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iFanboy #200 – Inside DC Comics (Part Two)

Show Notes

Did you like the glimpse behind the scenes at DC Comics last week? Well, there’s more!

First, Ron Richards stops in Bob Harras‘ brand new office, where he’s just started as the Editor-in-Chief of DC, overseeing all of Vertigo Comics, MAD Magazine, and DC proper. Harras was formerly the EiC of Marvel Comics as well, so he’s got some street cred. We talk to him about his new job, and what it entails, and what the best parts of it are.

Next we find Conor Kilpatrick in, of all places, Batman group editor Mike Marts‘ office, where the wall of continuity is revealed! Marts explains that it’s not just Batman they have to keep track of, but several Batmen, a bunch of ancillary characters, and even villains. It’s daunting, but lots of fun. Marts talks about the differences in the various titles throughout the line, from books by Grant Morrison, to David Finch, to Scott Snyder, and more.

Finally, Josh winds up in Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger‘s office, where there are simply too many things to talk about. Berger talks about the roots of Vertigo, from her early days as a DC editor on titles like Swamp Thing (which is not a superhero book). Then she talks about discovering some of the most successful talents in comics today, and the current wave of Vertigo hits, from Hellblazer, to Fables, to Daytripper, and American Vampire.


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  1. great video guys. loved the vertigo segment.

  2. Did anyone else think all these editors looked and sounded very tired as if they were working all the time.

  3. Ye gods! 200 episodes!! Sound the fanfare & trumpets. Also, great show guys.

  4. @rnield  There’s a reason for that.

  5. I enjoyed the episode. Here’s to 200 more episodes!

  6. i wonder if there is a name yet for the condition so many people in comics seem to suffer from, of wanting to disassociate themselves from superheroes? it’s funny isn’t it!

    somebody reading this will have a background in psychology i expect; write a paper on it!

  7. When’s American Vampire coming out in trade paperback? If at all?

  8. Oooh, this looks great. And Josh interviewing Karen Berger? Now that’s just gotta rock!

  9. Also if I was Josh I would have insisted to snagging some free loot from her massive bookshelf!

  10. All aboard fo the mighty 200!

  11. Ahh! To be a super strong burglar and be able to steal all those DC shelves.

  12. Wow, 200 episodes…. that’s kinda scary…. actually…. that’s a bit more than a LITTLE scary, it’s down right horrific! It took Stargate SG1 (for eg) 10 years to hit the 200 episode point, you lot did it in half the time….. or have I been stuck in a time bubble where the world moves 2x the speed of what I feel!?

    Here’s to another 10yrs hyper-bolic time chambered episodes!

  13. Josh, I love how Karen Berger schools you on Swamp Thing’s superhero status. I can’t imagine how thrilling doing that interview could have been for you.

  14. 200 spectacular episodes! Yay! This one was just as great, but I’m upset that we didn’t see any Oompa Loompas.

  15. Great show, guys. Congrats on the 200th episode.

  16. I like how even at the DC offices it broke down as “Marvel”, “DC”, and “Indie” appropriately 🙂

  17. I like how Ron threaded the needle with Bob Harras about his Marvel days.  I was hoping for some X-Men gushing (“Age of Apocalypse”!), but you played it cool.  This was a great episode.

    The big board showing the location of all the Batman characters makes me think of “Dr. Strangelove”.  A loose connection, but that’s all I got.

  18. Great show. Conor sure looked happy in the extra segment

  19. Mike strikes me as a very professional and even person that I’d like to work with.

    Karen’s voice is kind of sexy. I can imagine her voice acting a sultry cigarette smoking femme fatale.

  20. I’ve loved these last two episodes, really nice to see what the editors do.
    One thing – does Marvel have a similar editorial set up? I really feel for the guy assigned to Wolverine or Spiderman hahah.

  21. I enjoyed the shit out of this.  Thanks so much!

  22. Man as a Vertigo fan I could watch 2 more hours of Karen Berger interview

  23. As far as I’m concerned, Karen Berger is a comic book legend….

  24. Here’s to another 100. You re-educate me about comics every week.

  25. haven’t watched yet, but the vertigo segment has got me interested. excited to watch later.

  26. watching it now. a question i would’ve liked to be addressed: why is DC’s collection department so slow and spotty with their releases? nobody’s been able to crack that code.

  27. So Josh, did you pitch to Berger or what? 😉

    Loved these last two eps. I could watch this all day. Please go to Marvel and Image next!

  28. Look up in the sky!

    It’s a bird- it”s a plane!


    It’s Swamp Thing!!


  29. Fantastic stuff! Thanks for both episodes. Not too long ago it felt like you would never see DC being so open about what happens there.

  30. Man, I want to work for Mike Marts. No wonder the Batman line is consistently quality.

    I don’t know if you noticed but the DC trade department has gotten much faster since the restructuring. Case in point, the Knight and Squire trade is already solicited.

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