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Name: Mark Dodd

Bio: Dodd, 17, United Kingdom. I read comics and don't sleep enough. That's...pretty much it.



I’m not 100% sure if swearing in reviews is allowed, so to be on the safe side, I’m gonna censor…

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I shouldn’t like this book. Being relatively new to comic books (i’ve been reading a little over a year), my…

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This Limited Series as a whole could be either really good or really bad, but One Month To Live #1…

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Doddsickle's Recent Comments
July 18, 2011 12:47 pm If he's just running around in a Superman T-Shirt and jeans, he's gonna run into one hell of a lot of people who look just like him...
February 28, 2011 11:36 pm @FabYoni - I emailed about it a few months back and they said to keep an eye out (or words to that effect) so I'm guessing it's coming.
February 27, 2011 5:57 pm I'll be jumping on Uncanny X-Men with the point one issue, X-Force I'm already reading (and loving), X-Factor I'm not sure about yet (do want t read it, just not sure where from - last I read was #200) - all I'm left unsure with is Legacy. 
Adjectiveless X-Men I read for 5 issues and it just didn't really do it for me. It was alright, and the art was F***ing amazing, but  I just wasn't feeling it.
February 27, 2011 5:44 pm Would anyone reccomend jumping on to the X-Books with Age of X, or should i wait 'til the upcoming MMXI thing? 
February 26, 2011 2:29 pm I'm the complete opposite to you - as of yet I have NO art. Do want to start buying some, though. I really want something by Lemire.
February 24, 2011 9:54 am There's an iFanboy message board? 

But yeah, I'll be picking up ASM soon - I dropped off a while ago, and this seems like a great place to jump back in. 
February 16, 2011 6:03 pm I've loved these last two episodes, really nice to see what the editors do.
One thing - does Marvel have a similar editorial set up? I really feel for the guy assigned to Wolverine or Spiderman hahah.
February 8, 2011 12:38 pm Hmm. I like the art. Will listen to the Don't Miss Podcast and pick up Hellboy/B.o.B on Thursday.
February 6, 2011 5:22 pm I don't get it. I used to really dislike Brightest Day, but this latest issue was incredible! And the art was so much better than earlier in the series. It feels like the story's actually going somewhere, now.
February 6, 2011 3:55 pm http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vdy4eRKrf_8

 Cowboys and Aliens already got released by the director - really liking the look of it!