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• “THE HUNT FOR LOBO” from new writer/artist ROB LIEFELD!

Story by Rob Liefeld
Art by Rob Liefeld
Cover by Rob Liefeld & Matt Yackey

Price: $2.99
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BionicDave07/19/12YesRead Review
Metamorphic06/13/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. This is a 5 star book. I should check it out. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s go Rob. Oi!

  2. If you could judge this book by its cover, it would be a lot better than what’s inside. Ugh. I LOVED this book in the beginning. Now… It’s like a car wreck – I know I should, but I just can’t look away.

  3. I dont kno why i picked up this book
    I nvr read it before but it was enjoyable might keep getting it but it’s very 90’s and I see Rob Liefeld still rrly loves that one hairstyle and wiht It’s flaws still giving it 3.5 out of 5

    • Awesome that you gave it a try…….The first story arc was a lot better but it still pretty good and I think 3.5 is a good score for it. I am looking forward to the showdown between Lobo and Deathstroke.

  4. This recieved a 2 for me and like I have said since his runs in the New 52 Rob L. is just outdated as an artist however; the story line was pretty good. I think he can write if he concentrates on that aspect and that alone, nothing more than writing. Hang up your pencils and your pens Rob you are done, there is one specific panel where the big Kuhnd warrior they are fighting stands there in battle with Deathstroke and the others and his legs look bad especially the right leg (our left) looks like a stump instead of a leg. The hair styles and just all around everything drawn really pulled me away from the story and poor Lobo; what a way to appear in the New 52 last issue and this issue. He really looks awful, I am so disappointed; although his characterization is very good. He looks so stiff on that motorcycle and there is just such bad perspectives from page to page.
    My spelling is as bad as Liefeld’s art work, I try very hard but it is just not gonna happen and I am to old too really care because; I will not be taking any spelling courses now.


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