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Pick of the Week #273 – Fantastic Four #588

Show Notes

It’s time to celebrate the triumphant return of iFanboy staff writer Mike Romo to the podcast as he fills in for Josh Flanagan and joins Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick to continue gushing over Jonathan Hickman, and the celebration of some pretty sad and morbid comics amongst this packed week of comics, which actually was a great week for art!

Running Time: 01:05:21

Pick of the Week:
00:02:21 – Conor joins Ron in his praise of Hickman’s work in the silent Fantastic Four #588.

00:12:20 – The Amazing Spider-Man #655 was just as strong of an issue with some amazing Marcos Martin artwork.
00:19:34 – Ron thinks that Who is Jake Ellis? is one of the best comics of 2011 so far.
00:23:09 – Echo #28 made Ron scream at a connection that he suspected but got confirmed.
00:24:58 – Both Conor and Mike gush over both the story and the art of Detective Comics #874.
00:28:02 – Despite an overwhelming number of X books this week, Ron is digging Age of X in X-Men: Legacy #245 and New Mutants #22.
00:34:44 – Conor gives us our “Infestation” update with Star Trek: Infestation #2.
00:37:12 – Everyone loved the latest chapter in Morning Glories #7.
00:38:38 – Mike, Conor, and Ron all agree that The New York Five #2 has got some amazing art from Ryan Kelly.
00:41:02 – Suspicions of Ron about the new direction in Savage Dragon #169 have been confirmed and that’s totally awesome.
00:41:28 – There’s so much wrong with Captain America #615, we don’t even know where to begin.

User Reviews:
00:44:39 – Jdudley raved about Ultimate Spider-Man #154, and can you disagree? No.
00:46:19 – boomergirl points out that Power Girl #21 is a great companion to Justice League: Generation Lost.

00:49:57 – John from Buffalo wonders if he should try The Walking Dead comics after watching the TV show?
00:51:54 – Andy wonders what it takes for a good Superman movie.

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  1. Aw, Blue Valentine…

  2. aside from the different inkers, which i have an issue with too, i like what Bru’s been doing on Capt America. i like reading Bucky Cap’s stories. great place to read Black Widow and Falcon the way i like to read them, Bru’s take on them is so good to me.

  3. Echo actually ends with issue 30. 

    As for the Strangers in Paradise, I literally exclaimed “whaaaaat” when I read that! I know that there was a hint to it a couple of issues ago but I was sure that was just Terry Moore playing with the SiP fans. So when <SiP character> walked in, I was totally surprised but still totally happy.    

  4. Would anyone reccomend jumping on to the X-Books with Age of X, or should i wait ’til the upcoming MMXI thing? 

  5. If you actually want to jump into those X-Books just buy one and leave your laptop open to wikipedia. My advice would be to read Uncanny X-Force and adjectiveless X-Men though.

  6. I’ll be jumping on Uncanny X-Men with the point one issue, X-Force I’m already reading (and loving), X-Factor I’m not sure about yet (do want t read it, just not sure where from – last I read was #200) – all I’m left unsure with is Legacy. 
    Adjectiveless X-Men I read for 5 issues and it just didn’t really do it for me. It was alright, and the art was F***ing amazing, but  I just wasn’t feeling it.

  7. Try the X-Men: First Class trade that just came out by Parker and Cruz. I can’t really deal with the other x-men books, the art is too distracting.

  8. awesome song !

  9. @Doddsickle  –I read the Uncanny X force (thanks in large part to the ifanboys recco’s) and just love it. There are a few things that i don’t get fully, (mostly with Angel/Archangel and Fantomex) but i’m figuring it all out. I haven’t read an X men book regularly since the 90s, but having a great time with it. 

  10. Great, now I have to read Who is Jake Ellis? I literally don’t have the budget for more books, yet I keep adding more, including The Intrepids coming out this week. Damn you Image!!!

  11. I don’t even bother listening anymore because you always talk about way more MARVEL than DC every week.  Aren’t there any other DC fans out there that get sick of it also?

  12. @robbydzwonar  It’s not their fault that Marvel drops all of their books on week.

  13. @robbydzwonar  No, sometimes Marvel releases more books than DC and sometimes there aren’t that many DC books worth talking about

  14. well, that’s a real shame, robby

  15. I agree with Ron Brubaker’s Marvel stuff has felt “phoned in” for a while now.

  16. @robbydzwonar  — No prob with it either and i love DC. Honestly i appreciate the show regardless of what they talk about…its always fun to hear about whats going on in comics, whether or not its a book that i read. 

    I’m still on the fence about Jake Ellis. Definitely intrigued. I suspect its one of those things that after its done, i’ll re-read it and see all kinds of new stuff. Either way its fun so far. Art is great and it has some of the best designed covers in comics right now. 

  17. Dan Slott has officially made me a fan with issue 655. Defines Amazing! Truly one of the most powerful, emotional issues in comics, period!


  19. That song kills me.  What a movie. 

  20. haha–thanks, Jackietam!!

  21. I would pay any money to see Mike Romo’s version of Superman.

  22. I personally think ASM 655 was better than FF 588. Both are emotional isssues, but while FF was just all about the drama, ASM not only advanced the story more than FF, but also injects the character’s history in the process. Just my two cents.

  23. Welcome to the Hickman podcast.

    I agree that ASM 655 was the pow- at least for me- powerful emotional- but not overtly manipulative.

  24. That’s a beauty of a song.

  25. I need to give ASM 655 a second look. I really didn’t like/get it when i first read it. Hearing you guys talk about it makes me think i missed the boat on it completely. I did not get all the references and nuance, but then i’ll admit i am not a spidy super fan. I really loved FF 588 and thought it was brilliant and moving storytelling….maybe cause i read these two back to back, i just couldn’t handle two heavy issues like that side by side. 

    I think i need to pick up Star Trek infestation. Sounds like fun. 

    Always fun to hear Mike Romo on the show.


  26. Great show, guys. I don’t mind the lack of DC, because, as others have said, it’s fun to listen to you guys no matter what.

    I have to laugh about the Captain America criticisms, though. Not because I disagree (I don’t), but because Brubaker’s decline is nothing new, especially regarding Captain America. I feel like you guys have been in blind-optimism-denial mode for a year and a half or something, and you’re just starting to see the reality on this. It goes back to Incognito being a faaaaar cry from Criminal, too. And Cap’s been declining for almost two years now. I dropped it at issue 50 and haven’t regretted the decision. It’s good not having to rationalize subpar work for months/years on end just because the author in question used to do genuinely GREAT work. At $4 an issue, it saves a heck of a lot of money too.

  27. good show, just to let you all you know–we tried to do the obvious joke (having no text in this comment as a reference to the FF thing) but it wouldn’t let us.

    we were wondering, can we have a forum? they’ve got one on ComicVine…it’s really good. can we have one here?

  28. @FabYoni – I emailed about it a few months back and they said to keep an eye out (or words to that effect) so I’m guessing it’s coming.

  29. I was listneingt o the podcast before i read anything tis week. so when i heard you guys say how great bahcalo was Ithought “well maybe he didnt phone it in tis time”.

    Wrong, his work if anything is even more stylized and hard to stomach. Bachalo is living proof that marvel is hiring names and not actual talent.

    im fact there is a huge discussion on “astounded some artists are hired” on the amazon forums

  30. @froggulper  thats how i feel about ramos, chaykin and bachalo- why pay for subpar work based on PRIOR success?

  31. lol Ron, “I’m not going to spoil anything but this book is linked to SiP”

  32. I still don’t know what happened and he didn’t spoil it for me.

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