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Word Balloon – The Slott Talks

Show Notes

On this edition of Word Balloon, Dan Slott is back to answer your questions!

In our conversation Dan reveals that he can’t wait for everyone to check out this week’s Amazing Spider-Man #655 which he calls “the best issue I’ve ever worked on.” Combined with the double page montage in the back of Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 and the cover previews for the next 4 issues, there are plenty of telltale signs for the future of the Spiderverse. Dan’s shares what few details he can with us, from Spidey taking the Human Torch’s place in the new FF, to hints of a future Amazing Spider-Man event called "Spider-Island."



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  1. Slott seems like a nice guy, but his interviews are hard to get through…at times. He’s like my dad when friends used to come over in high school – he trys making jokes and trys to be goofey instead of just being a normal person or himself. Stop embarrising me dad! Geeez.

  2. Couldn’t disagree more. Dan is very candid when giving answers and I lthink is one of the funniest creators out there.

  3. @dgazzuolo  <— interviewer pwnt!

  4. Dan is always a great listen. His enthusiasm is infectious. John, 3-hr marathon interview; this is a big meal. Looking forward to listening.

  5. well, i just died a little inside

  6. There’s an iFanboy message board? 

    But yeah, I’ll be picking up ASM soon – I dropped off a while ago, and this seems like a great place to jump back in. 

  7. whew! finally finished listening to the whole thing. great job, sugar lips.

  8. I seriously don’t know what I would do without this show. I may not buy comics every week and I sure as hell fall off and on with books but one thing is certain; John Suintres is the man and this show never falters.

  9. New Bendis Tapes part II up at wordballoon.com.

  10. @dgazzuolo  so he is an older version of josh? lol

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