We're going to get our first glimpse of Captain America in action tonight when the trailer (teaser, really) for Captain America: The First Avenger makes its debut during the Super Bowl. Check it out below:

I'm SO excited to see it.

Update: Here are some still frames:

Captain America with, one assumes, The Howling Commandos. Bucky is on his right; Dum Dum Dugan on his left.

Captain America with The Howling Commandos. Bucky's on his left. Dum Dum Dugan, and his sweet 'stache and bowler, in the middle.

Captain America, armed with a pistol, running into battle next to a shotgun blasting Dum Dum Dugan.

Steve Rogers about to bust in on a submarine.

Red Skull!

Captain America drop kicks, presumably, Red Skull.

Captain America leaps while the battle rages behind him.

Captain America boxed in by flame throwers.


  1. I THINK you mean, “The Super Bowl will be played around the debut of the trailer for ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.”

    Priorities, Conor, priorities. 

  2. as someone who doesnt give two sh**s about the super bowl. i must agree with the combat ready cat.

  3. This is why the Super Bowl is the only game of the year that I don’t DVR to avoid ads.

  4. Can’t wait to finally see this!

  5. oOooOoOoOoOoo can not wait. GO PACKERS!!!! #JetsFanForPackers #IHateTheSteelers

  6. you tease. 

  7. Has everyone seen the #Wizard Volkswagen Commercial: The Force ? aweSOME.

  8. @RahUniQue  HA!

  9. I wish we knew specifically when the trailer would be shown so I could, y’know, skip the rest. Half time? That’s my guess…

  10. It’s fitting that America’s greatest hero, is showcased on America’s greatest sport. GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I’m sooo excited about this trailer. Just as much as I am to see the game. Hate the Steelers, Go Pack Go!

  12. I’m in the UK, and was considering staying up just for this, but I GUESS I can wait until the morning. Some michievous imp had better have uploaded it by then!

  13. Ugh my passionate hatred for both the Packers and the Steelers is going to be tested today. I am so pumped for this trailer but seriously, MY TWO LEAST FAVORITE TEAMS IN THE NFL.

  14. Honestly, this is the main reason I’m watching tonight.

  15. Looking forward to seeing this.

    Go Packers – #SeahawksFanForPackers #IHATEtheStealers

  16. What other trailers are we getting during this game? I know we’re getting this one and a new Cowboys and Aliens. anything else?


     Cowboys and Aliens already got released by the director – really liking the look of it!

  18. @RoiVampire – Thor was announced to be airing by Marvel, too. Rio (groans, the Angry Birds movie), and Cowboys and Aliens, like you said. I think Transformers 3, Pirates 4, the JJ Abrams flick, Super 8, X-Men: First Class; are expected as well.

  19. Thank God Al Gore invinted the internet.  I can see this without having to watch fooseball.  I’ve never been a big Cap fan but I have a gut feeling this will be a very good movie.


  20. Haha. Comic fans having to deal with football in order to get their precious nerd crack.

  21. @j206 Normally I don’t like football, more of a basketball, baseball guy, but the super bowl always interests me because it’s always cool to see two really good teams go at it. any championship game is always at the very least interesting to watch. Haven’t watched a single game all the way through all season but i never miss the super bowl

  22. @bigben2012 is a PACKERS fan?!  Head… exploding… !

  23. Looking forward to it!

  24. Look for this around 7:43pm EST.

  25. I hope this is better than the Thor one.

  26. OK, that didn’t really do it for me. 

  27. wow. That looks F#$cking Awesome. Can i buy my tix now?

  28. i don’t like the helmet.  its too brown and weird looking



  31. It was better than the Thor one because it was all new. But it moved so fast it was hard to register what was happening. Can we get a real trailer now?

  32. Awesome.

  33. that was a quickie, but I liked the feel of it

  34. 20 seconds of bulking him up. 10 seconds of quick cutting action.  But I liked what I saw.  Did anybody see Bucky in the rapid cutting?

  35. Well… that was awesome. And I don’t particularly love Cap.

  36. A view of the skinny Steve Rogers chris evans is delightful

  37. That was awesome. Jeeez.

  38. Stuck at work. Anyone know if it’s online anywhere yet?

  39. Great trailer!

    Also, it’s nice that everyone who saw the trailer and complained about Chris Evans not being buff enough/skinny enough will finally shut up.

  40. Looked ok, but the trailer was so super quick that I didn’t get a chance to process much of it. 

    I liked the opening narration by Erksine about how no matter what Steve Rogers becomes, what matters is what he is:  “A good man.”  The essence of Captain America right there.

    Liked the quick Red Skull.  Like the flame-thrower triangle.

    There’s a super quick(theme for the trailer) glimpse of Cap walking with some other soldiers, which I suspect includes Bucky & maybe(I can dream) the Invaders.

    Didn’t like the “It works” punchline at the end. 

  41. Yes please.

  42. Love: The cinematography, Peggy, Erskine, Red Skull
    Don’t love: The costume, quippy/Chris Evans-y Cap 

  43. That has a better cast than I realized!

  44. I see Dum Dum! He’s in the scene when they are entering the factory!

  45. i think Bucky’s behind Steve at about 22 seconds

  46. Red Skull @ 24 secs

  47. I liked it. Looked great. Totally excited for this movie.

  48. @throughthebrush – Where do you get “quippy/Chris-Evans-y Cap” from? He says like 3 words in the entire thing.

  49. @j206 And his only words are a joke I can’t believe the character would make.  Not promising.

  50. Joe Johnston looks like he’s going to hit a grand slam on this. I’m getting all kinds of Rocketeer vibes from the art direction and look. So excited…and i don’t even read Captain America. 

  51. Awesome. This looks so badass.

  52. @throughthebrush – He says “Taller” and “What do you think?”

    I think we can withhold judgement on the dialogue… 

  53. This was always going to be good.  Now hoping for Thor and praying for Green Lantern.

  54. Dum Dum alert at 16 and 21 seconds. Bucky as well.

  55. Looks fantastic, but Evans really should have went the Christian Bale route and just lost a ton of weight, instead of cg’ing his scrawny body.  His head looks weird attached to that body.

  56. @RaceMcCloud But this IS the way they’re choosing to sell the movie, which says something.

    I am withholding real judgment until the film comes out, but that’s my first impression. 

  57. @lifesend That would have REALLY messed with the production schedule.

  58. @lifesend  So for the sme movie he should have gone super scrawny AND super buff? Christian Bale goes one way or another because you can’t do both at the same time.

    @throughthebrush  Most movies have a joke stinger at the end, especially action movies, especially Marvel movies. I didn’t think it was a big deal at all.

  59. Cap says 5 words in this trailer, relax everyone.

  60. @conor It was the “taller” bit that got me more than the shooting the shield bit, which did make sense as a closing stinger.

  61. @throughthebrush – Yeah, what a smart ass. (roll eyes emoticon)

    Seriously, dude. If you want Marvel to put out a mainstream action flick that’s 100% serious, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. Every single time.

  62. @gobo @conor  My statement was partly in jest, but I think it would have been neat if that were the case.  Perhaps he could have fasted during post-production and filmed the scenes afterwards.  But I admit, the logistics of doing so are not favorable for blockbusters of this kind.

  63. @throughthebrush  I didn’t think that was a joke or a quip at all. It was pretty much a straight line.

  64. its also directly after he becomes cap. It looks like he is about to pass out.  And to be honest, while it is funny, if you went through a HUGE transformation like that, being taller might legitimately be the first thing you notice. 

  65. @cskilpatrick It may be the editing and not Evans’ delivery that made me interpret it as a quip, so I’ll wait and see how it plays in the final film.

    @j206 Dude, you act as if I’m flying off the handle.  I made one minor first impression comment.  I’ll wait for the film, or at least a longer trailer, to truly judge.  Your condescension isn’t necessary.

  66. He seemed pretty genuine when he said “taller”.  I think they played that pretty straight. 

  67. ya! red skeletor!

  68. So does Erskine get gunned down right after the “taller” line?

    And is Tommy Lee Jones the handler for Cap and Bucky?

  69. @my condesscension isn’t necessary? Haha. Well played. You almost pulled off flipping it back on to me. Seriously, dude. You made a negative remark based off one word. ONE word. Tell me that’s not being fussy. And even if it was a “quippy” remark. The movie is going to have those. Especially after the success of Iron Man. To expect otherwise doesn’t make sense.

    But it’s all good, bro. We can still be friends. Nothing to get upset over. I was just commenting on your comment. Nothing nasty. We’re both dorks commenting on a superhero movie on a comic book site. All is good. Nameste

  70. Dum Dug Dugan in that title group shot

  71. Find it interesting that people on here saying that the cg skinny Steve looked bad. I thought it looked great. Yeah, his head looks a bit big. But it did in the comics, too. Did a good job in making him seem extra “super solidery” after the procedure.

  72. Really salivating for a full trailer now that this teaser’s given me a taste of this AWESOME MOVIE!!! Cap comes alive in July!!!

  73. For those of you who think Steve Rogers is joking when he says he feels taller, watch the trailer again.  At the beginning, he is shorter than Peggy.  After the treatment, he is taller than Peggy.  This movie looks like it just could be great.  The film has a steampunk feel in that it features technology too advanced for the era, like Erskine’s lab, and that jet that looks like a modern stealth bomber.

  74. He was hanging onto the side of a submarine and he punched through the window. Sold.

  75. @Invasionforce  –i wouldn’t go so far as to call it Steampunk but i see what you’re saying. Really to me i see classic 50’s sci-fi. That flying wing  you were speaking of, the Germans were developing something like that towards the end of the war but never finished it. The Stealth Bomber is based on it, as well as that aircraft from Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

  76. @RobotZombie  My thoughts exactly!

  77. I think I may cry red white and blue tears.

  78. @PhoenixFactor  Hell yes Dum Dum! This look awesome! Wish I could get a better look at the flamethrower dudes.

  79. This was a well put together teaser, especially the subliminal enforcement right at the end:

    “What do you think?”
    “I think it works.”

    And that sums it up.  It has sufficient production value, style, casting, and action beats… hopefully the plot and acting deliver as well, but what we’ve seen seems to “work”.  Hopefully the public will think so too and this won’t be a mere cult classic like The Rocketeer or Scott Pilgrim.

    One quick thing to note… the woman asking, “How do you feel?” reaches out and quickly gropes his pec after saying that… what is that about?! 😛


  81. The trailer was a lot, I mean A LOT, of quick shots so it takes a few viewings to really enjoy it.

    But what is there looked pretty good and has me excited. The moment when those iron doors open and you see the bright shield really made me giddy.

    Can’t wait for this. 

  82. Captain America action! Woot! Hopefully we’ll see the classic shield ricochet! I can not WAIT! and I love scrawny Steve, he looks just like he did when Eaglesham or Martin drew him recently.

  83. Skinny Steve Roger’s head is weird. Other than that it looked great!

  84. Ho-lee crap.  That was amazing.  I cannot wait.

  85. i still hate the ultimate cap look of this. I’ll stop complaining one of these days.

  86. Comment deleted  for violation of terms of service. Please try to get your point across without using invectives directed at other users.

  87. @DrAwkward  

    “How do you feel” was rhetorical as she copped a feel from Cap.

    She’s thinking in her mind “firm” or “smooth”.  That saucy minx.

    Who knew so much speculation could evolve from 2 lines of dialogue and 2 seconds?

  88. I think there may be some confusion going on between a “quip” and a “line of dialogue”.

  89. reply hazy, try again.

  90. Captain America has been my favorite superhero for more than 35 years.  That said, I was a bit apprehensive about how this movie might turn out.  All the talk about Cap being a USO performer, concerns about the costume, etc.

    Having seen the trailer, I think the movie is going to be incredible.  I’m REALLY excited to see this.

    For those who think Cap is “quipping” in the trailer, watch it again.  He’s playing it straight.  He IS taller after getting out of that capsule.  His comments are very much in-character.

    Man, I cannot wait to see this. 

  91. This looks fantastic. I thought Thor looked great, this looks even better!

  92. Of course, what they’re not telling us is that this is a musical.
    During the fight scenes, the soldiers will start singing…

    When Captain America throws his mighty shield,
    All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield.
    If he’s led to a fight and a duel is due,
    Then the red and white and the blue’ll come through
    When Captain America throws his mighty shield

  93. The picture above isn’t of Cap drop-kicking Red Skull, but of Red Skull drop-kicking Cap.

  94. It was worth it, plus having the steelers lose priceless

  95. Loved this little teaser. It moved so fast that it didn’t sink in, so I’m glad I can see it again here. I can’t wait for a full trailer. I’m looking more forward to this than the Thor movie but I want to see it as well.

  96. Has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of Nazis in this World War II movie?


  97. I will probably watch this trailer as many times as I watched the Scott Pilgrim trailer when it first came out… probably more.

  98. @supertrackmonkey Red skull is wearing the trench coat getting blown away.

    @JamesSeals  I think, think, they are only using “Hydra” and not Nazi’s.  But im not sure if that has been confirmed.  Shame we wont see Hitler getting punched in the face. 

  99. I can tell there is going to be some craziness to this film because someone in the special effects department made a Hugo Weaving mask. So that he can easily take it offf to show he’s Red Skull. Pure comic stuff right there.

    Also, I to notice a lack of Nazi’s in this film for Cap to beat the crap out of. Still there seems to be no reason what so ever to revise history like this. 

  100. @TheNextChampion  Other than the fact that this film isn’t a historical film, so history isn’t being ‘revised.’  Well, unless you want to say that the entire movie is revisionist history since, you know, there actually wasn’t a Cap in WWII.

    If that reason isn’t big enough, Marvel Prod Studios does have to be cognizant of the ‘Anti Nazi Symbolism’ laws of some nations.  So why risk potential profits?  They are trying to make money.

  101. Here’s the thing. There are still actual Nazi’s in the world today. Or at the very least, some sick, idiotic wannabe’s. And it’s really easy to get lost in the whole “even acknowledging them gives them too much attention and credit” argument that exists. Not to mention other countries where the topic is very sore and not brought up easily. Marvel is putting this movie out all over the world. If you’re Marvel, and you’re making a fun, action comic book movie, why even bother? It’s not like this is Schindler’s List or something of deep, heavy material that is for strictly a mature audience. I’m not arguing that it needs to be changed or cut out. But given all the variables, I totally get it. At the end of the day, it’s the right call.

  102. Wait, if he’s not fighting Nazis then who’s he fighting? Generic 20th century European bad guys?

  103. Huge fanboy grin: Activated.

  104. I was a little disappointed. It had nothing to do with what was in the preview though, but the length. Everything flashed so quickly.

  105. He’s fighting Hydra.  It’s the same in the new Avengers cartoon.  My guess is that they’re going to say Hydra is under the control of the nazi government.  Red Skull (and Strucker?) are Nazis.  They run Hydra. 

    Just a guess.

  106. Joe Johnston has said there are Nazis in the film.

  107. Thank you, Conor. Didn’t mean to go stirring up the bees nest.


  108. @conor  Congrats on your team winning. one day – as a Jets fan – i’ll know that feeling.

    the second half of the trailer left me a bit ” meh “. the first part was cool, but seeing Evans as Cap in action in the trailer just felt goofy. Hopefully – for me – it comes together. Glad a lot of people liked it, though. Thor looks aweSOME.

  109. siiiiiigh. Only complaint is that it was too short. SO EXCITED FOR THIS FILM! So. So. So. Excited.

  110. There is no argument that there will be Nazis, but I bet that Hydra is going to be a more prominent aspect of the film (for a multitude of reasons).