing and really made me want to read more batman comics. Keep in mind I pretty much avoid Jeph Loeb comics like a plague but I always thought HUSH was the exception to the Jeph Loeb rule. What did you guys not like about it?

    • It’s just so bombastic. Every villain shows up, huge double-page spreads, Lee’s super buff version of the Dark Knight. I like quieter, detective type Batman stories with less in your face art. All of Lee’s women look the same. All of his men look the same. It may not be his fault, but he’s had so many copycats (I may still be damaged from the early 90s Image stuff and the onslaught of Lee clones that followed) that I just can barely stomach his work any more. The whole story was presented in that “YOU HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THIS!” fashion, and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

      Hell, it might be a great read. I just haven’t made it past the first couple of issues. Am I remembering it wrong? Is my description above accurate at all?

    • @thompsonlive Have you checked out Batman: The Long Halloween, by Loeb & Sale? I think that was probably the best thing Loeb’s done, & it’s a hell of a Batman story & a genre piece. I remember liking Hush a lot too, but it’s been years & I’m much older now, so who knows… I’ve re-read Long Halloween a few times though, & it always holds up.

    • @jr wormwood Honestly I think every villain showing up and the huge double page spreads is why I liked it at the time. Not sure if would be annoying now, since i’m so immersed in comics but this one of the first comics I ever read (outside of a few issues here and there as a kid) So as a new reader HUSH was just an onslaught of everything I remember from the cartoons and I felt (at the time anyway) it had a great story. As far as Jim Lee goes he is probably one of my favorite artists, this may have something to do with the fact I never read comics during the 90s though. The art in HUSH (and now JUSTICE LEAGUE) is just jaw dropping in my opinion. I remember being amazed at the art when I read it. This conversation makes me want to go re-read it now and see if it lives up to my memories of it as a new reader.

      @jasonhart no I haven’t read The Long Halloween. As much as I loved HUSH I was completely devastated by Loeb after reading Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum. However you’re not the only one that has recommended this to me so I may snag it next time I see it on a 99 cent digital sale or something.

    • I totally get it. The 90s ruined me. And yes, The Long Halloween is one of the best Batman stories of all time IMHO.

  42. You know when there’s something amazing going on & you don’t get it until it’s to late, well that was almost the case with this series for me, I heard it was good but after the dismal Detective Comics & not so good Dark Knight series, I just wanted to be sure.
    So I got the Hard Cover, which saved me a mint on back-issues & WOAH what’ve I been missing, I have now got all the issues & read them in one sitting, I can now see what all the hype is about, this series kicks-some-serious-ass, if only I started with this instead of crappy-Detective, I’d be more happier!

    So I am a late comer to this series, but oh yeah I am staying!

  43. Beautiful. Simply put, great art…fantasorgasmic writing…Snyder’s rocking the Bat world here. If you like his Bat then try his American Vampire! That’s where my POTW went this week. But it was a tough choice….

    • I’ve wanted to try American Vampire. In fact, I have the very first issue but I just haven’t read it because I’m a little tired of vampire stories. I’ll give it a shot. I like horror and that’s probably why I like Snyder’s writing so much. I guess I’ve just been bombarded with so many vampire films, tv shows, books, etc. that I am a little hesitant to start AV. Same thing with zombies.

      Do I have to know the rest of the American Vampire story to start the new mini series?

  44. Glad to see Snyders check cleared ;). Loved this btw, ill admit having had the twist spoiled for me at my local comic shop the first thing I thought was “wow he’s going that route”. However its all in the execution, what could have turned into a cliche long lost relative story was executed so well that even knowing what the end result was had me going “oh hell no”. The issue made me go back yesterday and reread all the previous ones, and sure enough the hints were all there.

  45. Greatest detective in the world…does not know he has a brother???

    • or noticed the pin on the huge painting/photo hanging right in front of him every day which symbolizes a parent of a child at the institution… oof.

    • The things most obvious are often the hardest to see.

    • I agree with Lebahn. In the beginning pages of this issue, Batman acknowledges that sometimes the answer can be right in front of you, when he refers to a previous conversation with him and Henri Ducard. Who, might I add, according to Bruce is the best detective ever….stuff like that happens, even to the greatest of minds.

    • I get what Zhurrie is saying. That is a hard one to swallow. I can get over it though.

    • It isn’t that I can’t suspend disbelief for a comic book it is that it is such an easy thing to do better. Have Bruce find an old/lost photo that shows the pin in it or say half the pin and March has the other half… something. Same thing with the bat and talon armor suits, the bat one was brought in abruptly and shelved abruptly and the talon one was too, this reads like a mini-series that things needed to get crammed in rather than breathe and unfold, it was more like paint by numbers to hit key plot points in X issues to lead up to a battle of talon suit vs. bat suit.

    • ^^^ Which is exactly why I can’t get into Hush. I see where you’re comin’ from.

    • I’ve long believed Batman is an expert on everything, but himself

    • @ Zeppo, great point. I think that is exactly what Snyder is getting at with this story. What does the “Greatest Detective” do when faced with the fact that he doesn’t ALWAYS have everything figured out?

      I think some people are going to have to let go of the notion that Bruce is never caught off guard. Really, it’s how he deals with sudden revelations that makes him the best at what he does. Plus, we still have one more issue to go. Maybe, as some have pointed out, there are more details yet to be realized.

    • Does Alfred know about the lil bro? It seemed from his father’s letters?(diary?) that he must, assuming he received them. That would be messed up.

  46. How did the world’s greatest detective not figure this out? Snyder, if you’re still there tell me you have an explanation for this.

  47. I have to say I was pretty disappointed when I saw who was behind the whole thing, but then came the second twist and that was a jaw dropper. It was awesome! So is that Owlman now? The backup story was great as well… pretty messed up.

    Please check my mini-review of Batman #10 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  48. I’d say the reveal was cliche yes, cheesy, absolutely. But also highly entertaining stuff. Hopefully this particular card gets played less and we focus on Batman’s future instead of the past. Hopefully including more emphasis on supporting characters having relationships with Batman/Bruce, we’ve pretty much only had Alfred in these 10 issues. Even Gordon is absent for the most part. Also pretty reminiscent of Hush.

    Still, it’s fun stuff, and well done, I give it the 4 stars.

  49. Well, i finally see it. It took me 10 issues, but i finally see why this is the most pulled book on this site. This was AMAZING.

  50. Does Morrison’s run still stand in this continuity? I really think Snyder is a great writer and I am enjoying this story a lot, but I still find it hard to get past some of the similarities to Morrison’s. Here’s hoping this is not the end.

    • Continuity is like a lot of things in life, it really only exists if you believe in it.

      I liked Morrison’s run. I’m liking Snyder’s run. I can keep those things separate in my head, continue to enjoy both, and sleep the sleep of the just.

  51. I picked up Issue 1 of this run and dropped it again until number 4, after which I was hooked. I have loved the slow reveal of The Court Of Owls and actually think that multiple villains are a refreshing change from Batman’s usual rogue’s gallery of diabolical masterminds. Having said that, the end of this issue really turned me off and I hope that Lincoln is not ultimately revealed to be Bruce Wayne’s long-lost brother.

    With all due respect to Mr. Snyder, not only was this story already written in Pre Crisis continuity, but it was also already brought back into continuity during Grant Morrison’s run.

    It seems like every superhero has an evil twin, who was hidden away from the world and warped and so on…The reveal wasn’t original in the slightest and unless it is revealed to be a red herring (which would be very clever indeed), was the real low point of the series for me. Reading the comments here, it seems as if every other poster predicted it and nobody was especially surprised.

    I’m disappointed because ‘The Court Of Owls’ was a story I hadn’t read before, but the big reveal (here’s hoping it isn’t) was a story I read a few months ago in Batwing and before that in Batwoman and have already read in Batman. Twice. Not forgetting that Barbara Gordon’s evil brother is currently at large in Batgirl.

    Again, with all due respect to the creators (who have entertained and fascinated me for the last six months or so), this one dropped the ball IMHO. I’ll pick it up next month regardless and see how I feel from there.

  52. PotW. Could be Pick of the Year for me!

    I’ve seen secret societies in Gotham and a “long-lost brother”or two in the decades of Batman stories I have read.

    But not on this scale and done in this way.

    And here folks (like me) felt that Fredrick March looked too much like Bruce in earlier issues.

    Well done, DC!


  53. Best Snyder book since Swam Thing #7!

  54. I wonder if the Powers family has anything to do with Batman Beyond’s Derek Powers.

  55. 86% potw? this must be the most over-rated comic issue ever. i’m not saying it was bad. it wasn’t. i just can’t help but feel that the people saying this is probably the best issue or run they have ever read of anything haven’t read too many great comic books. probably don’t venture outside of dc and/or marvel.

    the “big reveal” left me feeling meh. in fact the whole run has left me feeling that way. there were zero “holy fuck” moments for me either in terms of story or writing or art. you could drive a bus-load of owls through the plot-holes and from a literature point of view it was mediocre. (i mean, i’m currently reading Sandman, which would laugh this batman arc right off the shelf)

    sorry for the neg opinion. overall i’d give the whole thing from #1 to #10 about 3/5, so not amazing, not terrible. i thought snyder’s previous run before the new 52 was better.

    • “i just can’t help but feel that the people saying this is probably the best issue or run they have ever read of anything haven’t read too many great comic books. probably don’t venture outside of dc and/or marvel.”

      Or they just have different tastes than you? Just a thought.

    • I have read better myself, but the run gets a 4/5 from me.. this issue gets a 5/5. Really love where its going, and perhaps where it really isnt… time will tell. (SPOILER! I kind of like the idea of Bruce haveing a secret evil brother… but since its Batman I have the feeling it really wont be.. just another abused and confused villian… again, time will tell)

  56. SPOILERS: I like the twist… but its still possible March isnt Bruce’s brother.. who can say if Bruces unborn brother survived that car crash? The Court could have gotten any random baby and told him he was that kid that Martha would have had.

  57. 3 is what I give this issue and I am standing my ground against popularity issues. This title has been very good from back to front each issue and then this one just seemed to be a cop out!! Evil twin brother?? What a bunch of whoeeee!! I am sure this guy is demented and twisted and really has no real clue of reality by this point however; who am I? Who am I? Give to me a break already!! The idea of Bruce having a brother really does not fit in anywhere and even begins to break down the dark Knight and his tuffness and reason why. First he has a son and now a brother? No, no, no, no! For me I will deal with it and roll witht the punches and see where this goes since this has been a great title month in and month out so far. I am positive that that is no way Bruce’s brother!!


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